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© 2000 Andi Duff
Patrick de Gayardon - Photo 2000 Andi Duff


The Missing Title Story

Well friends...this month we don't have a "real" title story, but still, we've got something for you. This being skyXtreme's FIRST BIRTHDAY, we want to celebrate it together with you!
We can hardly believe that this is already Issue #12! We have only been able to publish our online e-zine with the help of skydivers from all over the world who have provided us with their articles, personal stories, news and pictures. skyXtreme really has become a magazine BY skydivers FOR skydivers! We are very proud and glad that we've accomplished this online project with you!
So, this is our special anniversary issue full of stories and articles from skydivers who want to share their skydiving adventures of this summer with you. Of course, we've got some great stuff in this issue, but that's not all! We have arranged a special Celebration Giveaway as a "THANK YOU" to our readers:
Camera Flyers Joe Jennings, maker of the skydiving video "Good Stuff" and Zabo, maker of the yearly alternative Quincy video, have both donated copies of their latest videos for our Celebration Giveaway! We have three copies of Joe's "Good Stuff" video and two copies of Zabo's brand new "Quincy 2000 Alternative Video" for the lucky winners!
To win one of the videos, all you have to do is to submit your name and email address which will NOT be given away to spammers (actually we won't give it away at all)! The winners will be drawn on the first of October and announced in the October issue of skyXtreme. To learn more about these great skydiving videos and to enter the giveaway, go to our Giveaway page and send us your email address!

Good Stuff    ZaboVideo

We don't want to let you dive into the rich content of this issue without addressing a wish, kinda like a birthday wish: Keep it coming! We've received much feedback from people that they like to read insight stories and articles written by their fellow skydivers. That's what all you skydive-crazy guys and gals out there are looking for --skydiving news and information, AND entertainment!
Every month, we, from skyXtreme, will continue to fulfill your wishes and provide you with announcements and reviews of the most exciting events in the USA and worldwide, along with "first-jump" and "no shit..there I was" stories, "Pearls on the Net", "Features", and even stuff that has nothing to do with skydiving at all, just for your entertainment.
Thanks for reading our magazine and welcome to the second year of "skyXtreme"!

>>> I want to win a video! <<<

***Check out the Cross Keys' Photo Album!***


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Skydiver fell off her harness

Freefly Champion Died

BASE jumper died at Kjerag

Low Turn Fatality

Five Fatalities in Europe

Skydiver was dangling from a plane

BASE jumper had to be rescued

The Underestimated Danger

The reaper flies with us on every load!

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Action Man Skydiver

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