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Here you can find the latest news, which will reach us during the current month. Short and crunchy. Got news? Mail'm!
 [Updated: September 7, 2000]


  • Joe Kittinger Celebrates 40th Anniversary
  • Flight Over the Bay
  • Mark Wheeler Memorial Fund
  • Canadians go Eloy!
  • Skydive City News
  • New British Womens Record
  • News Bytes  [updated: 09/07/00]
  • FAI ratified CF record
  • Windsor Naugler III runs for USPA Office
  • Flip Colmer runs for USPA Office
  • News from Omniskore
  • New Videos
  • News from the Shop Zone
  • Wanted!  [updated: 09/07/00]
  • New Canopy Formation World Record Ratified

    FAI has ratified the following Class G (Parachuting) record:
    Claim number 6628:
    Sub-class G-2 (Group jumps)
    Competition / Team records
    General Category
    Type of record: G-2-D / Canopy formation, 8-way speed formation
    Course/location: 8th World Parachuting Championship in Canopy formation, Immola
    Performance: 24.67 seconds
    Team: Russian National Team (Russia)
    Parachutists: Yuri ARIFULIN, Sergei KULAKOV, Guennadi GORIAEV, Oleg PAVLJUK, Dmitry KHJUPPENEN, Vladimir ANDREEV, Sergei URVANTSEV, Andrei KUZNETSOV
    Date: 04.07.2000
    Previous record: 29.28s (14.10.94 - French Team, France)
    FAI congratulates the parachutists on their splendid achievement.

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    A chicken in every pot! A turbine in every hangar!
    by Winsor Naugler III

    My candidacy for USPA National Director has lurched another step forward, with my biography sheet, photograph and check at headquarters in Virginia. I sent it all from Germany, with the certified mail returned to Pennsylvania and I am now in France, so I just called up Alexandria to see if they got it. I was assured that it got through in one piece.
    I am one of a number of people who are running this time around in the interest of shifting the balance on the board in a particular direction or another. Many of those seeking office are people I have known for years, who have impressed me with their industry and integrity. You have many good choices.
    My slant on things is that I am singularly unqualified to represent any of the competitive disciplines or much of the professions related to skydiving. I am, however, the only person running for office who is strictly a recreational jumper - as is the majority of participants in the sport.
    I am one of the more opinionated people I know, so the only thing I can offer is to abstain from a vote where I strongly disagree with the bulk of E-mail, cards and letters I get in response to an issue. If there is anything close to an even split on the input I get on an issue, I will vote my conscience and give my reasons for doing so in this forum.
    Rather than state my platform, I invite anyone with questions to look in the rec.skydiving archives for my stance on one subject or another. I hope it's obvious where I was just kidding.
    I will try to represent the interests of those of you who won't get medals at the Nationals, don't own a DZ, aren't Tandem Masters or rated Instructors, don't manufacture or sell parachutes and related gear, and otherwise are in it as a lifestyle rather than a living. Those people need and deserve representation, but so do the rest of us.
    I ask the people who read this to do your homework, vote early and vote often. Make your voice heard at the ballot box, and hold us accountable thereafter. When we don't represent your interests, vote for someone who will.
    In a democracy voting isn't a right so much as a responsibility. I'll try to live up to my part of the bargain, and I ask you to do so as well.
    Blue skies, Winsor

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    Flip Colmer Runs for USPA Office

    My name is Flip Colmer, and I am seeking the office of Mid-East Regional Director of the United States Parachute Association.
    My experience as a professional pilot, recreational skydiver, and former drop zone owner has made me aware that we need strong, responsive, and active skydivers on the Board of Directors of USPA.
    Without a board that is willing to support and enforce the safety standards set in this sport, we run a risk of potentially stringent and expensive oversight by the FAA that could significantly curtail the sport of skydiving as we know it.
    I strongly feel that the Regional Director is a service oriented position for the membership at large, and a facilitator for helping every drop zone operator, employee, and vendor. I believe a Regional Director must also interact with the jumpers he or she represents. Problems faced by anyone, from a young jumper, to a person with thousands of jumps, can't be solved if they aren't heard.
    Here are some facts about me:
    Occupation-Captain on DC-9, Northwest Airlines
    1st jump-Oct 1976
    Total number of jumps-3400+
    AFF, Static Line, and Vector Tandem Instructor
    ATP, 9400+ hrs total flight time
    World Record Holder-246 way freefall formation
    Please contact me if you have any questions.
    Phone: (734)475-8723 / Fax: (734)475-0125
    Thanks for your consideration, Flip Colmer

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    News from Omniskore

    The San Carlos 2001 boogie information is now posted at; I mention it here because I went last year and had the time of my life. Scenic skydives, great organizers and awesome parties at a VERY nice resort on the Pacific ocean. Highly recommended.
    I've posted my last tidbits [] for a few months (a cheer from the gallery) as I ramp up the web pages for the Nationals and World Meet.
    To all Nationals competitors: You've been training hard all year and you're about ready to hop on the plane to Perris. Wait - have you read the rules yet? Be sure to down load the latest SCM at and read it carefully. The single biggest change this year is teams are now required to supply their own videographer (a cheer from manifest, the meet director and the judges). Another cool change is now all teams get to do all ten rounds; there are no more cuts after rounds 8 and 9, unless the MD deems it necessary. Of course, the Intermediate categories do six rounds only.
    Finally, the Nationals begin September 29th, and you are welcome to preview the pages at Please feel free to send me your comments and suggestions.
    Blue Skies, Tim Wagner -

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    New Videos

    It's ready to ship. The "Zabo Alternative Quincy 2000 Video" shows belly flyers, freestyle, head down and yes, the T/A of the parties, and even the storm footage. Zabo also included "The Ladies of Quincy", a bonus video of apx 10 minutes, with some of the party high lights over the past five convention years. Order info can be found in the September issue of Parachutist as well as on Zabo's web site at


    Dano from Danovision Production also put together a great video from the WFFC. For more information on his "Quincyvision2K Video" check out or email Dano at


    Raoul Gravell has put together a video of the 300-way record attempts at Skydive Chicago, IL. It includes all 22 dives, unedited, and ground footage. The price is $30 plus shipping. Check out for more information and an order form.


    The video and still photo package from the Lake Elsinore night world record jump is now available. Included in the package is one 8x10 photo of the world record formation and a video/music production of the record jump and the activities surrounding the attempts. The cost of this package including shipping is $50. To order contact Gary Roth at Or send a check to Gary Roth, 28 Ruth Street, Huntington, NY 11743.


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    News from the Shop Zone

    Action Man Sky Diver
    This one-foot-tall articulated "Action Man Sky Diver" which comes equipped with a REAL working orange parachute that's ready to be packed and deployed repeatedly for playtime adventures. The chute delivers "Action Man" safely to the ground from a four-story drop! It also works when tossed into the air at a 45-degree angle. "Action Man" (bearing more than a passing resemblance to G.I. Joe) is definitely living up to his name. Always up for high-flying adventure, the skydiving "Action Man" swoops into hot spots, and is outfitted with nylon coveralls, mission boots, high-altitude goggles, oxygen mask and harness backpack.
    Get yours today at skyXtreme's SHOPZone!

    Action Man Sky Diver

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