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AFF - Photo by Tony Hathaway
2000 Tony Hathaway


World Record Attempt in Brazil

After the "World Team" set a new Guinness Book record for the largest freefall mass jump with 572 skydivers over Bangkok, Thailand in December 1999, some folks want to beat that number this year in Brazil. From April 17 to 20, 2000 they are planning to bring up 625 skydivers at the Santa Cruz Air Base in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Parachutist Infantry Brigade, with support from the V Air Force and Rio de Janeiro Parachutism Federation, is organizing the "Mass Jump World Record" as part of Brazil's 500-year celebrations.
Members of the Brazilian Army, the Brazilian Air Force, the Brazilian Navy, the Portuguese Army, and jumpers from friendly nations, as well as civilians associated with the Brazilian Parachutism Confederation, will participate. Skydivers from all around the world are invited to join the event.
Five C-130 Hercules will fly the jumpers to altitude and two helicopters will be available for photographing and filming. Lodging, food, and transportation to the jump area will be provided by the organizing committee.
On April 17 at 8 a.m. there will be a briefing at the University of the Brazilian Air Force, and at 10 a.m., a training jump at the Santa Cruz Air Base. The attempts to break the World Record will be from April 18 to 20 at the Santa Cruz Air Base.

The record attemps will take place in a very large area. The jump area is 5 km by 2 km, sectioned by two channels. The vegetation is low, without water holes due to the channels.

Each plane will have a specific drop zone, marked by signs. Passage bridges and rescue boats will be placed along all its extent, as well as in the sea. Safety, rescue, and regrouping support will be given in the area by specialized parachutists. One helicopter for medical evacuation will stand by.
The registration fee is R$ 30,00 (thirty reais), to help defray costs with t-shirts, certificates of participation and closing cocktail.
For more information and registration check out their web site or contact Mr. Coutinho from the "Rio de Janeiro Parachutism Federation" by phone: +55-21-390-5411 / 767-4727 and cell phone +55-21-9989-3623 or by email at feparj@uol.com.br

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De Moines Skydiver Killed

Airtec Press Release on Porter Crash in Germany

Plane Crash in Germany

Fatality in France

Lucky to be alive

Avoiding Canopy Collisions

Technical Bulletin from
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Fatality Report Chris Gauge

Two SEALs badly hurt

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