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On this monthly page we feature whatever you can think of or what you might suggest to us. These suggestions can be about people, teams, drop zones, software, books, videos, games, and...and...
Skydive 4'99

Skydive University's latest educational video is called "Skydive 4'99". World class competitor and veteran coach Craig Buxton is the creator and editor of the package. The images on the frontpage are bits from the video which is accompanied by a booklet. The computer animated graphics are created from copies of Arizona Airspeed footage. Airspeed opened their book of 4-way secrets for Buxton to help him with his project.

Buxton and Airspeed member Jack Jefferies are looking back at a lot of common ground. They were teammates with DeLand Vertical Speed, the U.S. 4-way team at the World Meet in 1995. They have also worked together on a few other Skydive University video projects. The work is a very impressive and outstanding piece of scientific research with a very workable result. Craig Buxton used the most advanced computer technology to demonstrate the launch of all 4-way exits, and also to explain and demonstrate the twenty four block-techniques. His figures, the colors and the background look so realistic that his work is very easy to understand. This video and booklet package is the best and most advanced training tool for teams and competitors in the history of skydiving. It can be ordered at the Skydive University website.

OmniTrainer by Ted Wagner
Training & Practice Software for Windows 9x - UPDATED!

OmniTrainer is a training tool for Formation Skydiving and Canopy Formation Skydiving judges. It is intended to familiarize judges with:

  • The overall OmniSkore! electronic judging sequence
    (Ready, Preview, Confirmation, etc.)
  • Operations of the OmniSkore! judging panel, especially the procedures for editing and confirming the scoring results after the skydive is viewed and before the Event Judge saves the results.

OmniTrainer can be used as a stand-alone application, but it's real value is in practicing judging with a TV and VCR playing archived competition footage. By setting up a TV and VCR next to your computer and practicing with OmniTrainer, and you will be a virtual judge in a virtual competition!

More Skydiving Software for Windows95/98 by Ted Wagner:

  • DiveDraw THE training draw generation tool for 4-way and 8-way (generates 40-jump training sets).
  • PrintPool, The IPC dive pool generator; prints the IPC dive pool and draws single-set random draws (12 skydives exhausting a single pool).

    Go and get it !

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