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This page will provide you with the latest news from the SSI Pro Tour.

XSky - SSI's web radio

Did you hear about SSI Pro Tour's new internet gimmick? Just the right thing for cold and long winter days without skydiving. Here's how they describe their new service:

XSky is SSI's very own web radio station for surfin' the cyber sky! We've programmed it with NO talk & NO adverts, just our own totally sick mix of artists you won't hear together on any commercial station! Its not all bang, its not all lectro, but there ain't no hootie! Its the X scene for the SKY and its 24 hours a day, no matter where YOU are!
Awesome huh? Got it? Get it!


SSI ProTour

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on the SSI website...


Dennis cancels meet, but not the party!

September 8 - Williamstown, NJ - - The second stop of the SSI Endorsed North East Double Header was cancelled about noon Sunday when the latest flight service forecast predicted another day of rain courtesy of Hurricane Dennis.

Eleven teams had registered for the event. Competitors from as far away as California weathered out their disappointment with the usual rainy day activities on Saturday, hoping that they might get a break toward sunset as the storm moved further inland.



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