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If your brain is longing for more than simply adrenalin, then you'll find it here! Since there is a life beyond skydiving [at least sometimes] we like to show you some great non-skydiving sites - kinda "food for the brain".
The Remedi Project

The Remedi Project is a Shockwave-powered extravaganza created by several Web artists/ programmers/philosophers who believe that there are benefits to be gained by "abandoning preconceptions about how to communicate on the Web." It's not clear that they've done that.

The Remedi Project

The Remedi Project
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After all, a Shockwave site is not exactly revolutionary. But the art, animation, and interactivity are of an extremely high, if undirected, quality. In other words, it's a multimedia "trip". [English]

The Digital Freedom Network

While nations such as China struggle to maintain control over the Internet, a medium inherently anarchic, a group of concerned activists have launched this new site dedicated to people who have lost their freedom by expressing themselves and their opinions. What's more, the Digital Freedom Network publishes the material that got the individuals in trouble in the first place. Check out banned political cartoons, editorials, and articles from around the globe. Find out the latest hotspots for censorship and what you can do to combat suppression. [English]

The Digital Freedom Network

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Web Magazine Boom

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Web Magazine Boom

The multi-lingual "Boom Magazine" is new on the Internet and at the moment it's one of the better and more innovative E-Zines. The publishers use Flash to provide us with complex and intelligent content, thus the topic of the first issue - The Human Body - is arranged as a multimedial whole. Pictures of young photographers and texts form authors invite us to an expedition with the forefinger. An esthetical journey. [English/German/French/Swedish/Danish/Finnish]

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