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Midwest Skydiving League follows USPA by adding Freeflying

The USPA has finalized rules for Freefly competition at Nationals in 2000. These rules and guidelines are based on the ones that will be used at FAI World Meet in 2001. The Midwest region would like to welcome freeflyers of any skill level to come and learn about competition in a fun and relaxed environment.

  • All skill levels welcome
  • All individuals welcomed and encouraged
  • Team requirements are two performers
  • Video pool available - come out and just fly video for a team
  • Forum to have fun and learn in a group setting
  • Improve the talent in the Midwest
  • Come out and join the 4-way RW competition
  • A gathering where RW & VRW come together to help unite the sport

Dates and Places for 2000:

Season Meet # 1  -  May 27, 2000  -  Skydive Illinois
Season Meet # 2  -  June 24, 2000  -  Skydive Illinois
Season Meet # 3  -  July 29, 2000  -  Chicagoland Skydiving
Season Meet # 4  -  August 26, 2000  -  Chicagoland Skydiving

Freefly Registration Fee $10 per meet
Memorabilia and Prizes awarded
Party at final competition

Contact: TJ Ewing: 800-598-6587
Brandon McQuilkin:
Howy Hensen for 4-way RW:
Additional Information at

Freefly Xtravaganza Insights
by Elsinore Psycho Cirkus -

Just a quick "thank you" to everyone who made the trip out for the Xtravaganza and a big "sorry" for the crappy weather! Mother nature was in a wicked bad mood that weekend but, thankfully, we were able to have fun nonetheless.

The bad weather didn't stop us from holding the swooping competition, and we saw lots of great, and some not-so-great swoops that made the crowd go wild. Congratulations to our first place swooper, Ty Losey. Second place went to Wyat Drewes, and finishing in third was Bruce Graybill. A great time was had by all, and thank you again to all the competitors who participated.

Photo © Psycho Cirkus

We taught old Mother Nature a thing or two about freeflying and bad weather since our last event, (She has two fat lips and she walks with a limp now!) but she promises perfect weather for our make-up event (she wouldn't dare)!
We will be scheduling the make-up Psycho Cirkus Freefly Xtravaganza for July 27-30. Come on out if you'd like to compete in the intermediate freefly competition or the swooping competition, and show your swooping abilities in our new 200'+ swoop pond called the "Abyss" (which has already shown it's ability to consume swoopers)! With the help of several highly qualified load organizers we will be making many, many, many (did I say many?) sit and headdown bigways, tracking, tube, flocking and whatever-else-you- can-think-of jumps during all four days of the Xtravaganza. We still have lots of money and prizes to give away, too, and will be piling on more, so come out and get your share!
Our web site will be updated shortly and will have all the new information for your reference. Already taking shape and with awesome weather planned, it promises to be bigger and better than before, so we hope that everyone will make plans to come out and make the Xtravaganza unforgettable!
Please email us back if you know that you will be attending, and if you are coming out for the boogie and/or to compete in the intermediate competition.
See you all soon!
Robert, Larry and Heath
Elsinore Psycho Cirkus

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