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Skydive Top Sites
Here we'll show you every month a small collection of useful, useless and funny or whacko sites on the Web which are always worth a visit on rainy days. Enjoy!!


ASCII Art outdated? You might not think so after visiting this website. There is much more to these
low bandwidth graphics than smileys and emoticons. ASCII Art has progressed beyond being a simple computer graphics technique and has become a popular art form. You'll be amazed at what can be created by only using ASCII (American Standard Code of Information Interchange) characters.

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Some of the text graphics at this site are html-colorized, some are JavaScript-animated, others are simply text. All are unique, created by hand, and certainly not the same ol' text art that you've seen hanging around the Internet since its inception!

Computer Virus Myths
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Computer Virus Myths

Know that little nagging dread that some "X-Files"-type organism will piggyback on shareware and render your operating system more stupid than a 286? If so, then Computer Virus Myths is a must. Rob Rosenberger's excellent, paranoia-puncturing site has news and history, hoaxes, and urban myths-all the stuff that gets us jumpy but shouldn't.

Obsessive Fan Sites

These guys have a theory that it's not chain letters or junk mail that are clogging up the networks, it's just the thousands and thousands of pathetic fans that visit these pathetic sites, downloading every Backstreet Boys pic one-by-one. They're sick of 100K jpegs of Matt Damon. They are tired of Jackson's face tiled onto backgrounds. They don't want to read about your "wish lists", and they don't care about your blurry concert photos. So every few weeks, they give out awards to the most excessive, embarrassing fan sites on the web ... and there are a lot of them.

Obsessive Fan Sites

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The Death Test
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The Death Test

Ever wonder how long you'll live? If you're the quiet, boring type, you might just live to 100. On the other hand, if you're like us, maybe you should be dead already. In the spirit of the original Spark Purity Test, the " DeathTest" will tell you how numbered your days are. And don't lie, 'cause they're watching you.

The infamous altimeter clock!

You can make this incredible clock
for a mere US$ 5.00 (or FF25, 2.5, DM 15,00).

go there...

Altimeter Clock

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