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There are always special events on the drop zones world wide. We'll try to figure them out for you and post them here. We also like to publish your stories and impressions of events, you just have to write them down and send them to us. Check back often, we'll update this page whenever we get the news.

[Updated: June 4, 2000]                               Page 1 - for more events see Page 2

121-Way Jewel Vacation In Brazil
by Kurt Gaebel -

Dear fellow competitors and skydivers,
I'm not bothering you with NSL news this time. However, this issue is just about as fun as the NSL! Carmen Pettena has successfully secured the foundation for an exciting 121-way jewel vacation in Brazil. Together with most famous competition greats such as Pete Allum (Sebastian XL), Lise Aune (DeLand Norgies), Eric Fradet (French national 4-way team world champion), John Hamilton (former Airspeed), Doug Park (FX), John McIver (Sebastian XL) and Ricardo Pettena (Brazil), I have received the honor to be a team captain for this fun event.
As you may have already observed, the concept is based on inviting and attracting experienced competitive skydivers to achieve a successful result. At this time, there are still a few slots open on my team and in some other teams.
Here's the outline for the package ($980):
29 July 2000 departure home
7 August 2000 departure Brazil
Location: Campinas
Includes the following:
- accommodation in a five-star hotel
- breakfast, lunch snack at the d.z. every day
- three dinner nights
- 25 jumps from 18,000 feet
Not included are the travel expenses. Event organizer Carmen Pettena has airfares available for $490 (Orlando to Sao Paolo). Please let me know as soon as possible if you are interested.
Cheers and Blue Skies,
Kurt Gaebel

CF Spektakel 2000 in Holland - July 8-16, 2000
Submitted by Paracentrum Teuge

This season, there will again be another edition of CF Spektakel. The fourth edition of this event is scheduled for July 8 to 16, 2000, at Paracentrum Teuge in Holland.
The third edition held last summer took place in Moorsele, Belgium. In typical continental weather we made over 1,000 jumps during that week with more than 60 participants from seven different countries! After enjoying three years of Belgian hospitality, we have now chosen the National Paracentrum Teuge in Holland as the location for this year's edition of CF Spektakel! We will be flying a big plane--a C208 Grand Caravan! Of course there will be CF canopies to use for free. You will be able to do team training (sequential/rotation), fun jumps, big formations and, new this year: eight-way. To close off the week there will be a party with free BBQ and beer!
Accommodations for this year's event will include brand spanking new facilities, big carpeted hangar, bar and 'De Wolk' restaurant, an 18-bed dormitory (one person per bed) and/or free camping next to (and we do mean "next to"!) the DZ, video room and classroom. Of course, The Parachute Case, rigging loft and shop are close by.

CF Spektakel

© 2000 Paracentrum Teuge

As in past years, there will be coaches. We are talking to some of the finest on the planet. Stefan Heuser has confirmed he is coming. Stefan coached at the first and second edition of CF Spektakel. We are happy to have him back! His style is best suited to coach more experienced and competitive jumpers. We have also thought of beginners and less fanatic jumpers. Tom Brand (German National champion sequential) has also confirmed (and why wouldn't he bring his teammate Peter Vohwinkel?). There will also be two heroes that helped us last year: Alan Fielding and Ian Marshall have confirmed. We are still talking to Mike Lewis.
We have once again managed to keep the registration fee low. Registration is 115 Euro (or around USD $100, give or take a few dollars because of fluctuating exchange rates).

Check out their web site for contact details and a registration form.

Happenings In the Land Down Under
Skydive Express, York, Western Australia - June 17-23, 2000

Jump for Joy and Help Sick Kids!
Would you like to help sick children by jumping out of a perfectly good airplane? You can have all that fun and support Western Australia's Princess Margaret Hospital for Children at the same time! Skydive Express in York, Western Australia, has a special event taking place on June 17 and 18, 2000! What they would like you to do is to fundraise a minimum of $300 any way you like. The more you raise, the more Princess Margaret Hospital for Children gets, so get in quick as places are filling fast!
To ensure yourself a spot, please call Jump for Joy at 61+ 9444-4199 to receive a registration and information form. Of course, there will be a party at the end of the day. You can even stay at the dropzone in York overnight.
Balloon Jumps at Skydive Express
Saturday, June 17, 2000, is also the prospective date set for balloon jumps at Skydive Express in York, Western Australia. This is the same day as the 'Jump for Joy' at York. The pilot is prepared to drop a maximum of 20 divers (no whuffo's - sorry.)
The balloon can take four to five divers per lift depending on weight. There needs to be a mix of heavier and lighter people - i.e. not a load of 'big boys'. One 'more experienced' skydiver should be in each balloon to help people with exit 'spots' etc. Each lift will take approximately 30 minutes in total from take off to exit height (hopefully 4,500 ft - 5,000 ft) and then to landing. Divers will be dropped one or two at a time as the balloon needs to be descending as skydivers exit, and will have to regain some height after each pair of divers exits. Lesser experienced divers will exit with a more experienced diver to help with off-DZ landing setups, etc.
Divers will follow the balloon in a bus as it tracks cross country, so the first lift will take off from the DZ, and after that, it will be wherever the balloon can set down. The divers who exit can be picked up by the bus as long as they don't stuff around and don't get lost. Landing close to a road would be good where possible but landing safely and having to walk beats an ambulance trip every time!
For more information, contact Heather at
Website: Skydive Express York

POPs Record System
by Pat Moorhead -

We know there are many POPS members who are unaware of the record system created by POPS Award Coordinator, Len Zak. Basically, Len referred to the FAI rules to design the POPS requirements. Here are a few (but not all) details:
A free certificate of accomplishment (nicely printed on parchment-type paper and suitable for display) is issued to any registered POPS/SOS member who has participated in a record skydive that is accomplished using only registered POPS or SOS members. The dropzone and/or sponsor also receives a certificate. This includes formation skydiving (nine or more), canopy formations, high altitude, night jumps and more. All POPS ladies dives are in a category also.
Certificates are issued for State, National, and World records. In some cases, a group can earn multiple recognition on one dive; for example, if they complete the largest canopy-stack record in Texas and it happens to be the largest POPS record listed, they will receive a certificate noting the state, national, and world record.
All records must be held for a minimum of 3 seconds, completed exactly as planned, no lurkers allowed to dock (in fact, not allowed in the air geeking) and must be confirmed by a clear photograph showing the formation. Many skydivers never get the chance to participate in record attempts, but Len Zak, POPS awards coordinator, also will issue free cards and numbers to POPS and SOS members who have been in a formation of eight or larger.
And, if you want, you can buy a patch that indicates what eight-way (or larger) formation you were on. Requirements are looser then those for records. Zak will furnish further requirements and application forms. Contact him for details at
Has anyone thought about making a POPS Freefly formation? Must be nine or more to establish a record. Not sure if the category exists- but wouldn't it be fun? Ya wanna be the first? Contact Len Zak to see if it would be a new category - now that you young'n's are getting older - and doin' what we did 30 years ago unintentionally.
Pat Moorhead, SOS [Skydivers Over Sixty] #1

For more events see Page 2  

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