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On this monthly page we feature whatever you can think of or what you might suggest to us. These suggestions can be about people, teams, drop zones, software, books, videos, games, and...and...

Tony Hathaway - Camera Flyer

Tony Hathaway started jumping in 1988 and now has 6400-plus jumps. He had already been interested in photography, so he decided to combine the two and with 750 jumps, he started camera flying. He now works as a full-time videographer based at Skydive City, in Zephyrhills, Florida, and has over 4000 jumps with a camera. This experience you really can see in his pictures and videos.

Tony Hathaway

Many of Tony's photographs have been published all over the world in different magazines. In USPA's Parachutist he has had cover shots, centerfolds, photo finishs, and many smaller shots for various articles and ads. HIs video work jas been shown as the NBC Dateline "picture of the week" as well as on the Today show, FOX Extreme Sports Network, FOX Family Channel, and many local TC stations.
Tony Hathaway's web site is a place to go for some great skydiving photos from boogies, big ways, freeflys and formation dives. You can even find some cool photos that are not skydiving related. The latests shots Tony shows on his site are from the Golden Knights training at Z-Hills taken in March 2000. Check it out at

Photo © 2000 Tony Hathaway      Photo © 2000 Tony Hathaway      Photo © 2000 Tony Hathaway

Photos by Tony Hathaway © 2000

Opening of Skydive New England

Maine's dropzone formerly known as Skydive Lebanon has new owners, a new name, new direction and new energy. Dominik Loyen and Mike Carpenter are the proud new owners. All New England jumpers will remember the previous owners George and Sue Ireland for all they have done for the sport and for the jumpers in this area.

Skydive New England

Skydive New England has everything you'll need to make your stay a comfortable and memorable one. They have a full service rigging loft and a gear store on site, and an indoor and two covered packing areas. Their Snack Bar features great food and drinks every day. Clean restrooms and brand new hot showers are available. The bonfire is the most popular after hours hangout where you'll always find good vibes and smiling faces!
Skydive New England has a wonderful campground nestled in the woods right on the drop zone! Each campsite has full water/electric hookups and hot showers. They also offer free overnight camping and an area to pitch your tent.


The year 2000 marks the 15th year of successful operation of the Skydiving Center and School in Lebanon, Maine. Skydive New England is known to be a friendly Drop Zone. They have been training skydivers for over 15 years and boast an excellent safety record. All of their instructors are certified by the United States Parachute Association (USPA).

On their calander for the year 2000 are SSI Free Fly and Sky surf competiton, New England League Competition, coaching seminars with Team FX, the New England Free Fly Festival, boogies, boogies and more boogies and all done with the support of their new Super Otter! Check out their web site and visit New England's newest old DZ, Skydive New England, and see what the new blood can do.

The Parachute Center Spa is back

The "Centre de Parachutism" in Spa-La-Sauvenière in Belgium finally will re-open. "Skyland Fallschirmsport" from Germany is the new manager of this dropzone. The center is situated in the Ardennes, about 40 km southwest of Aachen, about an one hour drive from Cologne, Germany and a two-hours drive from Amsterdam, Holland.

Skydive Spa

Season is from April 1 to November 2, daily from 9.00 am to sunset, and in the rest of the year only on weekends. There will be instructional courses, freefly and RW instruction, Bird Man Dives, 4-Way-Fun-Competitions and parties all summer long.
Their new Super Twin Otter "Speedy" offers quick lifts for up to 22 jumpers. Through a cooperative effort with the local helicopter enterprise, as a highlight, you may also have the possibility to jump from a helicopter (up to 3 jumpers).
The Parachute Centre offers a large, heated packing hall, rigger, comfortable living rooms, a video studio, a skydiver shop, several showers and restrooms, two squash courst, table tennis, camping area, six chalets (bunk houses) and a restaurant. Special conditions for teams are availablw with a videoman for free. All skydive clubs and groups that want to organize a jump week are also welcome.

A highlight of this season, their will be an USPA AFF Instructor Course with Don Yahrling from the USA from May 11-21. The first big event will be the Easter boogie with jumps from 5000 m and low prices. Join in the fun at Skydive Spa.
For more information on boogies, courses and events check out their web site.

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