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Here you can find the lastest news, which will reach us during the current month. Short and crunchy. Got news? Mail'm!
 [Updated: September 19, 1999]          Page 1 - for more news go to Page 2.

Speed Diving in Gap-Tallard (France)
September 17-19, 1999

The results after the first two days of the Speed Diving Competition:

1 Mike Brooke 524.13Km/h 325.68Mi/h France
2 John Arne Loken 484.32km/h 300.94Mi/h Norway
3 Philippe Valopis 478.02km/h 297.03Mi/h France
4 Ken Hanson 475.21Km/h 295.28Mi/h Norway
5 Didier Boignon 454.18Km/h 282Mi/h France
6 Liam Harding 390.34Km/h 242Mi/h USA
7 Ian Chapman 372.62Km/h 231Mi/h UK
8 Jude Haig 355.56Km/h 220.93Mi/h UK
9 Neils Brusgaard 336.08Km/h 208Mi/h Danemark
10 Michel Pissotte 331.32Km/h 205Mi/h France
11 Fabienne Chatard 296.66Km/h 184Mi/h France
12 Philippe Tinet 289.76Km/h 180Mi/h France
13 Pascal Passard 285.34Km/h 177Mi/h France
14 Catherine Chalondon 270.58Km/h 168Mi/h France

Norman Kent's movie "Willing To Fly"... now available for pre-orders. Shipping is expected in mid September. More information on how to order, price, and what all is included in the video package, is detailed on his web site at or you can e-mail Norman or Claudia for more information.

4-Way Speed Star in Italy
September 26, 1999

A 4-way speed star competition will be held at Skydive Cremona in the north of Italy [close to Milan]. The figures can be flown in every position, so the competition is opened to RW teams and FreeFly teams as well.

The prizes will be:
1st place: 1000000 Italien Liras
2nd place:  500000 Italien Liras
3rd place:   300000 Italien Liras

Free registration. Jump from 4000 meters = It. Liras 4000 (video is free). Possibility of Free Camping, Restaurant, Bar, Bath and hot shower.... For more information please contact

Angel Falls 2000 BASE Jumping Expedition
Saturday, January 29, 2000 to Friday, February 4, 2000

Tom Sander's trip to the Angel Falls was full before the advertisements came out. Now he and Arial Focus are considering taking a second group. Anyone interested in starting the year 2000 off with a BASE jumping expedition to the tallest waterfall in the world in Venezuela should visit their web site at or e-mail Tom.

Vector Tandem and USPA Tandem Course

Skydive Houston L.L.C. is hosting a Vector Tandem and USPA Tandem course this September 22-24. The course is being held during the week to maximize the availability of the equipment to the candidates.

For more information:
Mike Turoff, Tandem I/E for USPA & The Uninsured Relative Workshop

Results America's Cup - Cross Keys

The winners are:
1st:   Ranch Air Traffic
2nd:  Raeford Frigid Air
3rd:   Raeford Express
1st:   Golden Knights
2nd:  Warp Factor
3rd:   Airspeed

The final standings will be posted at

Skydive into the new millennium at the south pole!
December 20, 1999 - January 5, 2000

A unique expedition of discovery beginning December 10, 1999 in Santiago,Chile. Join POLAR SKYDIVING LTD in an historic skydive as it celebrates January 1, 2000 with an exciting and spectacular jump at the Geographic South Pole. The 'jump ship' will be a superb, ski-equipped Basler 67-Turbo aeroplane outfitted as a parachute jump plane. The maximum size of the 'jump' group will be 19 plus the jump masters. More on the website:

Official 1999 World Freefall Convention Video

Orders are now being taken by "aerial focus" for the official video of the 1999 World Freefall convention. Also, if you order both the 1998 and 1999 videos at the same time, you will receive a discount on both!
You can order your video online at:


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