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What would a skydiver's life be without all those great boogies and meets around the world? Let us show you the special ones every month and some great Drop Zones around the world.
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SUSA-Palooza and "Concepts Unlimited"
by Chuck Akers, DZO Skydive USA

Come to "SUSA-Palooza" July 7 through 9 at Skydive USA in Wharton, Texas! World famous RW organizer Roger Ponce will be organizing "Concepts Unlimited" all weekend. Organizing high quality skydives up to 50+ ways. Legendary SUSA party Saturday night (with the legendary SUSA ladies, of course). Fun jumpers welcome. Organizing for all skill levels.
Dates - Friday, July 7 through Sunday, July 9, 2000
Aircraft - Super Otter and CASA!
Skydives - HOT big-ways with Roger, video, organized smaller groups (we try to look after the young guys too, ya know).
Monster Party Saturday night with live band and all the usual libations (wait'll you see what the ladies can do with a 300 pound block of ice!)
We're not doing high pressure record attempt skydives. As with everything at Skydive USA, this event is for fun jumpers looking for high quality skydives without the militant attitude. If this is you, c'mon down! Save $5 by pre-registering by phone or e-mail before July 1st. Call Skydive USA at 281-561-JUMP or e-mail
(And watch for SUSA--Palooza II, coming July 27 - 30) Skydive hard, live easy!


SkyDive South Sask Caravan Boogie

Join Skydive South Saskatchewan on the prairies for what promises to be a great opportunity to meet, jump and party with the Flat-Landers in the Land Of Wide Open Spaces and Living Skies. SkyDive South Saskatchewan, in conjunction with the Sport Parachute Association Of Saskatchewan, is hosting a Caravan Boogie from June 8 to 11, 2000, at the Moose Jaw Municipal Airport in Regina (Home Of SkyDive South Saskatchewan) 5 Km North Of Highway #1 (TransCanada) on Highway 301.
Cost of the boogie is CAN $25 entry fee (SPAS Membership CAN $15.00 is required). Entry fee also includes one supper meal. Jump cost is CAN $22 to 12,500 feet. (Yes, it's not a typo--CAN $22 to 12,500 feet!). There will be four-way and eight-way competitive events. Requirements for participation are an "A" license and a current CSPA membership.
Free camping accommodations are available for all. Food and lodging is approximately 18 km away. For further information call (306) 569-JUMP and leave a message or e-mail


Sixth Annual Boise Freefall Festival

Don't miss this Boogie! Snake River Skydiving will have Skydive Arizona's Skyvan coming on June 22 and stay until June 25th. They operate a private Drop Zone, with plenty of space to camp, park your trailer, or motor home. They will have organizers for all skill levels, and your $20 registration will also cover your dinner, beer, and live music on Saturday night. Did we mention STEAKS? Top Sirloin steaks done on the grill out on the covered dirt diving pad. They have plenty of shaded packing area, and lots of grass to pack in. They will be doing high altitude jumps to 20,000' for only $30 on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
This Boogie is held the same weekend as the Boise River Festival which features live music in the parks, food, parades, etc. The city of Boise puts on a great fireworks show on Sunday night. Bring the family as there is plenty to do in Boise during the Festival!
For further information, call 208-377-8111, or check out their web site.


King Air Boogie in New Mexico

A King Air Boogie will take place June 10-11 at Skydive New Mexico in Albuquerque. In addition to all of the fun jumping out of a King Air, they'll be attempting a new state Women's State Record, as well as some fun for all you POPS out there. Their dropzone is located at the base of the beautiful Sandia Mountains, which give you a breathtaking view in freefall.
They have Tandem instructors, video guys, load organizers, food, and a party and free beer on Saturday night. The boogie fee is $20. For more information visit their web site or email them at


Freefly Boogie in Ohio

There will be a Freefly Boogie June 10-11 at Pittsburgh Skydiving Center in Ohio. Sit, stand, back, head down, tracking, flocking, tube dives, big ways, small ways and everything in between. All experience levels are welcome! Sat night party- band, beer, bonfire, and who knows what else!


Caravan Boogie in Arkansas

Skydive Skyranch in Siloam Springs, Arkansas will have the Caravan out on June 24-25. They are also going to attempt the Arkansas State POPS Record. If you are a POP and want to participate, contact Wolf or Burl Baxter (D-317) at (888) 456-JUMP. The usual Protest Party on Saturday night (maybe dinner?) and Breakfast on Sunday Morning.
Jump tickets are still $17 and $13 in the 182's. There will be no registration fees. You do not need to be a pop to attend and jump. PuP's (Parachutists under Phorty) are welcome too!
The POPs guys will have to kick in a couple of bucks for the camera people slots on the record attempts. Make plans for a fun weekend.


Central Michigan Skydivers' Freefly Fest

Mark your calendars! The 1st Annual Freefly Fest will take place June 30 - July 2 at Central Michigan Skydivers in Mt. Pleasant. Greg Gasson, world champion cameraflyer for Chifumi Sakakibara, Dale Stuart, and Omar Alhegelan will be load organizing and coaching that weekend. Video will be available for all organized and coached jumps.
On Friday there will be a Freefly workshop with Greg, and on Saturday a Barbecue ($5) and prizes. Everybody welcome to attend. Even if you are not into freeflying- there will be plenty for you to do. Camping is allowed at Mt. Pleasant airport, although there is no shower available. Plenty of motels are nearby as well.
For more information check out

For Boogies in Europe see the German edition of "skyXtreme"
or the worldwide calendar on Skydive World.

Boogies in America - June 2000
Date Event Club/Drop Zone Homepage
02.06. - 04.06. CASA Boogie Skydive First
Crawfordsville, Indiana, USA
03.06. - 04.06. Speed Boogie Skydive Pennsylvania
Mercer, Pennsylvania, USA
03.06. - 04.06. Crazy CRW Weekend Perris Valley Skydiving
California, USA
08.06. - 11.06. June Fest Boogie Skydive Delmarva
Laurel, Delaware, USA
08.06. - 11.06. Caravan Boogie 2000 Skydive South Saskatchewan
Regina, SK, Canada
09.06. - 11.06. Hillbilly Boogie Freefall Express
Mt. Vernon, Missouri, USA
10.06. - 11.06. CASA Boogie Chicagoland Skydiving
Aurora, Illinois, USA
10.06. - 11.06. Freefly Boogie Pittsburgh Skydiving Center
Lemont, Ohio, USA
10.06. - 11.06. Jumpin' Jack Flash Boogie Illinois Valley Parachute Club
Minier, Illinois, USA
10.06. - 12.06. Balloon Jumps Skydive Houston
Waller, Texas, USA
15.06. - 18.06. All-American Boogie SkyDance Skydiving
Davis, California, USA
16.06. - 18.06. Keys Boogie Skydive Sebastian
Florida, USA
16.06. - 18.06. Summer Solistic Celebration Adventure Aviation Skydiving
Wasilla, Alaska, USA
17.06. - 18.06. Grand Caravan Weekend Skydive Iowa
Brooklyn, Iowa, USA
16.06. - 18.06. CASA Weekend - 50-Ways
Wing Suite Instructions
Skydive Illinois
Morris, Illinois, USA
23.06. - 25.06. Boise Freefall Festival Snake River Skydiving
Boise, Idaho, USA
23.06. - 25.06. Super Otter Boogie Cleveland Parachute Center
Garrettsville, Ohio, USA
23.06. - 25.06. Free-Fly-Film-Festival Skydive New England
Lebanon, Main, USA
24.06. - 24.06. Skydivers for Multiple
Sclerosis Fundraiser
Chicagoland Skydiving
Aurora, Illinois, USA
24.06. - 25.06. Parachute Council Meet
4-way & Freeflying
Skydive The Point
Westpoint, Virginia, USA
24.06. - 26.06. $14 to 14,000 ft
Twin Otter
World Skydiving Center
Lake Wales, Florida, USA
30.06. - 01.07. Canadian Invasion Skydive New England
Lebanon, Main, USA
30.06. - 02.07. 4th of July Boogie AerOhio Skydiving Center
Rittman, Ohio, USA
30.06. - 04.07. 4th of July Casa Boogie Carolina Sky Sports
Louisburg, North Carolina, USA
30.06. - 04.07. Flyboyz Freefly Film Festival Perris Valley Skydiving
California, USA

Boogies worldwide - June 2000
Date Event Club/Drop Zone Homepage
03.06. - 05.06. Caravan Boogie Skydive Express York
York, WA, Australia

For Boogies in Europe see the German edition of "skyXtreme"
or the worldwide calendar on Skydive World.

For more boogies see Page 1

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