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Skydive Top Sites

Here we want to present some of the most interesting, provocative, colorful sites as our "Pearls on the Net". If you have created a unique, funny, informative page, or if you know of such a web page, please send us the URL so we can feature it here!


Vivi Surf

Skysurfer Vivian Wegrath from Switzerland has quite a few goodies on her well-designed web site. She tells us a bit about herself and her camera flyer Knut Krecker, and about the realization of her dream, the "Project Anima", which is going to lead her to the most exceptional places on this earth. And she has already started, as her story about her jump over the vulcano Villarica in Chile, South America, shows us. She also offers a video clip which includes footage of someone climbing down into the active volcano to recover the cutaway canopy!

Vivi Surf
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Besides information about freeflying, skysurfing and the X-Games, you'll find tons of awesome photos and videos on the site, along with press articles on her skydiving career and her successes at championships all around the world ... and ... and .. you better check it out by yourself!


The Rob Harris Foundation

Rob Harris was twice World Champion Skysurfer and the first Extreme Games Skysurfing Champion. He died in 1995 filming a commercial, not skysurfing. Rob helped to bring the sport of skydiving/skysurfing to the public eye in an exciting, fun, and classy style. Through his creative talents, his disciplines, and his willingness to help others while seeking his personal best, he became the role model in the sport he loved the most. He was and is remembered as "The Humble Champion". There was much more to Rob's life than skysurfing, that is why The Rob Harris Foundation was created.

The Rob Harris Foundation
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The Foundation will be giving away the Cypres which belonged to Rob. The Harris family has donated his Cypres AAD to the Foundation, which is now offering chances to win the Cypres through a raffle in hopes of generating funds for its charitable obligations in the year 2000. SSK Industries, the U.S. Cypres service center, has donated the four-year check plus batteries. The Foundation will hold a drawing for the Cypres later in the year. Entry forms are available on the web site and all tickets will be sold through the mail.


Ty's Place

The heart of skydiving can be found at Ty's Place. Ty describes skydiving as "the most incredible thing" she's ever done. One can't help but feel that the spirit of Ty's beloved lost daughter Kelly soars with her as she progresses in her skydiving odyssey. Ty is from north central Massachusetts, and her web site is the vehicle where she weaves the happy and sad story of her family as well as the unfolding of her skydiving "wings".


TY's Place

go there...

Did you ever wonder what it's like to learn to skydive? Ty's tales, as she progresses from tandem jumps to solo AFF Level VII training are descriptive and heartwarming! Certainly, Ty's web site is anything but flashy by today's web standards, but Ty's Place dishes up a hearty dose of content which will leave you feeling enriched by her words and her zest for life.


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