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Here you can find the latest news, which will reach us during the current month. Short and crunchy. Got news? Mail'm!
 [Updated: April 21, 2000]


  • 60-Way weathered out  [NEW!]
  • Joe Jenning's "Good Stuff"  [NEW!]
  • Jump For The Cause
  • Angel Falls 2001
  • Wing Suit Test Jumps
  • Aerodrome Sky Sports News
  • Brazilians set new CRW record
  • News Bytes  [updated: 4/21/00]
  • New Night World Record  [NEW!]
  • Amateur Photography Competition  [NEW!]
  • The Tetrahedron
  • Q-Paracenter without DFU
  • Jumper Airlines Schedule
  • New Videos
  • News from the Shop Zone
  • Wanted!  [updated: 4/21/00]
  • Skydive Elsinore 60-Way was weathered out

    Unfortunately, the Skydive Elsinore 60-way team was weathered out last week-end, April 14-16. The Elsinore DZ will be re-scheduling the event, so all you Southern Californian jumpers, contact the DZ for info. Also check the website for all additional info on nation-wide team participation, rules & regs, formations & schedules. They are still using the old Speed100 address for now at

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    Joe Jennings releases "Good Stuff"

    Skydiving Cinematographer and Emmy Award winner, Joe Jennings (Pepsi "Goose", "Freefall Cars", George Bush’s skydive) will release his new video "Good Stuff" on April 15. Good Stuff is a fresh and unusual perspective into the global sub-culture of extremists who thrive on the cutting edge of skydiving.

    The video explores a variety of disciplines within the sport of skydiving with world champion formation skydivers, skysurfers, freeflyers, and B.A.S.E. (cliff) jumpers. And Hairball Stunts with flying cars, water heaters, motorcycles, golf carts, couches, a truck, an entire living room, and a jumper who freefalls without a parachute. GOOD STUFF is a roller coaster of three dimensional perspectives that show skydiving as it has never been seen before.

    Joe Jennings is a four time world champion camera flyer who’s innovative techniques have won two Emmy Awards, a Cleo Award, First Place in the "Aerial" category at the Gravity Sports Film Festival, and First Place in the Extreme Games with skysurfer Rob Harris. GOOD STUFF documents the best of his work. For more information check out

    Sky-Eye Skydiving Services in conjunction with Skydive Delmarva, has made arrangements to show Joe Jenning's new skydiving movie "Good Stuff" to Washington D.C. and Delmarva area skydivers and visitors. They will be showing the movie on a large screen TV on Friday Evening, April 21 at 10.00 p.m., in the game room at Skydive Delmarva.

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    Texas State Record and Jump For The Cause

    The Texas State Record Event has joined hands with Jump For The Cause to raise funds for Spinal Cord injury research. Things are just starting to roll but here is the gist of the deal:

    For every $150.00 a participant in the record event brings in, they receive one jump on the event FREE! I am personally challenging each participant to bring in at LEAST $300 in donations. My promise to the event is to bring in $3000 on my own! Those who are not on the Record event but who want to participate in the fund raising endeavors will receive one jump ticket at Skydive Dallas for every $100 they bring in.

    Jump For The Cause is a 501.3C Corporation dedicated to raising funds for worthy causes. 1999's beneficiary was the Susan G Komen Foundation. Over a quarter of a million dollars was raised for them. Skydive Dallas was the largest contributing DZ with $10,000 raised.

    Blue Skies
    Jennifer Powers - Manager Skydive Dallas

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    Angel Falls 2001 a BASE Odyssey

    Tom Sanders and Aerial Focus postponed the 2000 trip to the Angel Falls because of the devastation in Venezuela and Tom's broken back. The new dates are in February 2001. The first expedition will be from February 17th to February 23rd. This trip is already booked out. The second expedition will be from February 24th to March 2nd. For more information check out Aerial Focus' web site

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    New Wing Suits Test Jumps

    BirdMan International co-owners Jari Kuosma and Robert Pecnik were test jumping a new wing suit design in Palatka, FL, last month. Kuosma said the new suit generates more lift than the original suit but requires "a lot of flying skills." Kuosma says he and Pecnik recorded vertical speeds as slow as 30 mph and exceeded two minutes of freefall jumping from 10,500 feet and pulling at 2,500. Kuosma said that the wings between the legs and arms have changed, but wouldn't elaborate any further. The new suit will be marketed to experienced wing-suit flyers and is expected to be released this summer.
    [Source: Skydiving Magazine]

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    Aerodrome Sky Sports News

    Aerodrome Sky Sports in Richmond, Indiana will be hosting their new Super Otter beginning March 31! On April 15, they will be celebrating owner/operator Steve Stewart's 50th birthday, all are invited! Of course the festivites will begin at sunset after a hard day of jumping, be prepared to eat great food, drink great amounts, and party hard!

    By mid-April they will have a more comphrehensive 2000 season schedule. Many great things are being planned this year in addition to their annual event, The Richmond Boogie. Check it out at

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    Brazilians set National and South American CRW Record

    These CRW jumps were part of a camp earlier this year at a Brazilian air force base in Rio de Janeiro.

    The 11-day camp was led by US jumpers Chris Gay and David Richardson. The event finished on a high note when the jumpers completed a 16-way diamond on the first attempt, setting both a national and South American record.

    "The event was a huge success with us meeting or surpassing all anticipated goals," said Gay. He and Richardson, who have been teaching CRW in Brazil since 1995, will lead an effort this December to top the record. "We will attempt something greater than 25 and less than 36," Gay added. [Source: Skydiving Magazine]

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    News Bytes

    NEW ! >>> As of April 4, 2000, the following landing rules are in effect at Skydive Arizona in Eloy, Arizona.

    - No overflight of the main DZ area below five hundred feet.
    - Landings are to be only east or west in the main landing area. Direction determined by the
      first jumper to land on any given load.

    NEW ! >>> Rose and Tim Eakins, owner/operators of Skydive Hutchinson, are proud to offer Minnesota's only full time, year round turbine aircraft. A beautiful King Air B90 will be flying jumpers starting April 22nd from Hutchinson's 4000' paved runway.

    Skydive Hutchinson offers indoor packing, gear sales, rigging and rentals, AFF/Tandem/Video, immaculate indoor bathrooms and showers, and large student and experienced landing areas. Weekend RV electrical hook-ups are also available.

    For further information: Call (320) 587-5875 or surf check out

    NEW ! >>> At the weekend of April 29 - 30 "Sky'S The Limit" in Beeville, Texas, is having a Spring Boogie. This will include Balloon Jumps both days, space is still available. They will have their winter Twin-Bo, which will be the last weekend here, as well as other aircraft. Saturday evening will be very fun, with a BBQ and 70's Disco Party, including the appropriate dress (get out the polyester and flairs). All skydiving styles are welcome. For questions or to manifest for the ballon, call Gary or Donna at 361 358 9330.

    Fellow DZO's & aircraft operators, your help please. I just got word from our aircraft supplier, Fayard Enerprises, that our Otter will be down for at least the next 3 weekends due to unforeseen maintenance necessities that require attention. Needless to say this is not a good thing.

    We are looking for a temporary aircraft. Will consider all SAFE planes and offers. Your chance to be a hero begins here. Suggestions also appreciated.

    Chuck Akers, DZO Houston, Texas, 281-561-5867

    March 24, 2000 Indian River County Court, Sebastian Florida.
    Skydive Sebastian was successful in having PD Source South evicted form Skydive Sebastian's property at 400 West Airport Drive, Sebastian FL. 32958. Skydive Sebastian would like to apologize to all of its customers for not having a gear store on the premises as advertised for the past year. They are looking forward to having a new tenant in the gear store within the next 30 days. Check out their web site for updates.

    Dr. Jean Potvin and Gary Peek have gotten around to updating the "Parks College Parachute Research Group" web site. One of the major updates describes what they have been doing for the Army. Check out

    *** is back online! The site is far from complete but pay them a visit and sign up for their mailing list so they can let you know when they have completed the new and improved, as well as pass on any other exciting Flyboyz news and information about upcoming events. Check it out at

    The skydiving newsletter of the West Australian State Parachute Council now has it's own web site with news from West Australian clubs and a chat room. Check it out at

    Kurt Gaebel is thinking of going global with his National Skydiving League by creating the World Skydiving League of 4-way RW. The preliminary format mirrors that of the NSL, with playoff and championship events. No timetable has been set.
    [Source: Skydiving Magazine]

    Chicagoland Skydiving in Hinckley, Illinois, recently purchased a Pilatus Porter to compliment its Twin Otter. "A new air-conditioned and heated hangar and washrooms complete with hot showers have been added to the DZs facilities this year, " says a spokesman for the DZ.    [Source: Skydiving Magazine]

    The National Aeronautic Association has named last year's 118-way women's world record as one of 1999's "most memorable records." Co-organizers Mallory Tarcher-Hood and Brad Hood will accept the award at a ceremony March 27 at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC. The event, which helped raise money for cancer research, was also organized by Kate Cooper and Tony Domenico. The record was built last September over Perris, CA.    [Source: Skydiving Magazine]

    Larsen & Brusgaard, the Danish manufacturers of the Pro-Track audible altimeter and other high-tech parachute accessories, last month opened an office and test center at Carolina Sky Sports in Louisburg, NC. Operations will be managed by Morten and Ulla Berger, two active jumpers who worked for Larsen & Brusgaard for years. Morten said the facility puts the company closer to its US customers in the sport, commercial and military sectors of the parachute market. Being on a active DZ will allow faster product development, he added.    [Source: Skydiving Magazine]

    The Skydive Holland website has been updated. So if you are planning to jump in Holland, please surf by and take a look. You'll find irnformation on dropzones and prices, links and regular news updates. Check it out at

    Two Turbolets (L410) from the Ukraine will be flying in Holland this year. One at Texel and one at Skydive Zeeland. The planes will be checked by the RLD (FAA) for jumping.

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