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There are always special events on the drop zones world wide. We'll try to figure them out for you and post them here. We also like to publish your stories and impressions of events, you just have to write them down and send them to us. Check back often, we'll update this page whenever we get the news.
 [Updated: February 1, 2000]                   Page 1 - for more events see Page 2 and Page 3

Daytona 5000 Canopy Challenge
March 20-25, 2000

Flexvision Products, Skydive Daytona Beach, Skydiving.Com and WHOG 95.7 have come together to produce the Daytona 5000 Canopy Challenge. The concept comes from the initiatives taken by Big Sky Productions (Blade Running) and the Blue Sky Ranch (Pond Swooping Nationals).

Skydive Daytona Beach
© Skydive Daytona Beach
The "5000", designed by Lyle Presse, is dedicated in attempting to add a situation that allows us to take advantage of the skilled competitors, industry participation and high spectator value of the event to run several days of canopy control seminars, equipment discussions, etc. basic information and education sharing.

To be followed by a really fun and potentially profitable ($5000 prize money) beach swoop competition and some memorable beach parties during Florida's Spring Break.

Dates for the seminars: March 20-24 and for the cash meet: March 24-26.

Monday March 20th:
Introductory dives and exercises.
Evening Seminar: Skydiving Equipment (as it relates to main canopies and piloting situations).

Tuesday March 21st:
Skydive University starts with the basics using their Skydive 150 training program.
Well known canopy pilots on hand all day.
Evening Seminar: To focus on pre-planning techniques that can save you, plus unusual landings. Dedicated to my great friend Israel Pinchevski, and all our fallen brothers.

Wednesday March 22nd:
More advanced and detailed exercises. Several coaches. Landings on video. Evening Seminar: Mass video debriefing. How to handle and Survive High Performance Canopies!

Thursday March 23rd:
Sponsors Day. Raffle. Games. Fun.
Intermediate Challenge (lots of great skydiving prizes) "Safe Course" Qualifying Rounds: Any applicant not yet accepted in the cash event gets a chance to earn a slot by impressing the judges with their good sense and safe, accurate flying.
Evening Seminar: How to attend a great Bonfire Party!

Friday March 24th:
Individual debriefings. Strengths and weakness identification, corrective measures. Direction and guidance for future advancement and goal achievement. Cash meet starts!
Evening Seminar: Future of the canopies in the sport, training and equipment procedures?

Saturday March 25th:
Cash meet continues and goes large for a 4 hour show with expected crowds of several hundred spring breakers. High visibility moment for the sport. Awards Ceremony, Cash Prizes Awarded, Banquet.
Evening Seminar: Traditional Skydiver Celebration - Live Band, Beer, Celebrate Our Achievements!

Sunday 26th: Rain Date (if necessary).

Sponsors, competitors and seminar attendees are showing an incredible interest, and we are expecting this to be a truly great event. Registration for the training has not been determined as yet, registration for the cash event is $50. For further information contact:

Lyle Presse Flexvision Products & Services by email at or phone at (561) 589-2878

For more events see Page 2 and Page 3  

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