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What would a skydiver's life be without all those great boogies and meets around the world? Let us show you the special ones every month and some great Drop Zones around the world.

Keith's Quincy Diary 1999

"For one glorious week a year, skydivers worldwide descend on a little airport near Quincy, Illinois, to participate in the world's largest freefall skydiving event (called a "boogie"), The World Freefall Convention. For ten days in the second week of August, Quincy airport becomes one of the busiest airports in the United States, with over 5000 skydivers attending making over 6,000 jumps a day. For those of you who feel the unstoppable "need for speed", this website is dedicated...."

Keith's Quincy 1999 Diary

go there...

That's how Keith's Quincy Diary 1999 starts, and he really does a great job. For three years now he's been telling us his story and his impression in his own enthusiastic words on the internet spiced with great pictures. A great site to visit for those who have been there and especially for those who haven't.

For Boogies in Europe see the German editon of "skyXtreme"

Boogies in America - September 1999
Date Event Club/Drop Zone Homepage
02.09. - 06.09. Couch Freaks Dollar Daze Des Moines Skydivers
Ft. Dodge, Iowa, USA
03.09. - 05.09. CASA Boogie Sky's the Limit
Montgomery, New York, USA
03.09. - 06.09. Labor Day Happenin' World Skydiving Center
Lake Wales, Florida, USA
03.09. - 06.09. Labor Day Boogie The Ranch Parachute Club
Gardiner, New York, USA
04.09. - 06.09. Labor Day Boogie Skydive Oregon
Molalla, Oregon, USA
04.09. - 06.09. Labor Day Fest Skydive San Marcos
Fentress, Texas, USA
04.09. - 06.09. Labor Day Boogie Perris Valley Skydiving
California, USA
06.09. - 06.09. Labor Day $14 Jumps Bay Area Skydiving
Byron, California, USA
10.09. - 12.09. Queen Boogie Skydive the Point
West Point, Virginia, USA
18.09. - 19.09. Turbine Porter Weekend Skydive Lost Prairie
Marion, Montana, USA
18.09. - 19.09. King Air Weekend Blue Sky Adventures
Paso Robles, California, USA
18.09. - 19.09. High Altitude Weekend
and Jump Madness
Skydiving Center
Marana, Arizona, USA
18.09. - 19.09. CASA Boogie Aerohio Skydiving Center
Rittman, Ohio, USA
24.09. - 26.09. End of Season Boogie Cleveland Parachute Center
Parkman, Ohio, USA
24.09. - 26.09. The Fall Boogie Skydive Greensburg
Greensburg, Indiana, USA
25.09. - 25.09. Peckerhead Meet IX Apple Valley Skydive
Apple Valley, California, USA

Boogies in Australia / Africa / Asia - September 1999
Date Event Club/Drop Zone Homepage
25.09. - 26.09. Jervis Bay Beach Jump Skydive Nowra
Nowra, Australia
25.09. - 25.09. Boogie Freeway Skydive Centre
Nylstroom, Northern Province
South Africa
27.12. - 03.01. Millenium Boogie Skydive Citrusdal
Western Cape, South Africa

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