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There are always special events on the drop zones world wide. We'll try to figure them out for you and post them here. We also like to publish your stories and impressions of events, you just have to write them down and send them to us. Check back often, we'll update this page whenever we get the news.

[Updated: April 4, 2000]                        Page 3 - for more events see Page 1 and Page 2

Daytona 5000 Canopy Challenge
A Review by Keith Larret

The Daytona 5000 Canopy Challenge was an outstanding success. An enthusiastic group joined us for a week of canopy control exercises and seminars. They received excellent value with coaching and seminars from event organizer Lyle Presse, Rob Laidlaw from Skydive University, Scott Miller from Performance Designs, Tom Parker from Sunpath and JC Cloclasure. Everyone in the group improved their canopy skills and had a great time doing so. Congratulations to Chris Warnock for winning the "Most Improved Canopy Pilot" award.
Towards the end of the week the competitors started showing up. A total of 37 canopy pilots set out to prove their skills on Flagler Beach. The courses were designed to test all round skills including, but not limited to, length of swoop, accuracy on landing and on entry into the course. Relatively strong winds on Friday had us worried but on Saturday the winds had dropped, the sun was shining and the Canopy Challenge moved into full swing.
Hundreds of spectators, skydivers and non-skydivers, watched as the competitors piloted their canopies through the Airblade gates. At the end of each course they had a variety of challenges to perform, including shooting for an accuracy tuffett or knocking down targets or the "infamous" high jump over a suspended ribbon! Throughout the event all the competitors showed a high degree of talent and professionalism, proving that with the right training and lots of practice, high performance landings can be done safely.
At the awards, a total of $5 000.00 given out in prize money. Joey Jones took first place with Doug Parks and Doug Forth taking second and third place respectively. Prizes were also awarded to the winner of each round. Then there was the party! Live band, "Boxelder" complete with a light show and a DJ. kept the crowd partying on the deck until the sun was rising on Sunday morning!
Of course an event like this could never happen without a lot of help and support from many people. As always the list is long, thanks go to all the sponsors, all the staff at Skydive Daytona, the many volunteers and last but not least all the people who came out to compete, learn and play with us at the Daytona 5000 Canopy Challenge. Thanks everyone!
I will be posting some pictures on our website at soon and if anyone else has some pictures they would like to share please mail me a copy and I will post them both here at the dz. and on the website.
On to our schedule for the next couple of weeks.
On Saturday 15th we have a special treat for everyone. An opportunity to jump from an antique 1928 Kinner Bird Biplane! The Bird is not just a way to get to altitude, it is the pure joy of flight. Slow to climb by today's standards, the open cockpit gives the rider a real appreciation of the countryside, while the sound from the five-cylinder radial engine can not be described, only appreciated. Jump altitude is 4,000 feet and about 60 miles per hour, when the jumper exits the front cockpit between the struts and down the wing walk next to the fuselage. You have to be careful what you hold on to, which isn't a problem with the slow speed, because the biplane is made of wood, steel and fabric. Smile at "Doc" the pilot and hop off the wing a little to the left and turn into the relative wind. Jumps will be $45 to 4000 feet and we do need a $20 deposit to secure your slot. First come, first served. In the evening of the 15th we will be having our monthly beach bonfire. Looking forward to seeing you in the skies above Skydive Daytona Beach!
Blue Skies
Keith Larrett -

For more events see Page 1 and Page 2  

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