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There are always special events on the drop zones world wide. We'll try to figure them out for you and post them here. We also like to publish your stories and impressions of events, you just have to write them down and send them to us. Check back often, we'll update this page whenever we get the news.

[Updated: April 3, 2000]                       Page 1 - for more events see Page 2 and Page 3 

Leonardo da Vinci's Parachute Is Put To The Test

In 1485 Leonardo da Vinci drew a quick sketch of a parachute in his notebook and wrote: "If a man have a tent made of linen of which the apertures have all been stopped up, and it be twelve braccia across and twelve in depth, he will be able to throw himself down from any great height without suffering any injury." No one knows whether he ever tested a full scale model.
Now, after 515 years, Leonardo's parachute is put to the test. Adrian Nicholas from England, a world-record-breaking skydiver, and his team has created a working version of the Leonardo da Vinci sketched Renaissance drawing. Adrian is preparing to jump from a hot air balloon with the bulky structure strapped to his back. The ballon, under which the "parachute" will be taped, will lift him up to 3,000 meters (ca. 10,000 feet) where the tapes will be cut, releasing him with the hopefully working model of Da Vinci's parachute.
The tests during March in Shropshire, England, went well and it looked like it would have worked, but the British weather thwarted Adrian's first attempt. After waiting a week for clear skies, Leonardo's parachute was attached to a hot air balloon, and with Adrian Nicholas dangling beneath it, hoisted 10,000 feet up into the sky. High winds at altitude blew the balloon far out of the safe drop zone, and Adrian was forced to cut himself away from the chute under the balloon. He landed with his conventional parachute. A further attempt will be made later this year

Read the story from The Daily Telegraph
For more photos visit Craig's web site.


da Vinci's sketch
Adrian's Version
The Lift

4-Way Skills Camp with "DeLand PD Blue" - April 14-16, 2000

Skydive Suffolk in Virginia is hosting a 4-way skills camp April 14-16. "DeLand PD Blue" members Shannon Pilcher and David van Greuningen will be available for three days of coaching and seminars. All teams, groups or individuals looking to improve their 4-way skills and techniques are encouraged to attend.
Slots are limited to 24 participants! There will be a $60 registration fee plus jump tickets, averaging six to eight jumps per day. Each 4-way team will supply and pay their own cameraman. If you are not a member of a 4-way team and would like to take advantage of this skills camp, you will be matched up with 3 other jumpers relative to your skill level. As there are limited slots for this camp, first come first serve.
Shannon and fellow team mates will also be holding seminars in the evening after jumping. This event will happen rain or shine. If you have the March issue of Skydiving Magazine, check out the article Shannon wrote on 4-way random techniques (Page 10).
Contact Larry Pennington at (757) 539-3531 or by email at or Shannon Pilcher at (904) 943-9214 or by email at

Also, Skydive Suffolk is holding a AFF Certification Course on April 29 thru May 7. Requirements are a minimum of 6 hours of freefall, completion of AFF pre-course proficiency card, and a Basic Instructional Course (BIC). Interested parties should contact USPA at 703-836-3495. Glenn Bangs will hold a pre-course April 21 - 23. Get all the tips and secrets from a current AFF evaluator. Contact Glenn at USPA ext. 314 for further information and registration.

Women's Australian State Record

A 27-way women's formation way was achieved on Sunday March 12, 2000, at Skydive Express in York, Western Australia. The 27-way formation was completed on the third attempt and was held for 5 seconds. The second attempt was a bit botched by some pilot confusion, which really goes to show that the "team" consisted of more than just the 27 people!
The team members in the air on the actual jump included: Ness Addison, Karen Anstey, Michaela (Chicky) Bell, Rachel Brennan, Mel Burr, Shirley Cowcher, Lucy Duncan, Sarah Green, Vicky Green, Kerry King, Janette (JB) Knox, Heather Little, Kath Cumming, Nancy Marafiotti, Maiko Matsui, Fiona(coach!), Tracey Moresi, Karen Norfield, Julie O'Connor, Lisa Perdichizzi, Cheryl Robertson, Krishna Strickland, Brooke Warburton, Kath Wilcox (Zim), Steph Yerkovich, Angela Yung & Tania Zanders.
Tim Castle and Stan Morris were on camera and Glenn and Mel were the pilots.
Worthy performances both in the sky for the first two attempts and on the ground from 'reserves' and 'girly supporters' were also put in by Linda Harrison, Barbara Hughes, Kim Hedley, Sheryl Neil, Norma Prischtow and Linda Webb. Numerous supporters from all over the state were also on the ground giving us cheers and a special mooning from the boys got them off to a good start!
Read an article on the Sporting Skydivers' Club's web site.

Student's Coaching Program

Bobby Cannon and Skydive DelMarVa has recently completed putting together a coaching program that will greatly enhance student training. This is a very reasonably priced program that will teach students the finer points of RW, canopy control, and take them through to the "A" License. Skydives will include classroom, freefall (with coach, video, and air-to-air communications), and extensive reviews/debriefs.
Details of the program will soon be posted on Skydive Delmarvas web site. Even if you already have the "A" license or higher you can benefit greatly by enrolling in the program. Your safety, training, and progress will improve exponentially. For more information call 302-875-3540.

For more events see Page 2 and Page 3  

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