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If your brain is longing for more than simply adrenalin, then you'll find it here! Since there is a life beyond skydiving [at least sometimes] we like to show you some great non-skydiving sites - kinda "food for the brain".

Spirit - A Journey in Dance, Drums and Song.

Spirit is a music, dance and percussion spectacle that combines the power of contemporary music with the songs, chants and dances of Native American culture. The live show of "Spirit" features over 80 performers - including twenty dancers with both modern and traditional training, an orchestra with both modern and ancient tribal instruments, a girls choir and percussionists pounding out heart-stopping rhythms on a variety of drums.



This multicultural rock and dance spectacular was conceived by composer Peter Buffett, in collaboration with Chief Hawk Pope. The director and choreographer is Broadway's Wayne Cilento, best know for his Tony Award winning work on The Who's Tommy.

Acclaimed "alter-native" rock musician Robert Mirabal lends the mystical sound of the flute and a fierce beat to the native drums in a stunning, special guest performance, while Kiowa Eagle dancer, Ron Anquoe, uses the dances of his ancestors to lead us on our journey.

"Robert Mirabal's music speaks of and for something in each of us. It is truly a World music, the sound of one man's heart resonating in another's chest a continent away. Mirabal is the Alter-Native - ancient, modern, real - and to know his music is to know a little something more of ourselves".

Robert Mirabal

Robert Mirabal

"Spirit" is the journey of a soul divided against itself. A man numbed by the automatic gestures, and deafened by the blistering cacophony of modern life suddenly "comes to senses". Shedding professional skins and public masks, he dances around a primordial fire, pounding off the last vestiges of pain and anger to prepare himself to cross over the threshold into the spirit world. Once there, he encounters a native grandfather, an eagle guide, tempting sirens, the spirit of the ancestors and -- himself. At journey's end he realizes that he must redeem the past before he can be born into the future. Only then can he make his way back among the living.

On the Spirit Website you'll find information, the show schedule, photos, music clips and video clips.'s not the presence on the internet that makes "Spirit" a pearl but the awesome live performance which can be seen on many stages throughout the USA in fall and winter 1999/2000.

We, the editors, saw the World Premiere at New Haven, CT in September and were awe-struck. Check out the "Spirit" tour schedule for cities around the USA and go to see this great show live. It's worth it!


Greatest Places
go there...
Greatest Places

The Science Museum of Minnesota has put together a list (along with the assistance of visitor suggestions) of some of the greatest places on Earth. Although you won't find behind home plate on the opening day at Fenway Park on the list, you will find such other worldly locales as Tibet, Greenland, Amazon, and Madagascar.

Select the area you want to explore and learn about the wildlife and the physicality of the land through photos, explorer journals, sound and video clips, and activities. This is a great place for a child to learn about geography and biology--and great place to satisfy the curious child in us all.


Chaos Avatar

Tons of bytes, remaining the old times and
advising us about the new ones. Thousands
of seconds of sounds that will take you to
the place you were born...

and to the place where you will find your
peaceful death.

Let them suck your blood away. Wait them
to come to your home and disturb the dumb
peace you always had.

go there...


He can make this last forever; he has
hundreds of years of patience...

You must only wait.

Chaos Avatar

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