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Blue skies and safe landings !
[Updated: June 8, 2000]                           Page 1 - For more safety issues see Page 2

Jump Plane's Engine Burned

On the weekend of June 3-4 at the dropzone of Skydive Leopoldsburg in Belgium, a jump plane, type "Nomad" (two engines, exit door on the left), was on jumprun to drop 12 static-line students that were on board. After dropping three or four students, there was a sudden explosion of the left engine. The engine started burning. The instructors on board quickly dropped the other students, while the pilot was performing emergency procedures. There was no panic on board the airplane. Instructors and pilot did an excellent job, and the pilot managed to land the plane safely in a nearby field. The left engine is completely burned and there is probably some structural damage to the wing.

German Female Skydiving Student Dies after Flying into Wind Turbine

A 20-year old German female student skydiver sustained fatal injuries on the Fehmarn island in Germany, May 28, on what was her first jump when she flew into the blades of a wind turbine. According to police reports, the student was found dead in a nearby wind park 25 minutes after her skydive from 1200 meters.
Reportedly, the female student exited the jump plane with her jumpmaster and another student and all three parachutes had opened properly. Investigators believe the young woman was caught in a wind surge and carried over three kilometers where she made fatal contact with the wind turbine. Witnesses stated that at the time of the accident there was a wind speed of four to six meters per second. Eight meters per second is the maximum allowed wind speed for students. The investigation into this tragedy is ongoing.

German SL Student Killed Under Two Entangled Canopies

On Sunday, May 21, a German SL student died in Wallerfangen-Düren, Germany. The SL student and another SL student reportedly left the jump plane at separate intervals. They were first seen from the ground as they were flying apart from each other and at different heights under their functional canopies. Then, intentionally or unintentionally, they flew towards each other. The foot of the upper jumper got stuck to the parachute of the lower student who cut away immediately and pulled his reserve.
The cut-away parachute wrapped around the body of the upper jumper who, still under a functional main canopy, struggled with the fabric around his body and than, suddenly, pulled his cut-away handle. The RSL [reserve static line] pulled the reserve, and the canopy which was still wrapped around his body, flew into the opening reserve. The student desperately tried to get rid of the entanglement without success. He landed hard and suffered fatal injuries. The second jumper landed without incident. The deceased left a wife whom he married just one month ago.

Fatality in Finland

On May 25, a 52 year old experienced skydiver died in Utti, Finland on an CRW (CF) team practice jump (6-way). Two jumpers collided at 3300-4000 ft and their main canopies wrapped. Both cutaway and deployed their reserves, but one deployment was too low for inflation.

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Revision B of Sunpath Bulletin
Please check the Sun Path website at for Revision B to the original service bulletin dealing with the closing loop retainer tab. Revision A was rescinded April 19, 2000.
The service bulletin is MANDATORY for Javelin's manufactured prior to September 1993, and RECOMMENDED for Javelin's manufactured September 1993 up to and including March 2000.
We are distributing the service bulletin to the agencies listed below. Please help us with the distribution, by printing up the bulletin and taking it to your local drop zone. If you have any questions, please address your e-mails to
Thank you, Doris Pfister - Marketing - Sun Path Products, Inc.



For more safety issues see Page 2

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