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Here you can find the lastest news, which will reach us during the current month. Short and crunchy. Got news? Mail'm!
 [Updated: October 19, 1999]          Back to Page 1

October Thing
October 15 - 17, 1999

Join Skydive USA in Wharton for the "October Thing", a fall gathering of good vibes for skydivers of all disciplines and experience levels. There will be Texas' fastest jump plane, the 14 minute king air, 20,000 foot jumps and organized jumps all weekend. And on Saturday night is party time with dinner and party featuring cajun-rock legends "bayou roux". Call Skydive USA at 281-561-JUMP for more info or send an e-mail.

1999 US Nationals of Freestyle & Skysurfing - Results
The 1999 US Nationals of Freestyle & Skysurfing were held September 29th - October 2 at Skydive Sebastian in Florida. Results are as follows:

Men's Open Freestyle:
Gold: Team Nitro [Chris Rimple, Grant Hetherington]
Silver: Team 877-BLUESKY [Olav Zipser, Mike Swanson]
Bronze: Team name??? [Saleh Alharbi, Colon Berry]

Women's Open Freestyle:
Gold: Team Skydive Chicago/Z-Hills(?) [Missy Nelson, Colon Berry]

Men's Intermediate Freestyle:
Gold: Team Sebastian (?) [Andy Grimwade]

Men's Open Skysurfing:
Gold: Team Cross Keys Luke-warm [Dave Briegs, Jack Baum]
Silver: Team Cross Keys Maine Stream [Tim Bernard, John De Wijs]
Bronze: Team Skydive Chicago [Keith Snyder, Rook Nelson]
4th: Team 877-BLUESKY [Olav Zipser, Mike Swanson]

Men's Intermediate Skysurfing:
Gold: Team Cross Keys/Daytona [Shannon Fields/Keith Larrett]

Scores can be found at

US Freefly Nationals Results

The 1999 US Freefly Nationals were held in Sebastian, Florida as a demonstration event between the RW nationals and Freestyle and Skysurf nationals over the days of September 28th and 29th.

The results were:
1. Z-Tribe   [1491 points]
2. Cross Keys has MonkeyClaw   [1348 points]
3. Skairtime Freefly   [1128 points]
4. Mirror Image   [1029 points]
5. Zoo Bar Flyers   [527 points]

Photos and more info at Monkey Claw's web site.

Flying with Their Pants on Fire!

Tom Craighead's new book details the history of skydiving from the beginning years to present-day activities. This original American skydiver has compiled 330 pages of skydiving stories. US$19.95 plus shipping. Available from the USPA Store, 1440 Duke Street, Alexandria, VA 22314. Call: (703) 836-3495 or Fax: (703) 836-2843

Arizona Airspeed's record

Tim Wagner has put up a clip in Quicktime and AVI of Arizona Airspeed's 39 point 4-way skydive (an unofficial new world record) at the OmniSkore site.

Check it out:
QuickTime movie - 176 X 144, 12 FPS, 3.3 MB
Windows AVI - 112 X 84, 10 FPS, 1.5 MB

Z-Hills News Online

The latest newsletter from Skydive City at Zephyr Hills is up and running. Big news inside and it takes a while to download [pdf-file 554K] but it's worth it. Check it out at

Freefly Invitational at Skydive Atlanta
October 8 - 10, 1999

This is an event as an opportunity for freefliers to get together and spend a weekend doing safe, organized dives with people of similar skill levels. Quality fliers from all over the southeast have been invi suprise visitors from other parts of the country as well. We've sent out invitations, but feel free to invite anyone who you think we missed. There will be organizing for intermediate skill levels as well.

Check out their web site.

King Air in Williston

Williston Skydivers in central Florida will have a King Air for the season. It will tentatively arrive on 9/11/99. The plane will be flying to 13.5k on the weekends.

Skydive Arizona's skyvan ...

... will be at Richland Skysports in Richland, Washington on Oct. 8,9,10 and again the following weekend Oct 15,16,17.

Angel Falls 2000 BASE Jumping Expedition
Saturday, January 29, 2000 to Friday, February 4, 2000

Tom Sander's trip to the Angel Falls was full before the advertisements came out. Now he and Arial Focus are considering taking a second group. Anyone interested in starting the year 2000 off with a BASE jumping expedition to the tallest waterfall in the world in Venezuela should visit their web site at or e-mail Tom.

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