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On this monthly page we feature whatever you can think of or what you might suggest to us. These suggestions can be about people, teams, drop zones, software, books, videos, games, and...and...

Flying Eyes Productions

39 year old Paul "Oscar" Oczkowski of Lorton, VA, is Flying Eyes Productions. Oscar started skydiving in 1985, and has since completed over 4000 jumps including over 2300 camera jumps. He was also an AFF and Static line instructor. Oscar's footage has aired on The George Michaels Sports Machine and the CBS Evening News with Dan Rather as well as various local television stations.

Flying Eyes Productions
Flying Eyes Productions He has also shot freefall footage for an instructional tape for the Virginia Department of Education, and filmed the Flying ELVI demonstration team for Anheiser-Busch Entertainment. His photos have been published in USA Today, Richmond Times, Washington Post as well as in other local newspapers. Oscar's web site has some great photos of big ways and provides a good look at this photographer/cinematographer's work.

Photos © Flying Eyes Productions


Skydive Spaceland Opening in March

For many months now, Steve Boyd and Frank Bantle have been building what some already call "The Dropzone of the Millennium". Skydive Spaceland will be located in Pearland in Brazoria County, 25 miles south of downtown Houston, Texas, on 130 acres of improved land which was previously cow pasture. It is clearly a monumental undertaking that these two guys have tasked themselves with. They have cleared and bladed land.

Skydive Spaceland
go there ...
This resort type dropzone will have first class facilities which will include a 14,000 square foot airplane hanger, 8000 square foot air conditioned office complex, and a 3400 foot runway. The ground there is tough and the dry weather has not been helping them in the way of grass growth, so they are putting in an irrigation system to ensure their (future) grass runway is always plush.

The office complex includes manifest, pro shop, video editing, restrooms (with private showers and dressing rooms), large training rooms, and a 2600 square foot air-conditioned and carpeted packing room. Phase 2 of the construction work will begin this summer and will include a restaurant, swimming pool, and RV park.

Skydive Spaceland It doesn't matter what discipline of skydiving your involved in, you're welcome there! The dropzone will be operating at least one Super Otter and C-182, and they will bring in other air crafts as needed. Lift tickets to 13,500 feet will cost $17.

Equipment purchases and aircraft procurement plans are well established and when this DZ opens, all it will need is clientele and staffing to handle the workload of their promising future!

Check out their website at to see how things are going. Steve and Frank invite all to come and visit and view the construction. If you are interested, let them know and they will give you directions. You can contact them by phone at (713)436-2317 and by email at

Mailing List of "The Sporting Skydivers Club of WA"

There's a a new mailing list for all those interested in Skydiving in Western Australia. If you skydive in Western Australia, or have an interest in what the "Sporting Skydivers Club of Western Australia" (SSCWA) is doing, then join their electronic community.

The SSCWA is a group of skydivers that does not operate a dropzone and does not, in itself, conduct student operations. The Sporting Skydivers Club of WA exists to provide WA skydivers with a means of communicating with one another and promoting the sport, and its wide range of activities, within the state.

The aims and objectives of SSCWA are:

  • Organize and support special skydiving events.
  • Foster and promote skydiving within the broader community.
  • Promote good communications and relations with all WA drop zones and skydivers throughout the state.
  • Provide skydivers with a representative voice on the State Council.
  • Promote the Code of Ethics as held by the APF.

The mailing list is intended to support the aims and objectives of SSCWA. You can subscribe by sending an email to or via the web at

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