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Learn about upcoming competitions and championships worldwide. Check out the schedule of the month and get the latest results, stories and pictures.
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2000 U.S. National Skydiving Championships
September 29 - October 14, 2000

The U.S. Parachute Association (USPA) announces the 2000 U.S. National Skydiving Championships at Perris Valley Skydiving in Southern California, September 29 - October 14. The 2000 Nationals will mark the largest gathering of competitive skydivers in the 40-plus years of organized national skydiving competition. More than 1,000 athletes in the Formation Skydiving, Canopy Formation, Freestyle, Skysurfing, and Freeflying categories will vie for the top spot, and the chance to represent the U.S. in the international arena.

Perris Logo

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The 2000 Nationals, for the first time, combines five major skydiving events together at one location. As many as 100 flights per day will carry competitors to the skies during the 15-day event. Freeflying, the newest and highly popular new skydiving event, debuts at the 2000 Nationals.
September 29 - October 2: Formation Skydiving (FS) 4-Way
October 2 - 4: Formation Skydiving, 8-Way
October 4 - 6: Formation Skydiving, 16-Way
October 6 - 7: Formation Skydiving, 10-Way
October 8: Formation Skydiving Awards Presentation
October 8 - 13: Canopy Formation (CF)
October 10 - 13: Skysurfing
October 10 - 13: Freestyle
October 11 - 13: Freefyling
October 14: CF, Skysurf, Freestyle, Freeflying Awards Presentation
October 15: Quadra-Plane Diamond Challenge
Produced by Jump Run Productions, organized by Mike Lewis
Competitive skydiving in the U.S. goes back more than forty years, and is sanctioned on the national level by USPA. USPA is a member of the National Aeronautic Association and the U.S. representative for skydiving to the Federation Aeronautique Internationale.
Perris Valley Skydiving, founded in 1976, is one of the largest Skydiving Centers in North America and offers a wide variety of air sports to the general public. Perris Valley Skydiving is located in Perris, California, just an hour east of Los Angeles along Freeway 215.
Their facilities include Square One Parachute Sales and Service, the Bomb Shelter Full Bar and Restaurant, showers, rest rooms, swimming pool, private team rooms and a free camping area. There are limited numbers of RV hook-ups and team rooms. You must call for reservations. See the RV sheet on the National's web site for details.
Pre-registration is available and recommended. Your pre-registration will help facilitate your process when you arrive here at Perris Valley. You can register by phone, fax, mail, or on-line.
Feel free to call if you need any further information. You can reach Skydive Perris by calling the Nationals Hot Line (888) 4-SKYDIVE x 162, or the local number, (909) 657-1664 x 162 and ask for the registration coordinator or email them at Through the Nationals web site, you will be able to pre-register for events, get daily updated scores, standings, and results for all events. The event will be covered live by OmniSkore.


4-Way Scrambles Hog-Flop Competition
October 27-29, 2000

Join the folks at Skydive Palatka in northeast Florida. They promise a boogie which will be bigger and better than ever before, and which will really kick! Multiple King Airs will keep you jumping as fast as you can pack! And, as always, there will be free load organizing available on every load.

Skydive Palatka
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The Hog-Flop is a 4-way team event from the dawn of competitive relative work. The team members build a simple "star" formation. The clock starts when the jumpers next release their grips. All jumpers perform back flips and attempt to quickly rebuild the star. Quickest time wins! Of course, this event was intended for belly flying, but should be quite a challenge for even the best freeflyers, as the rules remain the same. They will give out prizes for first, second and third place teams. See if you can best the reigning champions, the "Brazen Bitches"!
New this Year:
First Annual 4-Way Speed Stack CReW Event
Prizes for first, second and third place teams
Dozens of Canopy Relative Workers will be descending on Palatka this October! Tom Balboni will be organizing a huge group from all over the Southeast, and the plan is to build big stacks and bigger diamonds; with free load organizing and coaching. They're gonna get all the Performance Designs lightning canopies they can for those who need them. And, of course, there will be party - party - party! After all, it's Halloween in Palatka! There will be a live band, free beer, free food and a Halloween costume contest. For more information check out their web site


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