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If you are looking for staff, team members, stolen and missing gear and such stuff, this is the right place. What do you want? Mail us!!
 [Updated: June 26, 2000]

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Staff & Jobs

NEW ! >>> Senior Rigger
Must be current & familiar with sport equipment. High Quality packing skills and an eagerness to learn essential. Sewing skills prefered but, we will provide training. Contact Parachute Rigging Inc. by email at or phone at 561-719-3004.

NEW ! >>> Instructors
I am looking for instructors of all caliber to work at my Dz, located in the Northern part of Ontario. I am also looking for the full time employment of a DZ Manager. For further details, if interested in these positions, please contact Dino at (705) 268-5543 or by email at

Millennium Skydiving needs a rigger that is willing to start and run his/her own business. Beautiful new riggers loft with table. Former rigger returning to Boston area. Contact Bob at 630/561-0800 or 815/929-9000.

Strong Rated Tandem Masters
Full-time and good pay. Our riggers even pack for you. Must commit to season (through October) and be available 7 days per week. Strong rating preferred, Strong and Vector ratings a big plus. Contact Des at 517-773-8858 or for more information.

AFF Instructors/Jumpmasters
We need AFF instructors/jumpmasters for a new DZ in Cullman, Alabama. Interested folks can contact us at or call 256.565.9567

Strong Rated Tandem Masters
New England drop zone looking for full time Strong rated tandem masters. AFF rating a plus but not mandatory. Must be able to work until mid November. Call 413-665-7577. Colleges with 150 restaurants within walking distance to DZ. No packing required. 120 students a week on average. Most scenic DZ in New England. Call TODAY!

Cessna Caravan Jump Pilot
Front Range Skydivers in Colorado needs an experienced Cessna Caravan jump pilot. Will also be flying a Turbo 206. High altitude and O2 experience a plus. Please send resume and times to

AFF Instructors & Jumpmasters
Gold Coast Skydivers in Moss Point, Mississippi is badly in need of AFF certified instructors and jumpmasters. We have more business than we can handle so if your interested in helping us out and making some money get in touch! Contact David Layne at

Vector Tandem Instructor
Tandem operation in a prime tourist area (Outer Banks of NC) needs a vector tandem instructor for a seven-day-a-week operation, May through September. You can be the only instructor, and anticipate 200 to 300 customers, at a rate of $50 to $60 or $70 each. We supply the nearly new rig, well-maintained Cessna 182 (we offer 11,000 and 13,000 feet), and ATP pilot, along with ongoing ad campaign. Ready to try your management skills while using your rating? Send email to or call 301-865-4675, 6-9 PM Eastern.

AFF & Vector Tandem Instructors - Videographers
Skydive USA, serving Houston and the Texas Gulf Coast, needs AFF, Vector TI's, and videographers IMMEDIATELY!! Extra consideration given to multi-rated individuals. We require motivated team players able to work in a casual, friendly business environment.

We offer -
Fulltime, year round opportunity (including management opportunities)
Super Twin Otter & FAST 182 (really)
Best pay in the market and bonuses based on longevity
More business than we can handle (year round)
Politics free, casual atmosphere
Low cost of living area - supplied housing possible

If you are looking for a DZ where you can make great money without feeling like you're running a carnival ride, contact us. Our staff is happy and making terrific money (staff references available). Contact - Chuck Akers, DZO, at 281-561-5867 or by e-mail at

Tandemmaster full-time at mid-Michigan dropzone wanted. Must commit to season (through October) and be available 7 days per week. $2500-$3500 per month likely (our riggers pack). Strong rating preferable, Strong and Vector ratings even more preferable. Contact Central Michigan Skydivers at 517-773-8858 or email

Dropzone Owner
A business opportunity exists at Skydive Acadiana in Jennerette, LA; operator Tom Tharp is looking for someone to whom he can hand the business over. The DZ has a very good relationship with the community, as jumping has been going on there for 20 years. The new owner would have to furnish aircraft; a Cessna 206 last operated there. Jennerette is about 10 miles south of Lafayette, near the Gulf coast. Call (337)276-3475.

Tandem- AFF- Video
Skydive Newport, Rhode Island, is currently looking for a Tandem- AFF- Video person. Any combination will do. We are gearing up for a busy season. Located in Middletown, Rhode Island. Pay scale will be higher than New England standards. We would consider taking you on with your own tandem rig. Call Marc Tripari at 401-845-0393 for more information.

Video Flyers - Rigging Helper - Packers
Bay Area Skydiving in Byron is looking for weekend and week day help. They need Video Flyers, some rigging help, packers, and helpers for misc. work around the air port. Please Call Mike or Clay at 925 634-7575 or 925 634-7566 or e-mail

Strong Tandem Instructor is looking for a Job
Attention South Eastern DZO's, my name is Dick Edwards and I'm a Strong Certified tandem instructor with 1200+ tandem jumps. Have you ever had one of those week days or weekends, when you had too many tandem students and not enough staff? If this has ever happened to you; then feel free to call. We can discuss how I may be able to help you out. Dick Edwards 843 767-2047 843 693-1517.

Load Organizers
Skydive Delmarva in Laurel, Delaware needs competent load organizers to help with the good times, dives, vibes! Interested? Email Martin Evans at or call Brian Kunkowski on 888 875 3540 or 302 875 3540 FFI.

Skydive University Coach
Full Time Skydive University Coach, $40 per jump. Contact at Air Adventures Skydiving, Inc.

Vector Tandem Instructor
Third season, 7-day per week (May-September) Cessna DZ in tourist area of the NC coast is looking for the right Vector tandem instructor, preferably also AFF. You will be sole instructor, and earn $50 per jump for an expected 300 this season. Must be professional, experienced, mature, and have excellent references. To apply email your no. of jumps, no. of tandems, years in sport, last three places worked, and current phone/address to

Tandem Masters and Packers
The Parachute Center in Lodi is looking for Tandem Masters and Packers for their long and busy summer season. They can guarantee lots of jumps and work! The Parachute Center is located in the Central Valley of Northern California about 30 miles south of Sacramento, about 2 hours East of San Francisco. Please contact: Bill or Kathy Dause at (209)369-1128

Full Time Experienced Parachute Packers
1- 4 packers - preferably independent of each other - required to handle $60,000 to $100,000 plus worth of packing business at a very busy Eastern Area/Mid Atlantic Region Dropzone. These positions are available to full time hard working and dedicated professionals. Duties include packing for AFF & Camera Staff, Strong Tandem & Javelin/Racer Student Rigs. Additional packing business is available from Teams and others using our facility.

We offer a great opportunity for a fun filled and very rewarding summer season to hard working, dedicated, team orientated packers. Recruitment for these positions is being handled by:

Martin Evans/Tracey Eckersley
Sky-Eye Skydiving Services
13529 US Highway 1 #139, Sebastian, FL 32958
Tel: (mobile) 561 379 3223

AFF and Tandem Jumpmaster(s) and Packers
Skydive Maryland, Parachutes Are Fun, Inc seeks AFF and Tandem Jumpmaster(s) and packers for the 2000 summer season. Great Pay! Full Time King Air and 2-Cessna 182's. Camping on Airport with hookups (RV's welcome), wide open landing area, indoor packing, and more. Located on a private airport. In business with the same owner/ operator since 1974. For more information please contact Gordon Riner at (800) 232-9501 or by email at


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Team Members Wanted

Anyone interested in participating in a regional 4-way skydiving league, contact Phil Haase, Jumper Airlines at He is wanting to organize teams in Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Iowa, and Nebraska. Jumper Airlines currently owns one Caravan that will be flying on a rotating basis in those states.

Jumper Airlines will be very active in promoting the formation of teams by offering discounted team rates in the Caravan and sponsorship support for qualifying teams to go to Nationals.

Chicago area 4-way team DefCon 4 is looking for a new member. They had a teammate leave to participate in the raising of his child (the nerve!). They train one day per weekend out of Hinckley and plan on completing in the NSL and US Nationals in Intermediate class. Average number of jumps per team member is 1,100. Your jump count is not as important as a positive attitude. They may have a video slot open also for someone that wants to jump all season for free (plus pack jobs if your good). If interested contact Brian Darnell at

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Stolen & Missing Equipment!!!

Stolen Camera and Helmet

I would really appreciate anyone out there to keep a look out for stolen camera and helmet which went missing from Skydive Lake Wales on Monday April 10, 2000.

Sony DV700 Mini DV, serial number 28785
Protec Helmet/Paramount

I am a camera man and have now lost my only source of income, and would be pleased to offer a reward to the person who can locate my stolen equipment.

Mark Hatchette
(863) 679 7536
(863) 638 2400

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Stolen Equipment

Skydive Temple in Texas was broken into on the weekend of January 22-23 week and had some equipment stolen. As they stated, they're 99.99% sure it was stolen by a guy named Charles Wood, goes by CW, also uses the name of Louis Johnson.

Missing is 1 Student Dolphin container, black with a blue Dolphin, made 4-96, batch #9641. A Tempo 250, serial #157630, Skymaster 292 (SN not available yet.) The main is multi-colored neon, pink, orange, yellow, green, purple, gr, yel, or, pink with purple stabilizers. Its got an FXC 12000 with the J mod on it. The thief also stole several Altimaster II's, Newman gloves, TimeOut and goggles. He also took a couple of student jumpsuits and a couple of student Altimaster II's with Skydive Temple written on the pillow, and at least 1 video camera. The culprit drives a red 92 Lincoln Town car.

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Stolen Gear!!!

The following gear was stolen Sunday night, November 28, 1999 from a parked vehicle in "The Golden Coral" parking lot in Norman, Oklahoma.

X-Large, black "Square One" gear bag with monogrammed "Percy"
Container: Javelin J-1, s/n 9196, black with royal blue trim, excellent condition.
Reserve: Tempo 170, s/n 58055, white.
Main: Sabre 135, s/n LS-135 0137512
Colors on the main are: royal blue, white, blackberry, blackberry, white, blackberry, blackberry, white, royal blue
Camera Helmet: "Para-Mount" System 3 with Norton ring sight
Camera: Sony 8mm, model TR67, s/n 107191
Miscellaneous: Altimaster 2, s/n Unknown (Attached to Camera Helmet), Altimaster 3, s/n 105916, Altimaster 5, s/n 3192, Standard "Dytter" s/n Unknown
Jump Suit: "Body Sport" red, white, blue with black
Spandex camera suit: generic, black
And all other assorted gear (goggles, packing mat, etc.)

The owner is offering a reward to the person or persons who can help recover his gear (no questions asked). If you have any information please contact:
Percy McGee at (405) 236-0271
Paradise Parachute (405) 288-6728
Email Kevin -
Thanks & Blue Skies!

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Stolen Rig !!!

The following rig has been stolen at The Ranch Parachute Club in Gardiner, NY, please be on the lookout! Here are the descriptions and the serial numbers:

  • Brand new solid black Javelin XRS with stainless steel everywhere, red piping on the pop top, a small scuff mark on the reserve flap and a noticebly long harness for a tiny rig. - s# - 16472
  • Bright red 95 Jedei Sweptwing with yellow airlocks and a little yellow on both end cells. Toggles set high and tight. An "APB" has been forwarded to EMT's and emergency rooms. - s#- 1133
  • 113 PD Reserve -s# - 11317887
  • Expert Cypres - s# - 10f0616362d0

If anybody comes across this rig, please would you contact Bruce -

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NEW ! >>> Cessna 182 or 206
America Skydiving in Hobart, Indiana, is looking for a Cessna 182 or a 206 for as much of the summer as possible. Please contact Laurie at the DZ; Phone 219-962-1136 or email at

NEW ! >>> Turbine Porter
We are in need of a Turbine Porter for the season in the Northeast ASAP. If anyone has one or knows of one available, please contact Mike at (732) 938-9002.

NEW ! >>> Two Porters
Roy Fox is going to break Jay Stokes' record for most jumps in 24 hours. Roy had it once at 226. Jay used one Porter and some Cessnas, Roy wants two Porters. He needs to know what drop zones are operating turbine Porters this winter. Roy's email is

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