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What would a skydiver's life be without all those great boogies and meets around the world? Let us show you the special ones every month and some great Drop Zones around the world.
   [Updated: February 1, 2000]          Page 3 - For more boogies see Page 1 and Page 2

Freefly Xtravaganza - Skydive Elsinore, CA
March 2-5, 2000

Join Psycho Cirkus for their Freefly Xtravaganza at Skydive Elsinore, CA. An outrageously fun, "no-stress" intermediate freefly competition with cash prizes, and a fun-filled 4-day Boogie with load organizing will be waiting for you. There will be headdown and sit bigways, tracking, flocking, swooping and speed competitions. Overall a guaranteed overdose of pure freeflying fun followed by a two-night party with great music, food and free beer.

Visit their website for more detailed information on rules, events, entry fees and boogie fees at

Pull My Finger Bayou Boogie
February 25-27, 2000

Aero Resources in Gonzales, Louisiana will have a CASA on February 25-27 and and they will host the first ever: "Pull my finger bayou boogie". It will include competitions such as "Hit and Fart Accuracy" and Beavis and Butthead imitations. They will have a live band, free beer, and free red beans and rice. For more information send an email to

Grand Canyon Boogie

Plans are being made for a Grand Canyon Boogie this summer by Arizona Aero-Sports in Chandler, Arizona. The location will provide a 1,500-foot freefall below the rim of the world's largest hole prior to deployment. All jumps will be from helicopters provided by a local tourist flight company. For more information call the DZ at (602) 855-6555 or send an email to Tom Talbott at


For Boogies in Europe see the German edition of "skyXtreme"

Boogies in America - February 2000
Date Event Club/Drop Zone Homepage
04.02. - 06.02. USPA Board of Directors Meeting Phoenix
Arizona, USA
06.02. - 08.02. USPA DZ Operator's Conference Phoenix
Arizona, USA
10.02. - 20.02. Valentine's Day and
Air Force Boogie
Skydive El Portillo
Samana, Dominican Republic
12.02. - 13.02. $ 99 Boogie Skydiving Center
Marana, Arizona, USA
12.02. - 13.02. Freeze Fest Boogie Skydive Cross Keys
Williamstown, New Jersey, USA
12.02. - 13.02. Valentine's Boogie Skydive Sebastian
Florida, USA
12.02. - 14.02. Valentine's Day Boogie Skydive Daytona Beach
Florida, USA
16.02. - 20.02. Rec.Skydive Boogie #2 Skydive Sebastian
Florida, USA
16.02. - 05.03. Tropical Boogie
Higuerote, Venezuela
Exotic Sky Adventures
Eloy, Arizona, USA
18.02. - 20.02. 2000 PIA Meeting Radisson Hotel, San Antonio, Texas, USA Homepage
19.02. - 21.02. Perris Luv Fest Perris Valley Skydiving
California, USA

For more boogies see Page 1 and Page 2

Paragliding- and
Skydiving School
Ucman Ltd. - Ankara Uçman Ltd.
Ankara, Turkey

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