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What would a skydiver's life be without all those great boogies and meets around the world? Let us show you the special ones every month and some great Drop Zones around the world.
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Great Success for "Jump for Venezuela"

The Venezuela Boogie 2000 which was held from February 21 until March 5 at Higuerote, 140 km west of Caracas was a great success. 160 participants from 14 different countries made 3206 jumps from an Antonov-28 and two Turbolet-410 in 148 loads.

Exotic Sky Adventures

The organizers from "Exotic Sky Adventures", and participants of the Venezuela Boogie 2000 combined efforts and launched this years event as a humanitarian action after a landslide disaster struck several regions of Venezuela. Thousands of Venezuelans lost their lives, family members and homes and sent out an international call for help.
The humanitarian action of "Jump for Venezuela" got an enormous response by the participants and by the skydiving industry. Goods, medical supplies and money were donated to the local population who had suffered from de disaster at the end of last year.

Venezuela Boogie
Photo © 2000 Aloys van der Palen

Alexis Perry (ESA General Manager), Pedro Luis Gonzalez and Anibal Dao (ESA's Venezuelan onsite managers) were honoured by the Governor of Miranda State, with "Cecilio Acosta Gold Medallion", 1st class and diploma which is the highest honor by the State of Miranda, for there contribution and organization of the Jump for Venezuela, humanitarian program.
For more information of the boogie check Exotic Sky Adventure's web site.

Boogie story by Karina Willerup in English
Boogie Geschichte von Anja Kost auf Deutsch

Boogies at Skydive Delmarva

Skydive Delmarva in Laurel, Deleware, has been chosen to host a Collegiate Boogie over the weekend of April 15-16, 2000. You'll need a student ID for the $10 registration and the $16 skydives. The registration includes Saturday night beer, pizza party and door prizes and much more. As always, all are welcome to attend and participate, college student or not!

Skydive Delmarva

Join the fun and jump their fast King Air or their new Twin Otter. Load Organizing by Jim Creitner and former Golden Knight Mike Davidson (father of Matt, current GK 8-way team member). Additional organizers may include Kathy Kunkowski and Martin Evans, chief organizer of Sky-Eye Sequential and Skydive Sebastian and/or others organizers.
Also at Skydive Delmarva there will be an Easter Boogie from April 22-23, 2000, featuring "Exotic Sky Adventures" and "Sunpath Products", as well as load organizing by world record holder Derek Thomas of World Team '99. Additional Organizers may include Jim Creitner, Mike Davidson, Kathy Kunkowski and Martin Evans, chief organizer of "Sky-Eye Sequential" and "Skydive Sebastian" and/or other organizers!

Super Otter

At the Easter Boogie there will be $15.00 Skydives from their fast King Air and new Twin Otter! The 5.00 registration fee will include a Saturday night dinner with free beer and food! On both events there will be a Level 8+ coaching program by Bobby Cannon and Friends. For more information, call Brian Kunkowski at (888) 875-3540 or (302)875-3540.

Skydive Season starts in Europe

The European skydiving season starts out with some great Spring and Easter Boogies. All Clubs in Europe will soon open their hangars and packing rooms once again for the year 2000 season! You'll always find great jump planes, great skydivers and people who speak English. Lots of fun is guaranteed all over Europe this summer.
Camping is possible on or close to all of the dropzones, and friendly motels and restaurants are nearby. The weather might not be as good as in Florida, California and the southern parts of our globe, and it might rain sometimes, but least it's warm and the Europeans are well known for their great beer brands, their food and their parties.

Freefly Fun Over Europe

Skydivers will crawl out of the moth balls in April when Europeoan dropzones call ... and they call loud and in every country!
The Texel Boogie 2000 in Holland is a season starter and, for many European skydivers, a great event. A POPS Cyprus Meet, and a Grand Opening Boogie at Skydive Maribor in Slovenia, will be good places to go for all who are tired of the northern European temperatures.

The Pink Skyvan will keep flying on "Pink Boogies" in Europe, and especially in Austria and Germany, all year long. An Easter Boogie with Arizona Freeflight at the Centro de Paracaidismo in Empuriabrava, Spain, and an Freefly Meet at Skydive Breitscheid in Germany are the magnets for freeflyers. Many other Easter boogies will take place at Train in Spain, Skydive Spa, Belgium, at the Norwegian skydive clubs in Oslo and Oppdal, in Klatovy, Czech Republic, and in Undine, Italy. Also, Easter Big-ways will be performed in the skies over Langar, UK.
A Freefly Camp with Nico Arnaud & Steph Fardel will be held at the European Skydive Center in Lapalisse, France, and a 4-way/8-way Team Training with Manu Ars and the Pink Parachute Club in Klatovy, Czech Republic.
For more events in Europe and around the world check out the Worldwide Calender 2000 at Skydive World.

For more boogies see Page 2

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