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What would a skydiver's life be without all those great boogies and meets around the world? Let us show you the special ones every month and some great Drop Zones around the world.
   [Updated: October 20, 1999]          Page 1 - for more boogies see Page 2.

South African Millennium Boogie
December 27, 1999 to January 3, 2000
Skydive Citrusdal, Western Cape, South Africa
   After 18 months of extensive planning, the management team of the "South African Millennium Boogie" with all their helpers is still hard at work making sure that this event is going to be a Grand Affair. Once the massive marquees and the tented accommodation-for-rent have been erected, the new "sleek" registration and manifest areas have been set-up, the bar and restaurant/catering areas have been arranged, microphones & stage-quality speaker system have been tested, and last but not least - the CASA's and MI8 have arrived the boogie will begin! Y2K-Boogie
   A production crew will be on-site to edit all footage for distribution to the various media sources - and an event video will also be compiled. Lots of hard work also went into the Millennium website that was re-launched early in the year. Now, three months later, the organizators have Group Booking No. 198 in their database (with group sizes varying between 1 and 35), comprising mostly of foreign skydivers.

   The Millennium Co. acquired a substantial amount of international airline tickets at very good prices over a year ago for the millennium period and some tickets are still available from Europe. All accommodation in the valley (e.g. hotels, lodges, B&B's, self-catering, bunked and tented accommodation, etc.) for the period has been booked by the Millennium Co. on behalf of the participants.

Skydive Citrusdal    A luxury air-conditioned shuttle service will be available between Cape Town and Citrusdal on a daily basis. The boogie photocard system will be used for checking registration and also ensuring your safe return from each and every skydive. A search & recovery micro-light service and zap busses will be available during the event and also a medical team with a dedicated medical vehicle, medical tent and with full air evacuation capabilities.
   Visualise your day skydiving out of the two CASA's and MI8, watching the skydives live via microwave link on the big-screens, lazing down by the river on the sandy beaches, testing your skills on the climbing wall or partaking in some circus activities with the street entertainers.

   Attend one of the seminars or get assistance from a helpful local and international load-organisers. The well-known Roger Ponce from the USA has been signed up to head load organising and record attempts at the boogie. The night jumps on December 31, 1999 will be spectacular out of the MI8 and will be broadcast live on national & international television. The very next day the first Boeing 727 jet jump ever held outside the USA over the length of the Citrusdal valley.

   Local equipment and gear shops will be represented and demo gear & repair services and packing services will be available. Five 70cm televisions and VCR's will be available to the camera-gods and Roger will have a dedicated big-screen for his load organising debriefs. Skydive Citrusdal
   After a "hot day" (and we mean hot!!) of skydiving, the bar will be opened with a 40ton on-site cooled truck as a fridge and the music turned up (5000 watts will do the trick!). Video footage of the days skydiving will be shown on the massive Big-screen every night. One of Cape Town's top chefs will be serving tantalizing suppers from a dropzone restaurant and during the daytime - they will also cater for breakfast & lunch, and basic canteen products.

   So if you have not booked yet or need more information visit the Skydive Citrusdal's website at

   This is only a taste of what you can enjoy at the Millennium Boogie so don't wait for the video - come experience it for yourself!

"Drop 'til you party" - The Y2K South African Skydiving Boogie
Be there or be nowhere !

From: Y2K SA Skydiving Boogie Co. Management Team

The Bob Buquor Memorial "STAR CREST"
October 16 - 17, 1999

What is the oldest award for RW skydiving? The Bob Buquor Memorial "STAR CREST" with 8 or more Skydivers, no contact exits. Join up and make The Star the formation must hold for at least 5 seconds. The first time it happened was in Arvin California 35 years ago this coming Oct 16th and 17th.

We have searched high and low (more low) and have found all the living members of this monumental moment in Skydiving history and will be gathering them together once again in Honor of this achievement for a weekend of Cold beer, warm friendships and HOT skydives. We will be shareing the warm autumn skies over "Skydive West" in Mendota, CA on October 16th and 17th.

Add a piece of history to your logbooks by jumping with the pioneers of our phenominal sport. Celebrate with us all and spend the weekend at the DZ with these folks and remember most of these people invented the word PARTY.

Some of these Honored dinasours are in eternal freefall,but,Bill Newell SCR-003 administrator to the Star Crest Awards, Don Henderson SCR-007, Brian Williams SCR-008 and SCS-001 Gary Young SCR-001 (flying in from Washinton), Bill Stage SCR-005 will all be in attendance and I can tell you first hand that AGE hasnt slowed these guys a bit. Last year we had all we could do to try and keep up with the number of jumps a spry young (72 yrs) Brian Williams stacked up.When he wasnt in the air skydiving he was at manifest looking to see what plane he was on next.

Although is has taken some effort and nothing short of exhumation to get these folks in one place again the list of celebrity skydivers planning on being in attendance begins to look like the roll call for an Invitational only gathering at the WHITE HOUSE (scandal included) Bob Thompson, Rob Richards, "Tall"Paul Gorman, Lou Paproski,(boy can these guys party) Norman Van Pelt, Walt Mercer, ALSO comeing from HAWAII Stan Troller, Clark Fisher, Deke Dillon, and many many more of the GREATS.

These folks were jumping out of planes when most of us were still wet behind the ears. Many of them were on World Record Skydives and all of them helped set the (Bill) STAGE to and build the standards of, todays skydiving.

Make plans for one unforgetable weekend with the "STAR CRESTs" and if you dont allready have one be prepared to get YOURs.

SKYDIVE WEST is between Freeway 99 and the I-5 coridor 32 miles west of Fresno on State Highway 180 (Kings Canyon).

CALL Jenny (559) 227-3483 or (800) 676-DIVE (3483) or Kevin (559) 252-1878 anytime M-F 7am to 5:30pm For Details.

From: Kevin Constantin - - on the rec.skydiving newsgroup

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