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Here you can find the lastest news, which will reach us during the current month. Short and crunchy. Got news? Mail'm!
 [Updated: October 19, 1999]          Page 1 - for more news see Page 2.

Bridge Day - Lost Gear
Brian Tome was hurt very badly at Bridge Day and had to be airlifted to the hospital, his rig was cut off of him and another jumper offered to carry the gear up the hill. Friends are in search of the jumper and/or the gear, because he may not know how to contact the right people to return the gear as everything was very hetic that day. The container was a Javlin and the main was a Sabre170 and a Raven Reserve. So if you know the jumper or where the gear might be please E-mail Dennis at or call at 501-756-9594.

Fast Jumpship at Austin Skydiving Center
The fastest Jumpship in the US (Mike Mullin's King Air) will be at Austin Skydiving Center October 23-24. NO Boogie Fees NO Registration $16 to 15,000. High Altitude jumps on Saturday and Sunday. Night Jumps Saturday.

Stolen Rig !!!

The following rig has been stolen at The Ranch Parachute Club in Gardiner, NY, please be on the look-out! Here are the descriptions and the serial numbers:

  • brand new solid black javelin xrs with stainless steel everywhere, red piping on the pop top, a small scuff mark on the reserve flap and a noticably long harness for a tiny rig. - s# - 16472
  • bright red 95 jedei sweptwing with yellow airlocks and a little yellow on both end cells. toggles set high and tight. an "apb" has been forwarded to emt's and emergency rooms. - s#- 1133
  • 113 pdreserve -s # - 11317887
  • expert cypress - s# - 10f0616362d0

If anybody comes across this rig, please would you contact Bruce -

A special announcement!
Bill and Robbin are jumping into wedded bliss October 23rd. They invite everyone to celebrate with them. You've shared in their lives now they invite you to share in the celebration of their marriage. The ceremony will take place in the late afternoon early evening hours at Skydive Dallas. All are welcome and invited to be part of this memorable celebration!

Nationals Scores
The results and all the score sheets from the judges of the US Nationals in Style, Accuracy and CRW can now be found on Skydive City's web page.

Bridge chutists cited
October 11, 1999

SAN FRANCISCO -- Two South San Francisco men reportedly parachuted off the north tower of the Golden Gate Bridge Sunday and glided safely to land, but their chutes were never found.

Read the article at and at

Jerry Bird Weekend - Skydive Sebastian
October 22 - 23, 1999

Jerry will be here load organizing on Friday to start jumping, take off work early and come and have a fun weekend jumping with Jerry. Join the Sebastian EFS club and jump for $15.00. Free beer Saturday evening at the Tiki Bar.

News from "The Ranch" in Gardiner, NY
from: Guy Wright on the rec.skydiving newsgroup

Due to the great weather we've been having this season, we will be keeping 3 Otters here till mid Oct and 2 Super Otters till sometime in Nov.

We still have the Mystery Boogie events scheduled for Oct 9th. It's three day holiday weekend so come out and jump over all the beautiful tree colors.

Night jumps on 21 Oct. Briefing at 5:00pm. Bring strob, chem lights and C License. Check in with Ed Burlingam.

Our annual Holloween Boogie Party is back this year since there are no Nationals to screw it up. 29-31 Oct, 2 Super Otters, costume party. The party location may change so stay tuned. Best costume gets a free day of jumps.

Nov 6-7 we have the annual AFF Pro/Am Scrambles Competition. Open to all 1999 AFF/IAF graduates. Sorry, no freaky deekie.

Nove 11 is Veterans Day Special. Vets jump for $10

Dec 11 is the Ranch Xmas Party. Open to all active club members and a guest. Party will be up at Bill Richard place. Lenny and the Jets, free food and drinks.

The Ranch's web site.

Silent Free Fall

Jumpers Billy Vance and John Woo have started a club for deaf skydivers called Silent Freefall. Their goal is to offer deaf jumpers services similar to what POPS offers jumpers over 40. If you are deaf or know any deaf jumpers around the world, contact Vance at or (205) 802-7133 via TTY or relay service. Check out the club's website at

1999 World Freefall Convention Video

Orders are now being taken by DanoVision Productions for a great video of the 1999 World Freefall convention. It's Dano's first Quincy video and he did a darn good job. It's a 20 minute video edited to music with special effects. Jet jumps, helicopter exits, 66-way attempt, freeflying, balloon exit and some entertaining ground footage.
You can order a copy online at:

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