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Venezuela Boogie 2000
Jump for Venezuela

Exotic Sky Adventures which has been organizing Tropical Boogies since 1992 at different exotic locations in the world is organizing another Tropical Boogie from February 21 until March 5, 2000 at Higuerote, 140 km west of Caracas in Venezuela. They will provide a full program of fun-filled, top- class skydiving days and entertaining evenings.
In conjunction with their Boogie activities, Exotic Sky Adventures will organize a humanitarian action called "Jump for Venezuela" which is intended to the welfare of the victims of the recent disaster that has "hit" Venezuela.
In order to help the victims of that disaster, ESA will follow a 3 point program:
1. All Boogie participants will bring with them donations such as clothing, toys, food and any other material goods that will be appropriate to the Venezuelan population in need.
2. ESA will organize a tombola with major prizes, and the benefits of that tombola will go to the Venezuelan Red Cross or other relief organizations to be announced.
3. ESA will contribute to the relief organizations medical supplies as well as a portion of the profit from the skydiving jumps that will be made while in Higuerote.
They hope to have substantial media coverage for the "Jump for Venezuela" cause and, above all, they will be honored to play a small role in the rehabilitation and welfare of the victims of that disaster.
Suggestions, help and ideas are welcome. Please email ESA at skydive@exoticskyadventures.com. Larry Henderson will handle the logistics and coordination of the humanitarian action.

Cypres Giveaway

Skydive San Marcos in Texas is happy to announce a new program they call the "Brad Slager Memorial Cypres Fund". The way it works is this: 25 cents from every jump ticket purchased goes to an account earmarked for purchase of a Cypres AAD. When funds allow, a winner will be drawn from all purchased jump tickets.
The catch is the winner MUST own a rig and NOT have an AAD installed. In addition, the Cypres will not belong to the winning person but will still belong to the Brad Slager Cypres Fund. If the winner should decide to get out of the sport, sell their rig, or just decide they no longer have use for the AAD, Skydive San Marcos will uninstall it, draw another name, and give somebody else the use of an AAD at no cost to them under the same stipulations.
After the loss of one of their very good friends involved in a midair collision, the management and all of the jumpers at Skydive San Marcos feel that this is a way to keep Brad's name and picture of an ever-smiling face fresh in their minds and to show their support for a safer sport.


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