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What would a skydiver's life be without all those great boogies and meets around the world? Let us show you the special ones every month and some great Drop Zones around the world.
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Rec.Skydiving Boogie - Skydive Sebastian, FL
February 16 - 20, 2000 - by rita

I hope lots of folks make it to the rec.skydiving boogie at Skydive Sebastian in Florida this month. It's one of the few opportunities we all have to put faces to the names and get to know one another on a more personal level than we are able to do here online. A boogie such as this one provides an opportunity for jumpers of varying levels to get together, in a nice environment where fun is the order of the day.

No matter what your jump numbers, abilities, or achievements in the sport, there is something for you at a boogie such as this one. In fact, even non-jumpers have a great time since there is much socializing on the ground and, in fact, that's where the emphasis tends to get placed at a boogie such as this one.

While we had about 25 or so people attend last year, those people were of varying experience levels, and had differing ideas of what constitutes a good jumping weekend.

Some folks were relatively new to the sport and wanted to spend the weekend picking up some good RW skills. They immediately paired off with the folks from Skydive U and made what, for them, were some of the best jumps of their lives that weekend.

Photo © Keith Larrett
Some folks were still on student status and wanted to work on their AFF progressions. Plenty of instructors were available to help them achieve those goals. Others wanted to do tandems and Sebastian had a very nice selection of very capable, not to mention cute tandem masters to make that happen for them.

Then there were the serious folks, the ones who had mega jumps in their logbooks, and even those who just wanted to have some new experiences to take home ... experiences that included bigger "ways" than they had ever been on before. Martin Evans provided those opportunities and those particular individuals left at the end of the boogie accomplishing a lot and leaving me shaking my head in amazement "Jeez, almost anything is possible, isn't it?"

Then, finally, there were those folks like myself who just wanted no pressure ... fun ... "who gives a shit if it turns into a zoo?" skydives. We were paired with one of Martin's very capable organizers for a series of skydives designed to be simple in their goals, and loads of fun in their execution. As long as we stayed safe, that was the only concern. I did some of the best skydiving of my life that weekend and enveloped in an environment centered on fun, I did more than I would have ever thought possible for me in freefall, stretching the limits of my abilities, limits that wouldn't have cut it for the more advanced dives of Martin's group but left me feeling quite satisfied on the smaller three-ways our group was performing.

The point is that the rec.skydiving boogie, unlike most others, is a boogie people go to simply to meet and to enjoy the company of others who we only get to socialize electronically with during the rest of the year. The focus of this boogie is more on fun than on skydiving. It merely takes place at a dz because skydiving is the one over-riding thing we have in common, and making a few jumps is a great way to supplement a weekend of simply great socializing.

Photo © Keith Larrett
For this reason, the fact that many of us never shared a jump with each other the entire weekend didn't dampen the enjoyment each of us got out of it. The fact that it rained for two days of last year's boogie also didn't matter, because we didn't waste that time, we enjoyed it as we enjoyed the company of each other and our fine hosts at Skydive Sebastian.
So, please ... why not join us this year? I promise, you won't regret it. If money is an issue, the dz has plenty of camping, and Florida is certainly not out of driving range of many of the eastern and central parts of the U.S. And, for those living further out, on the west coast or beyond, good airfare deals can be had. Trust me, whatever you spend to get there will be money you'll be glad to have spent. You'll have the time of your life, and it will be a weekend you'll talk about for years.

Email me at or Bill Flynn at and let us know you'll join us. If you have any special needs, transport from the airport to the dz, someone to share a room or a rental car with, etc., we can probably pair you up with someone. Seems we got everyone taken care of last year, no reason it can't be done again this one.

Blue skies ... and hope to see you there ... in fact, I'll be looking forward to it! --rita

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