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Here you can find the lastest news, which will reach us during the current month. Short and crunchy. Got news? Mail'm!
 [Updated: September 19, 1999]          Page 2

The 4th annual Freefly Festival

The folks from Skydive Lake Tahoe in California invite all freeflyers on September 13-19 to their freefly festival. They have a Skyvan, Otter, and King Air to fly out of over the beautiful Sierra Mountains. There will be tube jumps, skyball jumps, excellent freeflying and load organizing, along with 80 acre ranch for camping, BBQ's, and after hours party time. Hook it high, they are at 5000 ft and they have a new swoop pond.

Archway Skydiving Center

CASA Boogie - September 10-12 [HUGE PARTY Saturday Night]
Missouri Skydiving League 4-Way Competition - September 11-12
More on their new Web Site at

The following rigs have been stolen, please be on the look-out!

Black Javelin - pilot chute cap and three stripes on the mid-flap are dark green (forest green). B.O.C.
Serial # 5782, mfg. Aug94
Raven I reserve, black, blue, magenta, serial # 01423922, mfg. Aug94
The main was just an old Pegasus we were doing a bit of CRW with. The risers were brown.

Substantial reward...Call the Parachute Center - 209.369.1128 - with any info, or send an email to Mike Spurgeon
Container: Javelin SJ7: 14098 - black; grey and blue with yellow pinstripes
Main: PD 230 : 23017912 - blue/ light blue
Reserve: PD 235 : 235R14639
Cypress: : 3010 3760 5EC922 30

If anybody comes across this rig, please would you contact the "Boston-Providence Skydiving Centre" at (401) 333 3663" or at:

Many Thanks, Blue Skies!

Sun Path Productions in Richmond
September 4-6, 1999

Sun Path is loading up the RV with about 30 Javelins and heading out to Aerodrome Sky Sports in Richmond, Indiana. They'll set up shop Saturday, Sunday and Monday! Stop by the demo tent and say "hi" and put a jump or two (or three!) on their rigs. They are all the new style Javelins with hip and chest rings, cypres equipped, have various size mains and reserves (PD, Aerodyne, Icarus) and best of all.... it's FREE! Take it on a jump and feel how comfortable the rig is... on the ground, in freefall and under canopy.

Also, everyone that demo's a rig is entered into our drawing for free goodies. Sound too good to be true... well, it's not. Just another service provided by the fine folks at Sun Path Products.

Skydive Cross Keys 2nd annual SSI Endorsed Xperience

Freefly and Skysurf teams can win big $$$ and gear prizes on Saturday, Sept. 4th! Skydive Cross Keys is located in Williamstown, NJ just 20 minutes SE of Philadelphia, PA.
This is a Pro-Am meet; pro and amateur classes. Real competition medals will be awarded! SSI Sky Points are available to winners in the pro class!

Pro Class Awards are as follows:

Freefly           Skysurf
1   $1800          $1000
2   $1000          $350
3   $700            $150

Amateur Class Awards are as follows:


50% off 3 Mirage G3 containers
100% off 3 Bev Suit freefly suits

45% off 3 Mirage G3 containers
50% off 1 Bonehead DaBomb helmet
50% off 2 Bonehead Mindwarp helmets

40% off 3 Mirage G3 containers
$50(3) Rigging Adventures Gift Cert


50% off 2 Mirage G3 containers
50% off 2 Icarus canopies
$200 off Surf Flite comp board

45% off 2 Mirage G3 containers
$150 off Surf Flite comp board

40% off 2 Mirage G3 containers
$50(2) Rigging Adventures Gift Cert
$100 off Surf Flite comp board

For meet rules, and specifics including registration info, go to:

For travel, directions, drop zone details and lodging, go to:

After the $$$ MONEY $$$ meet, join team Monkey Claw for the freely JAM! There will be load organizing, coaching, a huge raffle, free food, beer and a party. You can find details for the freefly jam at:

Questions may be directed to Chris Norton, this year's meet director.
Don't miss out on the cool vibes and great dives!

Help needed...

The FSV Radolfzell e.V. in Germany launched a Web-Signature-Action against the vignette for VFR-airplanes in Germany. Help them to stop the plans of the Federal Government of Germany and fill out the form on their web site

General Aviation in Germany is threatened by a 7000 DM (about 3700 USD per airplane and year) vignette, that should force owners and clubs to participate in pretended losses of DWD (German Weather Service) and DFS (German Air Traffic Control). The truth is, that the DFS has rising profits each year and the DWD already collects fees for its services.

A vignette according to the governmental plans would kill private flying in Germany. And the worst thing is: It's not a joke, it's reality! About 200,000 members of aeroclubs in Germany have spent lots of time in the past 50 years to build up both clubs and their infrastructure. Many jobs in maintenance, supply and manufacturing would be lost too. You can help by filling out the form on the web site. All data will be collected and sent to the BMV (Ministry of Traffic). We hope that international pressure will force them to stop their plans.
Thank you!

Results of the 1999 USPA National Championships of Sport Accuracy held in Quincy at the WFFC.

There were ten 4-person teams that made 4 rounds of competition jumps.

1st Place Individual: Greg Windmiller - 0.52 meters
2nd Place Individual: Lew Sanborn - 1.28 meters
3rd Place individual: Dean Bickel - 1.72 meters

1st Place Team: Swoopee Bangers - 66.97 meters [Dean Bickel, Judy Hayes, Lew Sanborn, Kim Tucker]
2nd Place Team: Dead Center - 106.35 meters
[Dan Leavitt, Mike Nelson, John Storrie, Greg Windmiller]
3rd Place Team: Lawn Darts - 125.09 meters
[Ted Campbell, Ray Cordova, Marc Hogue, Jack Tepper]

Sportsmanship Award: Lew Sanborn

We would like to thank all of the competitors, judges, score keepers, USPA, WFFC Staff and all those who made it possible to make history at Quincy.

Jim Hayhurst, Meet Director
Jeff Steinkamp, Chief Judge

Skydive Pennsylvania/Mercer -

August 20-22, 1999 - King Air Weekend
September 27-29, 1999 - CASA Boogie
No Registration, Jump Tickets $18
Free Camping, RVs Welcome, Hot Showers
For Additional Information Call 724-748-5377
October 2-3, 1999 - Mike Mullin's King Air Returns

Help needed!

We are asking everyone to please send donations to help a fellow skydiver, Eliana Rodriguez, whose Mother was stricken with cancer. She was given three months to live in May of 1999. She passed away on August 14th. Her daughter, Eliana, stayed by her side through all of it. She was competing in the FSL league when she found out. She was going to school and working two jobs. She will be going back to work soon, but could use our support to help her get back on her feet again. A very generous person has stepped forward and will match any donations raised for Eliana Rodriguez.

If you know Eliana, you realize she is a very special person. She would be here to help us, so let's get together and make things a little easier for her. If you would send your donations to:

Skydive Space Center
c/o Eliana Rodriguez
476 N. Wiliams Ave.
Titusville, FL 32796

It would be very much appreciated and remember, you never know when you'll be the one that needs help. Thank you and blue skies. - Friends at SSC

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