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Anniversary Giveaway - Win one of the below videos!

Use this email link and the subject "Anniversary GiveAway"
to send us your name and a VALID email address:

Joe Jennings - Good Stuff

Skydiving Cinematographer and Emmy Award winner, Joe Jennings (Pepsi "Goose", "Freefall Cars", George Bush’s skydive) donated his new video "Good Stuff" which is a fresh and unusual perspective into the global sub-culture of extremists who thrive on the cutting edge of skydiving. You can win a copy of this video by submitting you name and email address to skyXtreme's Anniversary Giveaway!

Good Stuff

The video explores a variety of disciplines within the sport of skydiving with world champion formation skydivers, skysurfers, freeflyers, and B.A.S.E. (cliff) jumpers. And Hairball Stunts with flying cars, water heaters, motorcycles, golf carts, couches, a truck, an entire living room, and a jumper who freefalls without a parachute. GOOD STUFF is a roller coaster of three dimensional perspectives that show skydiving as it has never been seen before.
Joe Jennings is a four time world champion camera flyer who’s innovative techniques have won two Emmy Awards, a Cleo Award, First Place in the "Aerial" category at the Gravity Sports Film Festival, and First Place in the Extreme Games with skysurfer Rob Harris. GOOD STUFF documents the best of his work. For more information and a video trailer check out
Joe donated three copies "Good Stuff" for the skyXtreme anniversary giveaway. Read below to see how you can win.

Zabo's Alternative Quincy 2000 Video

For six years in a row now you could find camera flyer Zabo at the World Freefall Convention in Quincy, where he did the filming for his yearly "Alternative Quincy Video". And he's quick with getting it out to the folks who already suffer withdrawl only 11 months before the next boogie. As soon as he's back home again, he starts putting together a great video, and ships it in between four weeks after the event ends! His alternative Quincy video costs $20, and has out sold the official convention video for three years running!

© 2000 Zabo Video
WFFC in Quincy - © 2000 Zabo

This "R" rated video shows a mix of great and funny skydives and cool (well...make that hot) parties at night. Watching Zabo's video, even skydivers, who have never been to the WFFC get the idea what the biggest boogie in the world is all about. This years Zabo Video will include a bonus video of ten minutes of the "Ladies of Quincy", that he has put together over the past 6 years. Check out Zabo's web site at for some stills and a video order form.
Zabo, who says of himself that he's easy going, started skydiving at the age of 36 years, and during his 10 years in the sport he has made 3,267 jumps, 2800+ with a video camera. As he states, "I suck at RW, thats why I do video". Zabo also organizes fun jumps with all kinds of toys, like rafts and hoops.
Zabo donated two copies of his brand new "Quincy Video 2000" for the skyXtreme anniversary giveaway. Read below to see how you can win.

Anniversary Giveaway Rules

End of submission time: September 30, 2000
Please note!
We have five videos to give away, but we will draw ten names in total. The reason: Should somebody's email address be drawn that doesn't work, the video will then go to the name that was drawn for the sixth place, and so forth.
All five winners will be contacted by email and asked to provide us with their postal address for shipping. The first three people that are drawn can choose which video they want, the two other winners will get what is left.
The videos are in the NTSC format. But if somebody participates and wins from a country (e.g. in Europe) with PAL format, we will ask Joe Jennings to trade the video in for one in the PAL format, which he also produces.

Use this email link and the subject "Anniversary GiveAway"
to send us your name and a VALID email address:

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