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Here you can find the latest news, which will reach us during the current month. Short and crunchy. Got news? Mail'm!
 [Updated: February 14, 2000]


  • New Aerial Focus Video [new]
  • Open House - Skydive Spaceland [new]
  • Altered Ego Pictures
  • Databases
  • Competition Formation Skydiving
  • News from OmniSkore
  • Skydive Delmarva
  • "Pro Pass" at Skydive Chicago
  • New FAI President
  • FAI Competition Rules
  • News from Skydive USA [new]
  • New: "Jumper Airlines" [new]
  • Family Big Way in England
  • Constellation to Quincy
  • FAI ratified world records [updated]
  • Aerial Dynamics
  • Jumplog Software
  • Staff wanted [updated]
  • Stolen Gear
  • New Video of the 1999 World Freefall Convention

    Aerial Focus is pleased to announce that the video for the 1999 World Freefall Convention has been completed and will now be shipped. The premier screening was at Perris Valley, Saturday, February 12, and they folks were thrilled. Check out their website for more information.

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    Open House at Skydive Spaceland

    Skydive Spaceland will open one week early for its open house. They will be hosting a tandem certification course and cross training for the stunts/icarus tandem system at reduced rates. Tandem certification starts Friday February 25 and the first load will take off February 26 at 8:00 a.m. This is a great chance to be on the very first load over Houstons newest extreme sports facility.

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    Altered Ego Pictures

    Ever wonder what those (w)rec(k).skydivers are *really* like? Here is a new website to show you the posters of the rec.skydivng newsgroup in their true state of mind. Check out to see the altered ego pictures of the newsgroup's celeberties like Snuffy, Peanut, Charlene, Ann Poblenz, Jimbo, Espen, George Rabe, Mike Spurgeon and many more. And even the picture hanging queen from hell, Jan Davis herself, looks evily at you. If you would like your picture included, be brave and send Jan a photo in jpeg format that she can alter. There are no satisfaction guarantees on alterations.... this ain't K-Mart ya know!

    [Back to Index] Databases

    Murphy has visited Their ISP had technical difficulties and in their misery managed to delete large numbers of the files. The sections on Sangiro's site which were affected the most are listed below. If you have (had?) listings in these you may want to drop in and check/renew them:

    Dropzone Classifieds (All listings deleted)

    Events Calendar (All listings deleted)

    Global Skydivers Database (All listings after Dec 17,1999 deleted)

    Reserve Repack Reminders (All listings Deleted)

    Please enter yourself to the database again. Sangiro will continue to try and work with his ISP to see if he can roll these files back. He apologizes for the inconvenience.

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    Competition Formation Skydiving

    Work on the new Competition Formation Skydiving website is progressing! The team database now has about 120 4, 8, and 16 way teams registered from around the world, with contact details for most.

    The Coaches listing has been updated -- now has a listing of world-class FS coaches, including Solly Williams, Toby Stafford, Manu Ars and Kurt Gaebel. Most are willing to check it out for your next training camp. Oh, and if you are an FS coach, register through the site to advertise your details to the FS community.

    As part of what they hope to become a regular Features section, has spoken to Lise Aune of the 'DeLand Norgies', the 4-way team who recently claimed third place at the 1999 World Meet. Lise discusses competition and the Norgie's plans for 2000.

    In addition, there is the regularly updated News section to keep you updated with the latest in FS worldwide.

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    News from OmniSkore

    Tim Wagner from OmiSkore is no longer working full time for Skydive Arizona, although he will continue working with the DZ on a consulting basis.

    Alan Metni has announced the 2000 schedule for America's Cup. Look for a complete listing of all 2000 competitions at the OmniSkore web site within a few days. OmniSkore will again be supporting all of the America's Cup competitions.

    The NSL -- -- has added the new Southwest Skydiving League -- -- under the direction of Graham Harding. Contact Graham at for more information. OmniSkore will most likely be used at all six of the Southwest Skydiving League events.

    The OmniSkore website will be undergoing significant renovation in the coming weeks. They will welcome any suggestions, feedback, comments etc. about the site. Anything new you would like added? Removed? Let them know!

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    Skydive DelMarVa

    Skydive DelMarVa is planning great things for the new millenium. The Otter is finalized and they are improving facillities and planning for a kick-ass season.

    Here are a few highlights:

    Concrete covered creeper area with video debrief area
    Improved student training areas and facillities
    Rigging loft (AKA Keith's Cave)
    Gear store
    Electric hook-ups in the camping area
    Lighted covered packing
    Party Deck
    Improved game room with video games and air conditioning
    Organizers for low time and advanced RW jumpers
    Larger Packing staff
    Discount weekday jumps

    They are always looking for the best experienced staff. If you are looking to enjoy the next millenium Skydiving try the East Coast's most progressive DZ and give them a call at 302-875-3540 or 888-875-3540.

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    "Pro Pass" at Skydive Chicago

    Skydive Chicago has introduced the "Pro Pass" for hardcore jumpers at its busy DZ. The pass costs $30 per day but entitles the holder to $10 skydives; jumps are normally $17 each. The customer begins to save money on his fifth jump; a Pro Pass holder will have paid $80 for all five jumps while others will have paid $85. Making 10 jumps knocks the average price down to $13. "It's your decision to purchase $17 jumps or go for the gambler's choice and purchase a Pro Pass," the DZ announced, adding, "No bitching, no whining and no refunds."

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    New FAI President

    Claude Gillard of Australia [] stepped down as president of the FAI Parachuting Commission (IPC) after six years of service in that position. The new president is BJ Worth so we can look forward to good things from the IPC in the future.

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    FAI Competition Rules

    Following the meeting of the FAI Parachuting Commission (IPC), the competition rules for the year 2000 for the various parachuting disciplines are being made available on the FAI Web Site at

    For the moment the following documents have been published:

    - 2000 competition rules for freestyle skydiving, skysurfing and Freeflying
    - 2000 competition rules for canopy formation

    The competition rules for the other disciplines, as well as the 2000 edition of Section 5 of the FAI Sporting Code, will be added to the web site in the near future.

    A report is now available from the Formation Skydiving Committee of the FAI Parachuting Commission, explaining the changes made to the competition rules for the year 2000. This document also reports on the Annual Meeting of the FAI Parachuting Commission from the committee's perspective.

    The document can be found at at

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