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Learn about upcoming competitions and championships worldwide. Check out the schedule of the month and get the lastest results, stories and pictures.
1999 US National Championships - October 4-10, 1999

Skydive City in Zephyrhills/Florida is hosting the Style, Accuarcy and CRW Nationals starting October 4, 1999. The Meet Director is Gene Paul Thacker, Chief Judge is Al Gramando.

September 27 - October 3 - Practice Week, open 9am to sunset
October 4 (Monday) - Accuracy Events, plus 4 Way CRW (tentative) if weather is good
October 5 (Tuesday) - Finish Accuracy, Plus finish 4 Way CRW events, Style (tentative)
October 6 (Wednesday) - Style, CRW, 8 Way events (tentative)
October 7-8 - Weather Days as required
October 8 (Friday) - Banquet, Band, Party and Awards

In September 1999 the US National Championships of Formation, Freestyle and Skysurfing was held at Skydive Sebastian in Florida where "Arizona Airspeed" scored 39 points in 35 seconds on round 6. Eight of the open class team scored 30s in the round! For stories and results visit Skydive Sebastian's web site.

Check out OmniSkore's Coverage and Competition Results.


Best of the West Speed Star and Scramble Meet - October 9th and 10th, 1999

Once again it is that time of the year to mark the 9th of October for "Best of the West 10 Way Speed Star Meet" at the Parachute Center Lodi in California. Registration is $70.00 per person and that includes 4 jumps from 8,000 feet, an Official T-shirt, Awards, and a Pizza/Beer Party Saturday Night!

The "KDFC 6-way Scrambles Meet" will be held on Sunday, 10th October with 4 rounds of competition. Costs: 4 jump tickets + $15 and that includes videogragher for each jump, medals, and beer.

Both events will start at 9am. If you have any questions, you can call the Parachute Center at (209) 369-1128 or email Bryan at

PK Platter Money Accuracy Meet - October 13th and 17th, 1999

The Raeford Parachute Club in North Carolina is hosting a Money Accuracy Meet in October. The events will be Individual Accuracy and Team Accuracy.

Individual Accuracy is open to any person. The winner will be the recipient of US$ 10,000. Format will be 10 Qualification rounds and 5 Money rounds. The top 20 competitors and ties will qualify for the money rounds. Entry Fee is $ 250.00 per person and includes all normal competition jumps. Money rounds will be $ 40 more.

Team Accuracy is open to any 4 persons, 5 rounds. Entry fee is $ 300.00 per team and includes all normal competition jumps.

Official practice is the 13th. Registration is open any time prior to the 13th. individual and team numbers are available at registration. Money distribution for the winners of each event will come from the total purse and/or sponsors.

Fore more information contact PK Air Park at (910) 875-3261, fax (910) 875-3601 or Tony Thacker at (910) 875-7231.

6th Annual Lew Sanborn Accuracy Competition - October 22th and 24th, 1999

The Lew Sanborn Accuracy Competition will be held at Gold Coast Skydivers in Moss Point, MS in Open Class (200 + jumps), Intermediate Class, and Team Accuracy. Cash and other prizes will be rewarded. There also will be a POPs record attempt after competition ends . For more info see

For Competitions in Europe see the German editon of "skyXtreme"

Competitions in America - October 1999
Date Event Club/Drop Zone Homepage
04.10. - 10.10. US National Championships
Style & Accuracy
Skydive City
Zephyrhills, Florida, USA
04.10. - 10.10. US National Championships
Skydive City
Zephyrhills, Florida, USA
08.10. - 10.10. 100-Way Sequential Skydive Suffolk
Suffolk, Virginia, USA
09.10. - 10.10. 4-Way Scrambles Skydive Chicago
Ottawa, Illinois, USA
23.10. - 24.10. Lew Sanborn Competition
Accuracy Meet
Gold Coast Skydivers
Moss Point, Mississippi, USA

Competitions in Australia - October 1999
Date Event Club/Drop Zone Homepage
20.10. - 31.10. World Parachuting Championships Skydiving Centre
Sydney, Australia
20.10. - 31.10. IPC Amateur Skysurf Competition Skydiving Centre
Corowa NSW, Australia

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