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Here we want to present some of the most interesting, provocative, colorful sites as our "Pearls on the Net". If you have created a unique, funny, informative page, or if you know of such a web page, please send us the URL so we can feature it here!

The Internet Home of "Snuffy and the Anal Sheep"
Snuffy Smith, well known for his humorous postings on the "wreck.skydiving" news group, invited us to his virtual home and we sure felt comfortable there <g>. Now we know how rough it can be to train anal sheep in skydiving and other stuff ... but oh well .... Snuffy loves sheep and so it worked out well for all of them as you will see in "Snuffy's Jump School", "Snuffy's Dance School" and "Snuffy's Base Jumping" and you will even find (not so serious) answers to the (serious) question "Who is Snuffy?". And don't forget to check out the photos and comments for good laugh. Snuffy and his Anal Sheep

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Snuffy and his Webmaster, Georg Rabe, a skydiver and graphic wiz, did a great job on this site. We hope that the cooperation between the two of them will continue and serve us with some laughs in the future. Until then, dont miss Snuffy's postings in the rec.skydiving newsgroup where he states such wisdom as: "TAP&C say sheep can't coyotes can. Jumping is risky so cypress or not, stay perimeter & altitude aware, pull yer handles in order keep loops tight & velcrow clean".

Skydiver's Life Story

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A Skydiver's Life Story

This is the exciting and incredible story from one who started jumping in the early 60s, continued through the war in Vietnam, stomped around California for a while, then off to Colorado. He got married, got divorced, went to Australia, came back to the States, lost his ex-wife. Then back to Australia, watching friends bounce, new gear, old gear, malfunctions and more -- the story of a skydiver's life. You owe it to yourself to read it from start to finish. [Thanks to Hank Ellis for the hint]


SkyKat's World

As SkyKat states, this site "includes many different designs, colors, and textures, which are just a reflection of a life and a personality". The content of this site is truly different. Besides pages about skydiving and skydive humor, you'll find a mix of personal information, poems and links to game sites. There's even a link to a great falconry site! -- All stuff that skydivers might enjoy.

SkyKat's Web Site

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Naked Skydiving

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Naked Skydiving

Welcome To The Official Naked Skydiving Page! This is the lighter side to our sport; Literally! Here you'll find photos and little stories from naked jumps at places like Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, Ampuriabrava, Spain, Moscow. The highlight is a video from a German TV station that will crack you up.

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