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Competition Results and Reviews
 [Updated: September 7, 2000]         Page 2 - More competitions on Page 1 and Page 3    

2000 America's Cup

This year's America's Cup of Formation Skydiving held at Skydive Cross Keys, August 19 -20, proved to be a winner!
PD's Factory Team "Deland PD8" took the Gold in this event, beating out both Arizona Airspeed and the Army's Golden Knights. Airspeed looked really good, but two busts in Round 3 and a stellar jump by the Knights in Round 4 put the Army team on top in raw scores.
Thirteen teams registered for 4-way. Team RX took first place in the handicapped meet, Scuzbots were second, and Jet Stream third. Followed by Ranch Equinox [4], Airspeed Vertical [5], Airspeed Zulu [6], DeLand PD Blue [7] and the Golden Knights [8].
At the awards ceremony, Jack Jefferies emceed and Bill Ottley, a legend in the sport, was on hand to present the awards.
For the detailed results check out OmniSkore's web site.

***See also our Cross Keys' Photo Album!***

* * *
U.S. National Pond Swooping Money Meet

Over $7,000 was given away at this year's Ranch U.S. National Pond Swooping Money Meet. Great weather allowed all 31 competitors to complete all 6 rounds on Saturday, Aug 26. Ivan K. won first place and took away $3,000. Craig Gerard took second and Luigi Cani took third. See more details on the Ranch's web site page at

* * *
Results from the Freeflying Nordics

1st - Anima Doggystyle (Patrick Stomberg, Kalle + Douglas) Sweden
2nd - Trio Ludens (Richard Henriksen, Dag Jorgensen + Endre Jakobsen) Norway
3rd - Yo Bro! (Robert & Patrick Bierhanse + Kalle Brolin) Sweden
4th - Big Brothers (John Loken, Ola Jameson + Hans Berggren) Norway/Sweden
5th - ?
6th - Airsmucks (Dr. Jones & friends) Norway
Check out for more information on the event.

* * *
Monkey Claw Freefly Jam
by Mike Skeffington -

The Monkey Claw Freefly Jam was a tremendous success this past weekend featuring gobs of tube jumps, tracking jumps and assorted other fun stuff. There was load organizing for all levels and lots of bigway freefly jumps as well. The boys from the claw hosted a delicious pig roast Saturday evening, and later, our hangar became a rave with the DJ mixing until the wee hours. What a good time!
Six teams competed in the Cross Keys Pro-Am of freefly and Elsinore Psycho Cirkus placed first with a total score of1666 out of a possible 1840. The team took home a check for $600. Second place was Cross Keys Monkey Claw with a cumulative point score of 1656 winning $300. A pickup team called Green Nipple placed third at 1296 and cashed in at $100. The meat was judged by Michelle Black, Dave Colucci and Erin Golden. Thanks to all who competed.

* * *
SSI Skydive New England Free Fly Competition

The Free Fly Competition at Skydive New England in Lebanon, Maine, went off without a hitch! The event had four free fly teams but no skysurfer teams this year. Psycho Cirkus took home the first place honors with a score of 1447. Monkey Claw took a strong second with 1347 points. Flea Fry Jam took third with 1049 points. Team Psycho Cirkus consists of Larry Sprock, Heath Richardson, and Andrew Staich. Team Monkey Claw is Timmy Miller, Bert Navarette, and Glen "Stuey" Newman. Flea Fry Jam is Shani Durbin, Jeff Sevech, and "The World Famous" Francis B. Jackson.

* * *
WFFC Pro Blade Swoop Competition
by Karine Leblond

The WFFC Pro Blade competition went off big time! Over 23 canopy pilots registered for the event which was set to take place at Quincy's new swoop pond near the airport entrance. However, the new pond was only 150 feet long and had a large berm all three sides. This not only allowed no room for error but did not allow some of the competitors to fully "fly" their canopies.
On two different practice runs Jim Slaton from Skydive Houston blasted through the course swooping the required 200 feet and an additional 50 feet further having to shut his canopy down to keep from striking a five-foot high dirt berm. After two days of practice runs the course was moved to the large landing area behind WFFC registration.
Reggie Eastaugh (course director) made the competition course of Airblades 240 feet long, 18 feet wide with a 75 degree turn at the end. Eighteen competitors qualified and competed on the course for two days in almost perfect weather conditions. In the end Jim Slaton with Icarus Canopies took home first place flying his Icarus Extreme VX 65. He won $500 cash and a new Icarus canopy of choice. Jim also had the fastest course run with a 3.40 second time! Second place went to Joey Costa of Carolina Skysports flying a Alpha 84. He took home $250 cash and a 50% off Icarus canopy certificate. Third place went to Luigi Cani with Icarus Canopies flying his Icarus Extreme VX 46 (that's right, FORTY SIX) winning him $150 cash and a 35% off Icarus Canopy certificate.

* * *
USPA Sport Accuracy Results
by Jeff Steinkamp, Chief Judge

Here are the results of the 2000 USPA Sport Accuracy National Championships held on August 8th at the World Free Fall Convention in Quincy, IL. 12 four-person teams entered the competition. Only one round of competition was completed due to rain and windy conditions.
Accuracy Canopy Class:
First Place Individuals:
Bill Hayes, Warrenton, MO [Score: 0.00 meters]
Greg Windmiller, Ft. Benning, GA [Score: 0.00 meters]
Third Place Individual: Dan Leavitt, Buena Vista, GA [Score: 1.33 meters]
Sport Canopy Class:
First Place Individuals:
Jim Beck, Holley, NY [Score: 0.00 meters]
Paul Gholson, Paducah, KY [Score: 0.00 meters]
Sue Metler, Holley, NY [Score: 0.00 meters]
Kim Tucker, St. Louis, MO [Score: 0.00 meters]
Open Team Class:
First Place Team: There Is Know Point [Score: 16.19 meters]
[Jim Beck, Holley, NY, Jeff Busch, Rochester, NY, Bob Hallifax, Canandaigana, NY, Sue Metler, Holley, NY]
Second Place Team: Swoopee Bangers [Score: 24.43 meters]
[Dean Bickel, Keokuk, IA, Judy Hayes, Warrenton, MO, Bill Hayes, Warrenton, MO, Kim Tucker, St. Louis, MO]
Third Place Team: Dead Center [Score: 30.48 meters]
[Dan Leavitt, Buena Vista, GA, Monty Long, Madison, AL, John Storrie, Denton, TX, Greg Windmiller, Ft. Benning, GA]
Sportsmanship Award: Paul Gholson, Paducah, KY
A special thanks to all of the competitors, judges, score keepers, aircraft loaders and pilots for making this championship a safe, fair and fun event.

* * *
Freedom Jam Freefly Review
by TroyK -

The weather was beautiful, the flying was awesome, and the Saturday night party cranked until 4:00 in the morning! Thank you everyone who came out to Skydive Oregon and played at the First Annual Freedom Jam!
Pat Works was out helping people get on their heads and injecting just the right amount of insanity into the event proceedings. The tube jumps were beyond cool, and the 16-way 2-tube sunset dive absolutely rocked! (OK--at least it was relatively safe!)
The freefly competition had 11 teams total, with 4 in the Open class and 7 in the intermediate class. We had fliers ranging in experience from under 10 freefly jumps on up to thousands. There was one team that did a cool 2-way belly dive for their entry, and one team that mixed belly and vertical modes on their dive.
Open division
1st place; Team Stoopid--Orion McMahon, Chris Warrington, Darin Quaile on vid
2nd place; Mirror Image--Luke Aikins, Andy Farrington, Scott Sedlickas on vid
3rd place; Three 'fer Madness--Barry Brumitt, Richard Bailey, and Layne Storment on vid
Intermediate division
1st place; Coriolis Effect--Jen Shaw, Jon Wolcott, and Kevin Shaw on vid
2nd place; Excito Toxins--Amber McBride, Justin Locke, and Darin Quaile on vid
3rd place; 3 Dead Sexy Dingleberries--Paul Ashmore, Carina Flenry, and Scot Krug on vid
Outstanding Video Flyer
Andy Farrington for his work with the intermediate team "'Cause Blake Made Us"
Canopy Swoop (Distance)
Andy Farrington (he only beat his nearest competitor by about 20 or 30 yards, though, so watch out Andy!)

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