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There are always special events on the drop zones world wide. We'll try to figure them out for you and post them here. We also like to publish your stories and impressions of events, you just have to write them down and send them to us. Check back often, we'll update this page whenever we get the news.

[Updated: June 26, 2000]                              Page 2 - for more events see Page 1

NEW!  Skydive University RW Skills Camp
           July 1-4, 2000 at Skydive Orange, Virginia

This 4 to 8 way skills improvement camp, run by Skydive University Instructor Stephan Lipp, will help elevate your RW performance whether you are an advanced, intermediate or novice jumper.
Included in the camp are:
*Evening (or weather hold) seminars such as "Body Flight Mechanics" and "How to
 Enter/Fly a Formation."
*team coaching with video brief and debrief
*large group coaching
*one-on-one coaching for novices
The camp will be held regardless of will be a weekend well spent regardless of air time. The registration fee is $30/day or $75 for all four days.
Cost of jumps will be:
4 way with ground brief and video debrief: $25
3-on-one with video: $35
one-on-one with video: $70
Slots are limited, so pre-registration is encouraged though not mandatory.

NEW!  4-Way Skills Camp

Gold Coast Skydivers in Mississippi will be hosting a 4-Way skills camp on Saturday, July 1, 2000, the beginning of their 4 day July 4th Boogie. They have 3 team leaders (more if they need them) that have volunteered their time and expertise to help develop flying skills for their younger jumpers. The groups will be divided according to experience levels. They would like a 5 jump committment from participants. Each jump will be video taped for debriefing purposes.
The cost will be $25 per jump, which includes the team leader slot and videographer slot. Participants will register with manifest at 10:00 am Saturday morning. Depending on the success of each group, they may be able to combine some groups for 8 Way or even 12 Way formations. Your team leader will make that determination. Go take advantage of this offer and learn some truly valuable RW lessons.
They will be open from Saturday, July 1st through Tuesday July 4th. Jumps (other than team jumps) are $15 to 14,000 feet with no registration fee. For more information call Mike Igo at (800) 796-7117

Gonna-Be Day" at Harvey Field in Snohomish, WA
June 16-18, 2000

Snohomish Parachute Center and the Seattle Skydivers will host a skills camp, known as "Gonna-Be Day", at 9AM on Saturday, June 24 at Harvey Field, Snohomish, WA. Featured jump plane will be a Cessna Caravan.
This event, in which highly-skilled and experienced jumpers volunteer their time to help hone the skills of those less knowledgable of advanced skydiving techniques and methods, takes place near the start of the skydiving season each year at Harvey. This year, airfield owner Candy Harvey is sponsoring the visit of a Cessna Caravan, on loan for the weekend from Kapowsin Sky Sports.
There is no fee for the event. An evening barbecue follows, which is free for Seattle Skydivers members, and is $5 for non-members. Local jumpers in Puget Sound as well as visitors to the area are encouraged to attend the meet.

Freefly Coaching with Max Cohen
June 16-18, 2000

Skydive Orange in Virginia brings you Max Cohn of Generation Freefly for "MAXimum Orange". Freefly Coaching (included in registration), seminars, tracking jumps, tube jumps and big ways from their Twin Otter. Registration fee is $20 in advance or $30 during the event. For more info or registration please email

"Crazy CRW Weekend" in Perris
June 17-18, 2000

Perris Valley Skydiving in California is hosting a "Crazy CRW Weekend" June 17-18 for beginning and advanced CRW jumpers. For the beginner, CRW gold medalist Jerry McCauley and Bret Townley will be doing one-on-one jumps teaching canopy control and CRW disciplines. Rusty Vest will be on hand from Performance Designs, providing expert input as well as PD Lightning canopies in all sizes. For the advanced CRW dogs, Cheryl Michaels will be organizing fun and ambitious big-ways. For the more daring, night CRW jumps are planned. Jumps will cost $16 to 11,500 feet with no boogie fee.

USPA Basic Instructors Course
July 8-9, 2000

There will be a USPA Basic Instructors Course July 8-9, 2000, at Skydive Dallas, Whitewright, TX. Jerry Schrimsher will be the course director. A $50.00 registration fee should be sent in as soon as possible so the course can be planned. There may be a slight additional fee depending on course expenses. BIC course/study material can be ordered directly from the USPA. If you plan on taking this course, materials must be ordered soon as it may take a few weeks to receive them.
A Basic Instructors Course is a sharing experience. The only requirement to attend are a USPA "B" license and the desire to learn to teach. It is the first step along the USPA instructional path. You are not graded on your skydiving ability or knowledge. No matter what your experience level is, you will learn at the course. Even if you do not currently expect to get a USPA instructional rating, this course will help your skydiving. The most important person in the sport is the instructor--without them the sport would die. The best way to learn is to teach and share your knowledge!
For more information contact Jerry Schrimsher, 1315 Cheyenne Drive, Richardson, TX, 75080, Telephone: (972) 783-8947; Fax: (972) 783-8555; Cell: (214) 232-1357 (Jerry normally does not use email.)

Style and Accuracy Skills Camp
July 8-9, 2000

Style and accuracy competitor Nancy LaRiviere is organizing a Skills Camp July 8-9, 2000, at Pepperell Skydiving Center in Massachusetts. The camp will focus on canopy control skills with some RW jumps planned. Cost is $40 plus jumps. Contact the DZ at (508)433-9222.

Freefly Coaching

There will be Freefly Coaching at Skydive San Marcos in Texas on May 12-14. They are going to have John Matthews from Total Body Pilot in Z-Hills in for the weekend for coaching. John will be there for one on one coaching, team coaching and even some big way fun jumps. For any questions on the event and rates for coaching contact Bryan Moffett at or call 1-800-229-2379.

Orly King will be at East Texas Skydiving Club in Gladewater, Texas, June 9-11, 2000. He will be offering discounted coaching jumps and a seminar. Since it will be their one-year anniversary under new ownership, they plan on having one hell of a party and everyone is welcome!

For more events see Page 1   

For Events in Europe see the German edition of "skyXtreme"
or the worldwide calendar on Skydive World.

Events in America - June 2000
Date Event Club/Drop Zone Homepage
02.06. - 04.06. Freefly Camp and
World Record Training
Skydive Chicago
Ottawa, Illinois, USA
02.06. - 04.06. Strong Tandem Instructor
Certification Course
Skydive Dallas
Whitewright, Texas, USA
09.06. - 10.06. Basic Instructional Course Skydive Illinois
Morris, Illinois, USA
09.06. - 11.06. High Altitude Jumps SkyDance Skydiving
Davis, California, USA
10.06. - 11.06. Vector Tandem Instructor
Certification Course
Skydive Houston
Waller, Texas, USA
09.06. - 11.06. Basic Instructional Course Skydive California City
California, USA
11.06. - 11.06. Ranch 60 Way Team Try-Out #2 The Ranch Parachute Club
Gardiner, New York, USA
17.06. - 25.06. Arizona Airspeed Skills Camp AerOhio Skydiving Center
Rittman, Ohio, USA
22.06. - 25.06. Airspeed 4 Way Team Training The Ranch Parachute Club
Gardiner, New York, USA
22.06. - 25.06. Monkey Claw Freefly Camp Skydive Cross Keys
Williamstown, New Jersey, USA
24.06. - 25.06. Focus 4 Camp SkyDance Skydiving
Davis, California, USA
24.06. - 02.07. AFF Certification Course Carolina Sky Sports
Louisburg, North Carolina, USA

Events worldwide - June 2000
Date Event Club/Drop Zone Homepage
12.06. - 18.06. Instructor "B" and "D" Course Ripcord Skydivers
Gatton SQ, Australia

For Events in Europe see the German edition of "skyXtreme"
or the worldwide calendar on Skydive World.

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