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There are always special events on the drop zones world wide. We'll try to figure them out for you and post them here. We also like to publish your stories and impressions of events, you just have to write them down and send them to us. Check back often, we'll update this page whenever we get the news.
 [Updated: February 1, 2000]                   Page 2 - for more events see Page 1 and Page 3

Canopy Camp at Skydive Lake Wales, Florida
February 25-27, 2000

Kansas jumper Becky Welch announced plans to host a canopy formation camp for Flight Concepts International Prodigy canopy formation enthusiasts at Skydive Lake Wales in Florida. This camp is for experienced canopy formation jumpers only and the group will not be hosting a novice camp. There might be scheduled some 4-way canopy competition events too.

The large canopy formation group Diamond Quest has hosted camps at the central Florida DZ for the last two winters, and Welsh has organized them. However, she emphasizes that this is not a Diamond Quest camp. She picked Lake Wales again, because she says the DZ has been a good host and has a huge landing area where jumpers may land in the event of a bad spot. DZ owner Betty Kabeller also offered Welch's group $15 jumps for the camp. Interested jumpers can e-mail Becky Welch at


Texas POPS Record attempts

Skydive San Marcos in Texas is happy to announce that they will be hosting the Texas POPS state record attempts this summer. The Purple Tail Super Otter and a Super Casa will fly with possibly a third plane. They will be contacting all of the current state record holders in the near future for there invitation. The current record is 41 and they will be focusing on a 55 to 60 way. The organizers are looking to have Cary Peck as the primary organizer along with Lew Sanborn as their guest. Feel free to contact them at if your up for this and not a current record holder.


Skydivers Unite for Safety - Winter Expo 2000
March 3 - 5, 2000

The Columbus School of Skydiving and ParaQuip Skydiving Systems have joined forces with Skydive Chicago and Active Wear to bring to you the most spectacular "Skydivers Unite for Safety" event yet.

During this event you will hear from the industries leading authorities on all aspects of the sport and have a chance to visit manufacturer booths for hands on demonstrations of all the latest and greatest products.

Some participating speakers include:
Glenn Bangs - USPA
Bill Booth - Relative Workshop
Denis Caravella - FAA
Frank Gattolin - NTSB
John Kallend - IIT
Scott Landorf - FAA
John LeBlanc - Performance Designs
and More...

Some participating manufacturers include:
Airtime - Tony Suits
Alti-2 Incorporated
EG Sky Technologies
Icarus Canopies
Performance Designs
Relative Workshop
Rigging Innovations
Sky Systems LTD
SSK Industries
Strong Enterprises
Sun Path Products, Inc.
Zute Sute
and More...

The "Skydivers Unite for Safety" Skydive Chicago Winter Expo 2000 is scheduled for March 3 - 5, 2000 at Skydive Chicago.

Registration is required! So Register Early! Skydive Chicago will be offering $10 Skydives to Experienced Jumpers Only! Organized Evening Activities (Extra Cost). The Registration Fee for this event is $25.00 and will allow you access to all Lectures and Safety Seminars and enables you to Register for Manufacturer Sponsored Door Prizes.

In the weeks prior to this event you can participate in courses designed to improve your skydiving credentials such as:

FAA Senior Riggers Certificate Course
Roger Nelson's Drop Zone Seminar
Vector Tandem Instructors Certification Course
USPA Basic Instructors Course (BIC)

Registration for these courses is required separately and additional fees apply.

Contact Skydive Chicago at 815-433-0000 (Ask for Jeanie) or by email at

For more events see Page 1 and Page 3

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