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Here you can find the latest news, which will reach us during the current month. Short and crunchy. Got news? Mail'm!
 [Updated: February 14, 2000]


  • New Aerial Focus Video [new]
  • Open House - Skydive Spaceland [new]
  • Altered Ego Pictures
  • Databases
  • Competition Formation Skydiving
  • News from OmniSkore
  • Skydive Delmarva
  • Pro Pass at Skydive Chicago
  • New FAI President
  • FAI Competition Rules
  • News from Skydive USA [new]
  • New: "Jumper Airlines" [new]
  • Family Big Way in England
  • Constellation to Quincy
  • FAI ratified world records [updated]
  • Aerial Dynamics
  • Jumplog Software
  • Staff wanted [updated]
  • Stolen Gear
  • News from Skydive USA

    Skydive USA, near Houston, Texas, is now operating 7 days a week, flying our Super Twin Otter and Cessna 182. Jump hours are from Monday through Friday noon to dark (earlier by request), Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 8 am to dark. They have a full time AFF, Tandem, and video staff, and they offer private and group RW and Freefly coaching.

    Conveniently located just 35 minutes from the beltway, directly on Highway 59 in Wharton, Texas. Camping, hot showers, hotels and food are just 5 minutes away. The dropzone has indoor packing, huge landing area, 2 pea pits, video stations, full service rigging and gear sales. Call 281-561-JUMP for more information or visit their website.

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    New company "Jumper Airlines"

    Phil Haase, founder of Jumper Sportswear has formed a new company called Jumper Airlines. The company has purchased a 1988 Cessna Grand Caravan with a newly rebuilt 675 horse turbine engine. The Caravan will be flying at Drop Zones in Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, and Oklahoma. The company also has secured a contract to fly freight during the week. If you are interested in booking the plane for a weekend at your drop zone call (316)269-9110.

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    Family Big Way in England

    Arthur Gibson is planning a big way this summer at Netheravon in UK. The idea is to get as many parents and children on the dive. i.e. fathers and sons, mothers and daughters. He already has a 20-way. Anyone who wants to join them, please send Arthur an email at Netheravon will have their new Grand Caravan by Easter so with that plus three Islanders, there is scope for some fun! The ideal weekend fo this event is the early May Bank Holiday Monday with lots of practice on the Saturday and Sunday.

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    Constellation to Quincy

    The World Freefall Convention is considering having a Constellation from California at the 2000 Convention. This aircraft would be able to provide transportation to and from Quincy for up to 60 skydivers, and will leave from the Agoura, CA area. If you are interested, please email

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    FAI ratified world records

    FAI [Fédération Aéronautique Internationale] has ratified the following Class G (Parachuting) records:

    Claim number 6349:
    Sub-class G-2 (Group jumps)
    Performance / Team records
    General Category
    Type of record - G-2-C: Largest freefall formation
    Course/location: Ubon Rachathani (Thailand)
    Performance: 282 parachutists
    Parachutists: International team
    Date: 16.12.1999
    Previous record: 246 parachutists (26.07.98 - International team)

    Claim number 6233:
    Sub-class G-2 (Group jumps)
    Competition / Team records
    General Category
    Type of record: G-2-D : Canopy relative work, 4-way rotation
    Course/location: 5th World Cup for Canopy Formation, Orel (Russia)
    Performance: 21 stacks/planes
    Team: Russian National Team (Russia)
    Parachutists: Denis DODONEV, Oleg BALEEV, Alexei VOLYNSKIY, Sergei FILIPPOV
    Date: 07.08.1999
    Previous record: 20 stacks/plane (03.11.98 - Russian National Team, Russia)

    Claim number 6266:
    Sub-class G-2 (Group jumps)
    Competition / Team records
    General Category
    Type of record: G-2-C: Formation Skydiving, longest sequence (4-Way)
    Course/location: US Formation Skydiving Championship, Sebastian, FL (USA)
    Performance: 39 formations
    Team: Arizona Airspeed Team (USA)
    Parachutists: Daniel BRODSKY-CHENFELD, Jack H.JEFFRIES, Mark KIRKBY, Kirk S.VERNER
    Date: 23.09.1999
    Previous record: 37 formations (22.09.99 - ? Space Center FX Team, USA)

    FAI congratulates the parachutists on their splendid achievement!

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    Aerial Dynamics

    Aerial Dynamics updated their photo gallery with some more pictures from the 1999 season. Also videos from all six rounds of Skydive Chicago STL at the 1999 US Nationals have been posted in the Skydive Chicago STL section.

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    There is new stuff at a new web site. Check out for the new "Formation Look Up" and test your knowledge of formations in the Competitor DiveMaker section. And the "How To" stuff in the DiveMaker section shows some kewl stuff that DiveMaker can do.

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    Jumplog Software

    Jumplog, a logbook application for PC is now available at Jumplog works like a regular logbook, but is much more easy and fun to use, and more organized. View their website for more information.

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    Staff wanted

    AFF and Tandem Jumpmaster(s) needed for King Air Dropzone. Parachutes Are Fun, Inc of Salisbury Maryland is now hiring AFF and Strong rated tandem jumpmasters for the 2000 summer season. Great Pay. Full Time King Air and 2-Cessna 182's. Camping on Airport with hookups (RV's welcome), wide open landing area, indoor packing, 6 student Javelins, and 6 student Racers with PD canopys. Located on a private airport. In business with the same owner/operator since 1974. For more information please call Gordon Riner 1-800-232-9501. Or check out their website.

    Skydive Spaceland is looking for the right person to run its AFF/AFP student program. Salary, new facilities, new equipment, turbine aircraft, 23 tons of air conditioning, 7 days a week and much, much more. They are also needing packers and manifest help. Conact them them by phone at (713)436-2317 or by email at

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    Stolen Equipment!!!

    Skydive Temple in Texas was broken into on the weekend of January 22-23 week and had some equipment stolen. As they stated, they're 99.99% sure it was stolen by a guy named Charles Wood, goes by CW, also uses the name of Louis Johnson.

    Missing is 1 Student Dolphin container, black with a blue Dolphin, made 4-96, batch #9641. A Tempo 250, serial #157630, Skymaster 292 (SN not available yet.) The main is multi-colored neon, pink, orange, yellow, green, purple, gr, yel, or, pink with purple stabilizers. Its got an FXC 12000 with the J mod on it. The thief also stole several Altimaster II's, Newman gloves, TimeOut and goggles. He also took a couple of student jumpsuits and a couple of student Altimaster II's with Skydive Temple written on the pillow, and at least 1 video camera. The culprit drives a red 92 Lincoln Town car.

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    Stolen Gear!!!

    The following gear was stolen Sunday night, November 28, 1999 from a parked vehicle in "The Golden Coral" parking lot in Norman, Oklahoma.

    X-Large, black "Square One" gear bag with monogrammed "Percy"
    Container: Javelin J-1, s/n 9196, black with royal blue trim, excellent condition.
    Reserve: Tempo 170, s/n 58055, white.
    Main: Sabre 135, s/n LS-135 0137512 Colors on the main are: royal blue, white, blackberry, blackberry, white, blackberry, blackberry, white, royal blue
    Camera Helmet: "Para-Mount" System 3 with Norton ring sight
    Camera: Sony 8mm, model TR67, s/n 107191
    Miscellaneous: Altimaster 2, s/n Unknown (Attached to Camera Helmet), Altimaster 3, s/n 105916, Altimaster 5, s/n 3192, Standard "Dytter" s/n Unknown
    Jump Suit: "Body Sport" red, white, blue with black
    Spandex camera suit: generic, black
    And all other assorted gear (goggles, packing mat, etc.)

    The owner is offering a reward to the person or persons who can help recover his gear (no questions asked). If you have any information please contact:
    Percy McGee at (405) 236-0271
    Paradise Parachute (405) 288-6728
    Email Kevin -
    Thanks & Blue Skies!

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    Stolen Rig !!!

    The following rig has been stolen at The Ranch Parachute Club in Gardiner, NY, please be on the lookout! Here are the descriptions and the serial numbers:

    • Brand new solid black Javelin XRS with stainless steel everywhere, red piping on the pop top, a small scuff mark on the reserve flap and a noticably long harness for a tiny rig. - s# - 16472
    • Bright red 95 Jedei Sweptwing with yellow airlocks and a little yellow on both end cells. Toggles set high and tight. An "APB" has been forwarded to EMT's and emergency rooms. - s#- 1133
    • 113 PD Reserve -s# - 11317887
    • Expert Cypres - s# - 10f0616362d0

    If anybody comes across this rig, please would you contact Bruce -

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