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What would a skydiver's life be without all those great boogies and meets around the world? Let us show you the special ones every month and some great Drop Zones around the world.
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Summer Boogie in Italy
July 14-25, 2000

We promised you big surprises...are you ready? Here they are!
Is it enough that we're having a Summer Boogie from July 14 to 24, 2000, with an Antonov 72 which holds 70 skydivers, tailgate, turbojet, to 18,000 in 8 minutes?-- Or an Antonov 28 holding 22 skydivers, tailgate, turboprop?

Antonov 72 Exit
© 2000 Skydive Falcone

Or how about night jumps and hot air balloon jumps on the Skydive Falcone DZ in Italy? Is it enough yet? Are you satisfied? Well then, come and get it!....but there's more!...
Boogie's special guest for freefly will be the great Omar Alhegelan, the three-time Freestyle World Champion, freefly winner of the ESPN/SSI Pro Tour in 1997 with the Freefly Clowns, and US Sit-Flying Champion. Omar was also first in the world with his team to jump in a convertible from 16,000 feet at Skydive Arizona. He is chief instructor at Arizona Freeflight School for Freestyle, Freefly and Sit Flying. Omar, together with his teammate, Olav Zipser, is practically one of the authors of modern freefly.
Enough to convince you yet? There's more!...
For skysurf we will have as special guest Eric Fradet, big skysurfing star of the ESPN/SSI Pro Tour 1999. Eric is the unforgettable skymate of legendary Patrick De Gayardon, and is a multiple French and international skysurf champion.
So you say you love relative work? You're looking for someone to help you improve your skills?
How about that "someone" being Gary Beyer of Arizona Airspeed?! Gary will be the third guest star (last but certainly not least!) at our Summer Boogie, and he will be at the ready to unveil his secrets on how to become a champion!
If this didn't get you excited, nuttin' will! This event is reserved only for those who want to soar to extremes with high-level skydiving! Rush immediately to reschedule your holidays to make it to this event!
Facilities include reserve packing, big formations, organizers, videos, airfield lodgings, camping area, partner hotels, bar/restaurant, shuttle service from/to nearest airports (Bari - Foggia) and seaport (Bari)....and don't forget the music party every night!
We ask that you please notify us soon if you plan to participate to help us get the logistics straight.
The prices?
- Single jump ticket (exit altitude 18,000 ft ) only USD $19
- Special offers for multiple jump ticket pack (contact us for more details)
- Accommodations on the DZ for USD $5 per night
- Free camping area
- Free shuttle service
... and if you rush on booking, you'll get an incredible surprise! Don't miss the most extraordinary skydiving event ever held in Italy! Blue Skies!
Submitted by Skydive Falcone
Gaudiano di Lavello, Italy
Web Site:

Flyboyz Film Festival
June 29 - July 4, 2000

For six days this summer Perris, California will become a circus. A flying circus that is, as freeflyers from all over the world converge on Perris Valley Skydiving for the 4th Annual Flyboyz Film Festival. The brainchild of Flyboyz Eli Thompson, Mike Ortiz and Fritz Pfnür, the Film Festival was conceived as a way for freeflyers to show off their flying as well as their creative & artistic skills with short films projects.



Films are submitted in several categories including: Best Presentation of Human Flight (Aerial Visual Award), Most Hilarious (Comedic Award), and, topping the ranks, the coveted Daddy Phats Award, which recognizes the best overall and most complete project. The films are shown to all participants over several days and judged by the Flyboyz, with help from audience approval. The film presentations are only a small part of what the Film Festival is really about though.
There will also be lots of opportunities to participate in organized loads, tracking races, swoop contests and many more fun activities. The Film Festival provides this opportunity for hundreds of freeflyers of all levels from all over the world. This is one event you won't want to miss!
The Flyboyz Film Festival takes place June 29 through July 4 at Perris Valley Skydiving in California. For more information and online registration, visit
The circus has begun!

The photo used in this article is the property of Flyboyz Productions and not to be used for distribution or any other publication. 2000 Flyboyz Productions.

All American Boogie
June 15-18, 2000

Skydance Skydiving in Davis, California host of the event, describes the American Boogie 2000 as "One Bad Ass Kick Off Da Season Boogie! Because you have the right to skydive, swoop and party!". And party you will with the planned festivities!


All American Boogie

Enjoy jumps for $15 to 15,000 feet on Thursday June 15. On June 16th is "Freaky Freefly Friday" --jump with tubes, hoops, rafts. Coaching is available. Friday evening you should go to the Plainfield Load Kickoff Party & concert at Plainfield Station featuring beer bar, buffet, bands, BBQ's & babes. On Saturday the 17th, there will be load organizing and formation loads (Big Ass Ways!!). Dive in at the Drive in (bring your own hot rod or Harley). Full moon skydives 'til midnight with a lit landing area. They won't forget Dad on Sunday the 18th when they play "Throw Papa from the Plane".
Facilities & services at Skydance Skydiving include camping, RV slots, Dive Diner, Firepit, showers, full service loft, multiple wide open landing areas, shuttle service available from SFO or Sacramento International Airport. Everyday of this event enjoy canopy demos, organizing, seminars, contests and prizes. Check out the Boogie's web page at

Kjerag BASE Boogie in Norway

The Kjerag BASE Boogie will be held June 9-12 at the granite massif near Stavanger/Sola in Norway. Fly to the top with a helicopter and enjoy legal BASE jumps.
The following are the basic rules for BASE Jumping at Kjerag:
A registration form must be filled out by anyone who plans to jump, and a membership fee to Norwegian BASE Association (NBF) must be paid on site. Those members who already have paid must display their membership cards.
You must complete at least 150 sky-dives before jumping with Norwegian BASE Association at Kjerag and Smellveggen. If you have less than 5 BASE jumps you must follow the NBF BASE course before jumping.
Your equipment must be approved by an instructor before jumping. Normally you will be able to use regular sky-diving equipment, with a 7 cell chute or wing load not exceeding 0.85 lbs/ft2. The bridle must be 9' long in order to prevent pilot delay. On velcro rigs used for terminal jumping, the velcro needs to be in good order to prevent unwanted opening. The velcro is normally worn out after approx 100 jumps.
Before and during jumping from Kjerag and Smellveggen, there must be a boat present. These arrangements are made before hiking up the mountain with the boatman responsible. He sees to it that there is necessary radio or telephone contact with others onshore, in case of accidents. Radio or telephone contact between boat and jumpers at exit point is strongly recommended. - Source: Norwegian BASE Association 10/06/1999
For more information check out The BASE Point at

For more boogies see Page 2

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