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The news, articles and photos on this site are provided by and copyright of the German skydive print magazine "FREIFALL Xpress " and are published here with their permission. Thanks guys!
"FREIFALL Xpress"... the magazine of the German Parachute Association (Deutscher Fallschirmsportverband [DFV]) and is published every 2 months. We provide you with the English translations of their most interesting news and stories and some cool pictures too. Have fun! 

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Freeflying in Ampuriabrava

Babylon, the first professional european freeflight school located in Spain, offers to learn "games between sky and sea". The eductional program is for all who want to widen the horizon of flight capabilities. Consideration is given to the individual capabilities and needs of each skydiver. Included techniques in the course are headdown, headup, tracking, flying with skyballs and tubes. Babylon uses DV cameras and loans material to its students. The prices for training jumps are: US$ 65.00 for single tickets, US $53.00 each for a bundle of 50 tickets.

Courses can also be booked for dropzones outside Ampuriabrava. To make arrangements contact Knut Krecker, Cell (+49) (0) 171 40577 57; Email: or BABYLON S.L.; Stephan E Fardel, Sylvain Turina; Phon (+34) 972 45 14 17; Email:


Larsen & Brusgaard first introduced their new "Pro-Track", an acoustic warning system, during the last PIA Symposium. Now they have started its serial production. The "Pro-Track" can be used as audible altimeter, electronic logbook and freefall computer. It continuously stores detailed information about the last 200 jumps including date, jump number, dive type, exit altitude, opening altitude, freefall time and four different speed readings. The retail price in Germany will be DM 571,00.


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