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If your brain is longing for more than simply adrenaline, then you'll find it here! Since there is a life beyond skydiving [at least sometimes] we like to show you some great non-skydiving sites - kinda "food for the brain".


Dive and Discover

The research scientists at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute present this multi-faceted chronicle of a current expedition to the mid-ocean ridge. The deep submergence vessel Melville is exploring the eastern Pacific off Central America, seeking new volcanic eruptions on the undersea crest where several tectonic plates meet.

Dive and Discover
Go there ...

Daily updates portray the routines of life on a science ship; informative modules explain hydrothermal vents and the extraordinary life forms that thrive there; and videos, glossaries, timelines, maps, and charts abound.


The Onion
go there...

The Onion

With headlines that range from the satirical ("Home-Schooled Student Opens Fire on Breakfast Nook") to the just plain silly ("Our Nation's Truckers: Are We Meeting Their Pancake Needs?"), The Onion continues to bring readers to tears. In May, the site's editors tackled the New York Times best-seller list when their compilation of new material in book form, Our Dumb Century, hit No. 1.



This may be the first truly amazing site of the millennium. According to its makers, Constructor "animates and edits two-dimensional models made out of masses and springs." According to a recent user, Constructor "has these crazy, wicked insect thingies that you can mess with and stuff!"

go there...

We have yet to come up with a better description of this phenomenal hybrid of video game and erector set. Hint - turn the gravity off in Amoeba mode for some real fun.

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