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Monthly Notes from the Editors
Welcome to the fifth issue of skyXtreme!

The dawning of the New Millennium around the world went off without incident as skydivers from far and near celebrated with special jump events around the globe. Check out this edition's 'Your Stories' section for a vividly descriptive and evocative rendition of one skydiver's New Year's Eve jump experience.

On a more serious note, a hot topic in the sport of skydiving is the use (or not) of the Cypres device. Strong opinions abound on both sides both pro and con. In this issue's 'safety news' we feature all the latest news there is to know on this controversial but life-saving device.

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Lastly, we wish to thank all you wonderful skydivers out there for your wonderful, delightful contributions to this e-zine. Please keep them coming! Your stories and content are what make skyXtreme the special 'zine it is!

Blue skies and safe landings !

@nne heck
Trisha Riga


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