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What would a skydiver's life be without all those great boogies and meets around the world? Let us show you the special ones every month and some great Drop Zones around the world.
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Bridge Day 2000
October 21, 2000

During the third Saturday in October each year, it is legal to parachute from "The New River Gorge Bridge" for a period of 6 hours. The bridge spans U.S. Rt. 19 in Fayetteville, West Virginia, 876 feet above the New River. It's a mere eightish seconds from the rail until impact in the river below. After time expires, all legal jumping ceases until next year's Bridge Day.

© 2000 Houlahan
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Bridge Day 2000 will be on October 21. There is required registration day at the Holiday Inn in Oak Hill West Virginia on October 20th, 2000. The registration started already around July 1, so, good luck if you didn't register yet!
There are a few guidelines and rules that are enforced to help keep everyone safe:
A minimum 200 ram air parachute flights required. This requirement is here to ensure that everyone has the experience to land on a small rocky beach line in very erratic weather conditions. Almost every injury in BASE Jumping is due to landing.
You must have a 7-cell F1-11 canopy. This requirement is in place because the nature of landing in congested areas. All 9-cell, experimental, high performance and Zero Porosity canopies are not to be used for BASE Jumping under any circumstance! They have very touchy flight characteristics and have caused several very serious injuries in the past.
You must wear protective Gear. BASE Jumping landings are far more demanding than Skydiving. There can be any type of weather change from second to second. You may be forced to land in extremely constrictive areas that make for some hard landings. Hard helmets, knee pads, sturdy shoes, pants and shirt are a minimum. Elbow pads and ankle protection is recommended. That is also why we suggest the use of a Parachute Landing Fall (PLF) to help with these more demanding landings.
You must use an approved BASE Packing technique for BASE Jumping from such a low bridge (875 ft). This is far different than a 3000 feet skydive. Your canopy must open quicker because of the altitude and should open as on heading as possible.
For more information about Bridge Day check out the following sites:
Bridge Day FAQ:
Official Bridge Day Site:
Unofficial Bridge Day Site:
The Bridge Day Association:
CNN's Video 1999:


Equinox Boogie, Australia
October 7-15, 2000

This years Equinox Boogie at the Ramblers Parachute Center in Toogoolawah, Qeensland, Australia is shaping up to be the best ever. They look forward to welcoming you to another 9 days and nights of great jumps, awesome parties, amazing give-aways and general merriment!. All sorts of jumping will be catered for from Birdman Jumps, Flat-fliers, Head-down and Freefly.

The Ramblers Parachute Club
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Aircraft will be two Cessna Caravan, a 17 place turbine aircraft and a Skyvan, a 22 place tailgate turbine, a Squirrel helicopter, balloons, Tigermoth, a Twin Bonanza, a Chieftan & more.
And here is what they offer this year:
Belly Flyers
This is your taste of Heaven! Whatever your level and jump experience, the Equinox Boogie is the time to be jumping! Everybody is catered for, with specific coaches for you! Get your starcrest, 10-way speed stars, 16-ways, 32-ways, formation loads, coaches for small ways, big ways, ANY WAYS!
Head freefly coaches, Jonathan King and Ashley Crick are the main men. These two world champions are available for everybody to jump with - beginners to experienced! Big way headdown dives are planned. A myriad of freefly coaches are also available for one-on-one jumps through to groups. There are no coaching fees, so jumpers wishing to be coached are simply to pay for the coaches slot in the aircraft. Coaches will provide a dirt dive, a video of the jump and a full debrief - this is excellent value for money!
Freefall Toys
Bring on the Skyvan! All inflatable toys are welcome and encouraged at the Equinox - this boogie is about FUN!! Rafts, hula hoops and Pool Pony Races are amongst the many jumps planned. Unfortunately sky balls are not permitted.
Night Jumps
Night jumps are available midweek nights only. Jumps are $33 to 12,500' from the Caravan. Load organisers available each night for night rated jumpers. Videomen available. Night jumpers bring a small torch, cyalume sticks, and a red flashing bicycle light. Night jumpers must have a B license.
There will be an organised Night Starcrests, Peter Nobbs' Night Accuracy Competition, a Night 13-Ways, POPS Record Attempts, Demo Wing Suits, a ProTrack Speed Diver Competition and the famous FREE raffles with tons of cool prizes.
Professional caterers offering a comprehensive menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Great quality at the right price. On site coffee shop offering cappuccinos, cakes, cheesecakes, gateaux etc.
Jump Tickets from 14,000 feet are $30.80 and video tickets $3.00. The registration fee is $180 for the 9 days of Equinox, or $25 per day - covers aircraft placement, load organiser slots, dz fees, camping & entertainment. All prices are Australian Dollars. For more information check out the Ramblers' web site at

For more boogies see Page 2 and Page 3

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