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On this monthly page we feature whatever you can think of or what you might suggest to us. These suggestions can be about people, teams, drop zones, software, books, videos, games, and...and...
Keith Larrett's Visual Expressions

The web site of Visual Expressions is always worth a visit. Get to know a man and his work. Keith Larrett, skydiver and freefall photographer/videographer with 6000+ jumps, 5000+ camera jumps and 100+ BASE jumps is a jumpmaster and tandem master and even a rigger. He has published numerous pictures, including cover shots and centerspreads, published in many following magazines such as Parachutist, Skydiving Magazine, Sport Parachutist, Sportmagazine, Blue Sky and ParaMag.

On Keith's site you can certainly find quite a few galleries with lots of fine skydiving photos which are a feast for the eyes. You can also send a virtual post card with his photos to your friends all around the world. Another neat thing is a link list where you can submit your web site.


Photo: Keith Larret
© 1999 Wendy Smith

Photo: Keith Larret
© 1999 Keith Larrett
"Camera Talk" is a forum for camera flyers. A meeting place of ideas, tips, techniques. A notice board for those looking to buy and sell equipment. An opportunity for the experienced among camera flyers to share information with those just starting.

This site has wonderful images and great information ...go and have a look!

Winter Skydiving at Skydive Sebastian
by Martin Evans

As the Summer Boogie Season slowly winds down over the next few weeks and the cold, dark, dank days of winter approach, it's time to make plans for your winter skydiving vacation and long weekend getaways. What better than to spend time at the premiere coastal skydiving resort and home of the 1999 National Skydiving Championships of Formation Skydiving (RW) and Freefly, Freestyle & Skysurfing, which is Skydive Sebastian on Florida’s East Coast.

As Chief Organizer for Formation Skydiving at Skydive Sebastian and the independent operator of Sky-Eye Sequential, I would like to offer an open invitation to all, to join us at Sebastian during the upcoming Winter Season, November through April. Shuck off those winter doldrums and come on down to the Sunshine State and be a part of all that we have to offer for your skydiving pleasure and advancement! Skydive Sebastian

At Skydive Sebastian we offer Formation Skydiving Organizers fee free for all levels, 7 days a week throughout the Winter Season. In addition to the daily walk up program, we will be holding one and multi day skydiving camps for various FS aspects and skill levels throughout the winter months. We also have scheduled ‘bigway’ events with additional guest organizers on our calendar at various times throughout the season. In the week prior to these ‘special events’ we will be holding informal camps for those arriving early for these events and for those hoping to secure an invitation to participate. For those that just wish to make quality structured skydives without regard to securing a slot on the ‘special events skydives’, you are of course, welcome to join us in any case for these ‘pre-event’ skydives.

Please Note; that on the occasions when we are running Sky-Eye Sequential Camps & Events, the regular Skydive Sebastian multi tiered organizing program for the participation of all skydivers, will remain in operation on a jump by jump basis!

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the Sky-Eye Sequential Skydiving Organization you may find out more about us, our history, what we offer and our ‘mode’ of operation, from the many pages of information on our website.

For full information on upcoming planned events and regular additions to the Skydive Sebastian Calendar, please keep up to date by checking our advertisements in the various Skydiving Magazines and by visiting the Skydive Sebastian website on a regular basis!

© 1999 Martin Evans

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