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Skydive Top Sites
Here we'll show you every month a small collection of useful, useless and funny or whacko sites on the Web which are always worth a visit on rainy days. Enjoy!!
Bert is evil

We have reason to believe that Bert of Sesame Street is evil and you should keep your children away from him. Here in these pages are collected incriminating images and documents that prove that Bert is not the lovable harmless geek he so successfully makes us think he is. [English]

Bert is evil
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Newbie-U - New User University

"Hi Son--it's Dad. Just what is this Internet all about?" Ever gotten one of those calls? It usually elicits an exasperated sigh as you attempt to explain the Web. Now there's a site you can send Dad to. Newbie-U uses, appropriately, a university metaphor, with student "chat" unions, admin buildings, grad courses, and so on.

Within the ivory tower, Dad can entertain and educate himself with interactive lessons on the history of the Web, downloading files, doing file transfers, using e-mail and IRC, and more. Not intimidating in the least, Newbie-U succeeds in providing a spot for all of us who may have skipped a couple of chapters in our online how-to manuals. [English]

99 Ways to Open a Beer Bottle

Having trouble breaking the ice? Nothing stimulates good conversation and eventual friendship like the unorthodox opening of a beer bottle. A book titled "99 Ways to Open a Beer Bottle Without a Bottle Opener," and hawked by the site of the same name, is your perfect-bound ticket to increased popularity. And because the author lists ten tried-and-true methods on the site, you don't even have to buy the book to begin your more fulfilling social life--although we sincerely hope nobody ever hands US a beer opened with a public toilet. [English]

99 Ways to Open a Beer Bottle

go there...

Smarty Pants

go there...

Smarty Pants' Yo-Yo Tricks

How's about a yo-yo competition on a rainy day? This site features one of the most visually repulsive animated characters around: a pre-adolescent kid with teeth like Secretariat's. But boy, can this kid yo-yo. Just watching him demonstrate the basic Gravity Pull (up-down) move should make just about anyone a better yo-yoer. You can also find animated guidance for the Sleeper, the Trapeze, the Lunar Loop, and the Brain Twister. But for some reason, the instructions for the really tough tricks--such as Rock the Baby and Splitting the Atom--are text-only. No matter: You probably couldn't do them as well as Smarty Pants anyway.

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