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Skydive Arizona's Valentines Money Meet
January 27 - 30, 2000

Skydive Arizonawould like to invite you to participate in the 17th annual Valentine's Money Meet to be held February 12 - 13, 2000. This has become one of the most successful skydiving competitions in the world with teams of all levels participating. Regardless of skill level, novice, intermediate, or open class events will challenge everyone. You can go home with some money if your team wins! And if you can't be there of course you can follow it online at OmniSkore.

Arizona Airspeed © Brent Finley
Photo © Brent Finley
The aircrafts will be Super Otters. The competition will feature live air-to-ground video and judging for all open teams. Teams will need to provide their own cameraman. The following is the information that Brent Finley posted in the rec.skydiving newsgroup.


Valentine's Day Meet - Important Info.
Brent Finley -

I have been asked again to organize the videographers for the V-day meet, but OFFICIALLY, there is NO POOL.

This has some ramifications.

1 - It's better off to bring your videographer even if you think they might bust you. The competition should be good experience for your team videographer.

2 - If you call the dz to get a name list of videographers who could film you, be prepared to have to pay a "fee" to retain them on top of your $15/per jump registration fee that the meet pays the videographer. If a videoflyer is in demand, he/she may hold out for the highest bidder, but then again if they underestimate the supply of good video, they may be out of work when round 1 comes...

3 - Because the pool has been eliminated, videographers will be dedicated to a team. If there is a shortage of videographers, meet management could conceed to bending the rules so that 2 teams could conceivably get one videographer between them and now the Manifest is left to ensure they don't schedule teams too close together.

4 - You just plain might not be able to get a videographer to film you if you show up expecting to "hook up" with one...

5 - Because a freelance videographer might have to take only one team (instead of work the pool hard and get 2 jumps per round) they will only get 1 jump in per round and make less money for the day. This will cause some travelling cameramen (from Perris Valley perhaps) to be less likely to come out since it's not worth the drive. This will add to the problem of not having enough videographers or cause "retainer fees" to go up (see point number 2).

6 - If your cameraman busts you on an exit. TOO Bad! He's your cameraman.

At the last nationals, the elimination of the POOL was discussed and many teams were not concerned since they were serious competition teams and have their own videoperson. Many casual teams were concerned that they could show up and be SOL because there were no pool guys. Well, that reality is here and I really really REALLY need anyone who is coming to Eloy for valentine's meet to email me their team details, if they have a videographer, who that person is, or if they need me to suggest someone.

If you are a videographer (and I know you or someone we both know can recommend you) I need to know if you're coming out or would be willing to come out if I put a team in contact with you to work out the details of you being their cameraman.

Teams - Send me: team name contact info, videographer name, or if pool camera desired. point average or competition class (open advanced beginner), number of jumps together or in 4-way.

Camera flyers- send me: your name, number of jumps, references, which competitions you filmed in. how many competition busts (just kidding! - I already know...It's on your PERMANENT RECORD).

Send it to or give me a call (480-855-7779).

I'm trying to avoid the impending crisis of the rules changing and nobody knowing anything about it...

Thanks, Brent Finley

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