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Last Update:
October 27, 1999

World Championships


World Skydiving Championships 1999

This year's big event for skydivers worldwide will be the World Championships in Corowa, Australia, from October 20 - 30, 1999. During these 10 days they will crown their "queens and kings" from among best 4-way and 8-way formation teams as well as the best skysurfers and freestylers in the world.

It will be a drug-free meet in Australia so athletes competing in Australia this October will need to mind what they put in their bodies. Australia persuaded the "International Parachuting Commission of the Federation Aeronautique Internationale" to issue this statement on drugs: "Any sports person found to have used a banned doping method as defined by the International Olympic Committee shall be disqualified from participation in IPC-sanctioned events for a period of not less than 24 months."

....read more about the participating teams, the current world rankings and the history of Skydiving Championships.

The OmniSkore coverage is now under way!


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Angie's Tandem

When Angie fell from the sky
For an eleven year old girl from Wiesbaden, Germany a dream came true.

The Pilatus Porter took off from the dropzone of the FSR Breitscheid to bring Angie and her tandem pilot, together with two video flyers, up to 12,000 ft. Angie's parents, also skydivers, were in the load and even more excited than their daughter!

Angie got the passion for skydiving from her parents, and for the last six years she has traveled with them to the drop zones. From the very beginning she has had the desire to make a jump herself, so her parents, Gaby and Thomas, promised it to her one day.

However, fulfilling her wish was not easy because a person must be at least 4'6" tall to fit in the harness, and the official minimum age to skydive in Germany is 16 years old. However, thanks to a German TV crew, Angie got special permission for her first freefall, which thrilled her beyond words. "She wanted to go up again right away", her mom, Gaby, told a German Kid's TV-Channel team which filmed the event from the ground.

Later, everybody watched the video and it was cool to see the event through the eyes of two cameras. Angie got a two-hour video from the TV crew as a lasting reminder of her jump preparations and the life around the dropzone, including an interview with her--"quite annoying", as Angie stated. From the sounds of things, we're pretty sure that this wasn't her last skydive. Well, Gaby and Thomas, I guess it's time to start saving your money!

Author: Stefanie Dinges-Malsy - stefanie@skyxtreme.com
English Translation: A. Heck - aheck@skyxtreme.com

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