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Here you can find the latest news, which will reach us during the current month. Short and crunchy. Got news? Mail'm!
 [Updated: April 21, 2000]


  • 60-Way weathered out  [NEW!]
  • Joe Jenning's "Good Stuff"  [NEW!]
  • Jump For The Cause
  • Angel Falls 2001
  • Wing Suit Test Jumps
  • Aerodrome Sky Sports
  • Brazilians set new CRW record
  • News Bytes  [updated: 4/21/00]
  • New Night World Record  [NEW!]
  • Amateur Photography Competition  [NEW!]
  • The Tetrahedron
  • Q-Paracenter without DFU
  • Jumper Airlines Schedule
  • New Videos
  • News from the Shop Zone
  • Wanted!  [updated: 4/21/00]
  • New Night World Record

    On April 16, 2000, a new Night World Record was set for largest formation. 50 skydivers over Skydive Elsinore in California, USA, completed the first point. They were very close to the completion of the second point. Organizer of the event was Steve Woodford. There are now two Night World Records.
    (1) Largest Formation (50 Way)
    (2) Larges Night Sequential (49 Way-2 Points).
    Read Jan Meyer's story on the event at And check out Elsinore's website for some great photos.

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    Amateur Freefall Photography Competition

    There's Photography Competition going on at And the plan is simple. Find the best amateur freefall photographers out there, enjoy their work, and give them some free stuff!

    There are two qualifying criteria to participate and some competition rules. You have to be an amateur! Meaning, you don't make a living off freefall photography. You have to own the copyright to and have taken the photos you submit yourself.

    There are great prizes up for grabs:

    1st Prize: A Camera Helmet of your choice sponsored by Sky Systems
    2nd Prize: A Camera Jumpsuit from Flite Suit
    Top 10: A Closing Pin Necklaces sponsored by

    The panel of distinguished judges (Joe Jennings, Keith Larrett, Brent Finley and sangiro) are well respected experts in skydiving freefall photography with years of experience.

    Entries will close on 05/14/2000. Winners will be notified via email and also be announced on on 06/05/2000.

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    The Tetrahedron

    TetraDirect proudly presents a new way for skydivers and pilots to see the wind direction while landing. The Tetrahedron. The Tetrahedron is a highly visible wind indicator. Observable from as high as 3000 feet, it is an invaluable aid to landing for both skydivers and pilots. Knowing the wind direction is key to a safe landing. Early detection is what the Tetrahedron affords. For more information, please check out their web site

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    The Q-Paracenter operates without DFU

    The Q-Paracenter Kopenhagen, Denmark, has received government approval to operate independently of the Danish Parachute Association (DFU) reports owner Thomas Rosenstand. The DZ is the only commercial center in Denmark; it opened in 1988. But Rosenstand hasn't enjoyed a good relationship with DFU, which he says wasn't responsive to his needs. So "We wrote an entirely new book of regulations and an operations manual" that the government accepted. "The situation in Denmark now is there are two different [approved] sets of rules for students, tandem jumping and skydiving," he said. "A bit drastic for a small country with only 5 million people. It's not an ideal situation...but it became a matter of survival for us." [Source: Skydiving Magazine]

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    Jumper Airlines Schedule
    It's official! The Jumper Airlines Cessna Caravan is flying at Skydive Wichita, and will also fly at Freefall Express (Mt. Vernon, MO) and Skydive Iowa (Brooklyn, Iowa) on a rotating basis starting in April. It will also make one appearance at Lincoln Sport Parachute Club for a boogie in June. The Caravan carries 18 jumpers to 13,500 AGL in about 17 minutes. It has a huge door and room outside for 9 floaters. The new engine is incredibly strong and as the pilots become more comfortable with the plane the climb times will even get better. For a complete schedule of events visit

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    New Videos

    Freefly Millennium 2: Liquid Sky
    After the popularity of FFM1 the Speedcurve Productions has put together a new one! This video includes hot footage from the 98-99 Space Games, interviews, the first 3 point 10 way, hot swoops and much more! Filmed at dropzones from coast to coast including Elsinore, Eloy, Palm Beach, X-Keys. Super human soundtrack from top LA DJs and trance masters. 60 minutes, (NTSC) $45.00, (PAL) $55.00. You can order a copy at

    Training Videos for Judges
    Judges training tapes are available from the International Parachuting Commission for 4-way and 8-way formation skydiving, style, and canopy formation (CRW). Cost for each tape is US$ 20.00. Contact Doris Merz-Hunziker by phone at 41-1-851-0042 or by email

    Video World Championships 1999
    Videotapes of the World Championships last year in Australia are available for 4-way and 8-way RW, men's and women's freestyle, and men's and women's skysurfing. Cost is $47 AUS (about $30 US) for each tape; 4-way's two tape package costs $94 AUS. Tapes are available in PAL format only. Telephone (61) 02-6281-6830.

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    News from the Shop Zone

    Nothing new from the Shop Zone this months.


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