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High Performance Family
World's Youngest Skydivers

We read much in the business literature about "high performance teams" and what it takes to get things done in the business world by working together. Synergy is the buzzword most often used, the sum of each of the parts equaling more than the individual values of the parts themselves, people pooling their resources to achieve amazing things.
Taking that concept further, how about high performance families? If there is such a thing, the Mullins clan would certainly fit the definition. Truly a family of overachievers, each one mastering the skills he does best. Synergy would be the only way this would be possible for the pressure could be intense in a family such as this one. Yet, by working together, it seems they make "child's play" of accomplishment.
This past weekend at West Tennessee Skydiving, I had the pleasure of meeting this entire clan and maybe getting just a glimpse into what true family-style values are all about. I never encountered such a family as this one in my life! The three older Mullins kids were jumping their butts off all weekend. On just about every load they could be found. Freeflying formations, canopy swoops, high performance landings, doing all those things they do best.
The youngest Mullins jumper, Jeffrey, 13 years old, just made his 1000th jump a few weeks ago and easily put another hundred in his logbook since then. Joel, the 17 year-old is quickly catching up, though he lost some time last year due to a biking accident and a badly busted up knee.

Mullins Junior

Charlie ... well, Charlie is Charlie ... flying that tiny handkerchief of his, always making that perfect swooping landing to the glee of the spectators. Such skill can only be honed over thousands of jumps, most of which, if not all, taking place out of his dad's plane. Charlie is 22 years old and already has 6600 logged jumps.
Then there's Mike. A pilot for some 35-plus years, it's easy to see why that airplane of his is almost an extension of his being. "Mike can do anything he wants with that plane," one of the West Tennessee regulars told me as I was standing at the boarding gate, a bit hesitant to take my first observer ride. "You'll never find a better pilot," he assured me in answer to the questioning look in my eyes. Lord, I like to have fun, but I don't wanna die this weekend!

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